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George Zimmer, Founder of Generation Tux

Our FounderMeet George Zimmer

After leaving Men’s Wearhouse George’s new company, Generation Tux, is a complete reinvention of the suit and tuxedo rental experience.

Why Generation Tux

You may recognize our founder George Zimmer and his iconic voice from over 25 years on television and radio. As an entrepreneur, business leader and forward thinker, George has always been passionate about challenging the establishment and pushing business ideology to find win-win scenarios for customers and employees.

As Founder, Chairman, and CEO of his former company, Men’s Wearhouse, for over 40 years, George helped tens of millions of men find a suit and tuxedo rental for their special occasion. He understands the intense responsibility that comes with delivering well-fitting tuxedos and suits to an entire wedding party or to a young adult on prom night.

George knew every aspect of the rental experience could be drastically improved, starting with the elimination of multiple store visits and the uncomfortable measureing process.

At Generation Tux, we guarantee you’ll have a fun, easy experience while getting the perfect fit for your event.

George Zimmer, Founder of Generationt Tux
I guarantee, looking good has never been this easy.
George Zimmer