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Aug, 2 2023

7 Best Places for Groomsmen Suits and Tuxedos Online

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It may be difficult for many to find the perfect tuxedo or suit for upcoming weddings. Fortunately, with online retailers and the option to rent a tux, the process can become much easier. This rising trend provides groomsmen with various cost-effective options for attire. It's convenient and allows for easier coordination and the ideal style.

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Here, we'll review the best places for groomsmen suits and tuxedos online.

Importance of Choosing the Right Groomsmen Suits and Tuxedos

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Attire lies at the heart of any wedding. It sets the tone, ties the aesthetic together, and emphasizes the significance of a very special celebration. The wedding party, in particular, plays a vital role and should dress for consistency and to supplement the bride and groom's style.

For example, matching tuxedos will exude an air of sophistication and elegance, perfect for black-tie events. On the other hand, suits offer more versatility for weddings that need a pop of color. Overall, groomsmen (or bridesmen) should seek to match the mood and color pallet of the wedding. This will elevate the occasion's backdrop, leading to a more successful event and better memories.

Suit vs. Tuxedo for Groomsmen: Key Factors to Consider

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Before moving on, it's first essential to establish the main differences between suits and tuxedos. This will help narrow down your exact choice and color palette.

Firstly, you should always ask the groom for the dress code and the wedding time. Tuxedos are expected for black tie and evening events. They are much more formal, while suits are generally versatile. You'll recognize a tuxedo by satin on the lapels, buttons, and the strip running down the trousers.

You can choose a suit if the event is not a black tie but rather semi-formal. However, make sure to correlate it with the appropriate tone and theme of the wedding.

Current Trends in Groomsmen Suits and Tuxedos

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2023 has seen fresh new trends in groomsmen attire, especially regarding elements like color palettes and accessories. These trends can inspire successful modern wedding planning and a refined style for groomsmen. Some notable examples include:

  • Nonblack, matching suits – This spring and summer, we've seen a steady shift to nonblack hues and lighter tones such as light gray, champagne, tan, and pastels. For fall, we're expecting a prevalence of deeper tones such as navy, deep green, and even burgundy.
  • Double-breasted jackets – Many wedding parties intuitively choose single-breasted jackets for suits and tuxedos. But this year, double-breasted jackets have come back in wedding attire fashion. Many celebrities have been going with this look on the red carpet, which can enhance almost any event's formality. Some notable examples include Michael B. Jordan with his Louis Vuitton double-breasted suit at the 2023 Oscars. While frequently going with a single-breasted option, David Beckham has also appeared numerous times in a double-breasted suit for certain occasions.
  • Formal loafers – Shoes are one of the most essential parts of groomsmen's outfits. While you can't go wrong with an Oxford dress shoe, formal loafers are becoming more common. Variations with unique fabrications and colors add a bit more personality to the overall look.

Top 7 Online Retailers for Groomsmen Suits and Tuxedos

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Once you're set on your suit or tuxedo's style and color pallet, it's time to look for exemplary online services. There are multiple factors to consider, like pricing, shipping, and accessory selection. Ideally, the right online store should make the process more convenient while helping you look your best with high-quality groomsmen attire.


With over 40 years in the rental business, Generation Tux simplifies the suit and tuxedo rental and purchase process. You can choose from 25 different premium quality suit and tuxedo styles. Once you order, your selection is delivered to your door 14 days before the event to ensure all measurements are correct. The shipping is free, and the return period for rentals is three days post-event. Renting starts at $149, or you can buy a suit outright starting at $699.


Menguin is yet another tuxedo and suits rental site for groomsmen and weddings. Their prices start at $149 while offering free try-ons for the groom before the big day. Likewise, Menguin offers replacements if the fits are wrong and the size looks awkward. Need a tuxedo or suit for kids too? They also have a considerable selection of children's options for the occasion.


Many know Suitsupply for its excellent customer service, European-styled suits, and luxurious fabrics. While you might not be able to rent suits, you can purchase from various styles, including wedding and prom models and highly formal tuxedos. The average custom suit on Suitsupply costs about $750.

Brooks Brothers

This list wouldn't be complete without the Brooks Brothers. They have a wide range of suits for every occasion, style, and formality level, ranging from pastel colors to luxurious black tuxedos. The attire might be pricier, but it offers a classic and timeless look. Considered a luxury brand, Brooks Brothers suits cost above $1000.

The Black Tux

This suit rental website focuses on attire specialized for groomsmen. The process is simple. You choose your preferred suit style, enter your measurements through the algorithm, and then they send you the suit to try on ten days before the event, with free exchanges in case of fit issues. You can then return it or keep the suit until the big day. For those who like to decide on a look in person, you can also visit one of their various showrooms for sizing and assistance. Their rentals start at $149.

Stitch & Tie

Stitch & Tie is an online store that allows you to rent or purchase a wedding tux or suit. First, you choose from being a member of an event, event organizer, or buying/renting for yourself. After selecting the style, you adjust the fit, checkout, and then they'll deliver the items to your home. Some of the styles are pre-set with a few customization options. However, you won't be able to rent all models as some are only available for purchase. Their prices are usually $150 and up for renting and purchasing.

Jos. A. Bank

Offering both rental and suit purchasing, Jos. A. Bank has a wide range of colors for varying wedding types. Although you can select the style online, you must visit one of their stores for measurements. Once they've established your fit, Jos. A. Bank will let you know when the order is ready, and you can try on the fit before the event. Their suits start at $279 for purchase.

To Rent or to Buy Groomsmen Attire: Weighing the Options

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While getting your suits or tuxedos online is convenient, many are torn between buying or renting. Each has distinct benefits; the ideal will ultimately depend on the wedding and your preference.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting Groomsmen Attire

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The general advantages of renting your groomsmen attire rather than buying include:

  • Cost-effectiveness – If you're a groomsman on a budget, renting can give you a unique opportunity to save money. It's a much cheaper option for those who only intend to wear the particular outfit once for the event.
  • Convenience – With renting, style doesn't have to come with many preparations. The ideal renting service will ship the outfit to your door and handle cleaning or maintenance.
  • Minimal commitment– Some don't want to commit to owning a suit long-term. Renting is beneficial if you only need to wear the attire once.
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However, renting might not be ideal for everyone. Some potential drawbacks of renting groomsmen attire include:

  • Potential fit problems – Rental companies usually have many suit or tuxedo sizes. While they can sometimes make minor adjustments, precise fits for specific body types can be challenging. Instead, many might consider a tailored option for a sharp and well-fitting look.
  • Variety limitation – When choosing a rental service, you're bound to their suit styles. This can make finding the right suit to go with the wedding's distinct color pallet trickier.
  • Timing constraints – When renting a suit, there will be a time limit for returning it. Failure to comply might result in additional fees. This process can be incredibly inconvenient amid the excitement and business of wedding affairs.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing Groomsmen Attire

Some groomsmen might want to consider buying a suit or tuxedo. This option comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks as well.

The benefits of purchasing a suit either in person or online include:

  • Permanent ownership – When buying a suit rather than renting, you'll always have a go-to suit for formal and semi-formal events. A well-tailored suit can be a classic and essential part of your wardrobe.
  • Ideal fit – When buying a suit or tux, you can most frequently get it tailored to your exact measurements. This will enhance your overall look and style.
  • A long-term investment – With the proper care and maintenance, your suit can continue to serve you for years. It can be worth the price if you'll be attending similar events in the future.

However, buying a suit or tux isn't foolproof, and might incur:

  • A higher cost – While it might be a worthwhile investment, buying a suit will cost much more than renting and may not be the best option for those on a tight budget.
  • Size changes – Your size might change considerably over time. If you gain or lose weight or build muscle, the original suit might not fit as well as it did during your initial purchase.
  • Suit maintenance – Owning a suit is great, but it also comes with proper care. You'll need regular dry cleaning and storage, especially since tuxes only come out for special occasions.

Ensuring the Perfect Fit for Groomsmen's Attire

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While convenient, renting or purchasing a suit online might seem a little daunting since it can be tricky to get the right fit. However, this process can be easy if you take accurate measurements and understand the basics of size and fits for groomsmen's attire online.

Guide to Taking Accurate Measurements

The first step for a successful fit is taking accurate measurements with flexible measure tape. Have another person measure you since self-measurements can often be inaccurate. Second, the person should keep the tape measure firm but not too tight. The ideal suit is comfortable but not too loose. Most retailers will have algorithms explaining the necessary measurements and a guide to help you along the way.

Some important ones may include:

  • Shoulder width – You should measure from one end of the shoulder to the other.
  • Jacket length – This goes from the base of the neck to where you would want your jacket to end.
  • Arm length – A measurement from the shoulder seam to where you'd prefer the cuff to end (most commonly covering the wrist).
  • Waist measurement – Waist measurement is crucial for tuxedos as they don't use belts. You should measure around the waist, starting from the navel point.

Other measurements include neck, chest, legs, and seat for the ideal fit.

Understanding Online Sizing and Fit

Next to measurements, online tuxedo and suit retailers also have sizing charts. This makes the fit selection process more manageable.

Each particular brand might vary, so be sure to check the specific measurements for each size selection. While they can be close, it's uncommon that the exact pre-set size will fit you. That's where you can fill in your specific measurements and preferred fit type, including slim, regular, and relaxed.

If you end up with the wrong size, check the retailer's exchange policies, as many offer free exchanges after you try the suit or tux the first time. Doing so allows you to receive even minor modifications for a sharp and perfect fit.


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Overall, online suit and tuxedo retailers provide a unique and convenient solution to a widespread issue. Namely, it lets groomsmen find the appropriate suit or tux for a wedding. This can be incredibly convenient when the wedding has a distinct tone and color pallet you wouldn't usually wear. Rental is the best option if you only use the suit once.

Online retailers are also suitable for fully purchasing suits as they have a wide range of options, and picking one out might be easier than in person. For those that prefer precise measurements, many online retailers also offer in-person tailoring services to ensure the perfect fit and style.

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