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Oct, 1 2020

The Right Suit/Tux to Match a Bride's Wedding Dress

The Right Suit/Tux to Match a Bride's Wedding Dress

It’s no secret that most brides dream about their perfect wedding dress long before they say I do, and what she chooses to wear on this special day will set the tone for the entire event. So it’s important that the groom wears something that will compliment his bride and match the level of formality of the day. “If a bride and groom are not in sync with their wedding outfits, one may outshine the other which isn’t fair to either on their wedding day,” explains Jamie O’Neill, fashion director at The Bridal Finery.

Once the bride finds her dress, the groom can then figure out what to wear. We’ve rounded up some options to help you make your final decision.

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Princess Ball Gown / Mermaid Dress

bride and groom holding hands

If the bride wears a princess ball gown or a mermaid dress, the groom should wear a black tuxedo

This style of dress is all about the drama, so it is only fitting that the groom looks just as sophisticated as his bride. You simply can’t go wrong with a classic black tuxedo such as our Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo or the Black Peal Lapel Tuxedo. If you’re not a fan of the black tux, you can opt for a darker charcoal gray suit or tuxedo.

A-Line Dress

bride and groom portrait outside

If the bride wears an A-line dress, the groom should wear a dark tux or suit.

The amount of embellishment on an A-line dress definitely dictates the level of formality. Brides that go for lots of detail will need a groom that is dressed formally, wearing a black suit,charcoal suit or midnight blue tux. A simpler dress would pair up nicely with a dark suit, like navy blue or iron gray.

Tea-Length Dress

guy sitting at next to a pool drinking a beer looking good in a suit

If the bride wears a tea-length dress, the groom should wear a colored suit.

The bride who wears this dress doesn’t abide by traditional fashion rules, so why should her groom? This is the perfect opportunity to introduce color into your ensemble. For an evening wedding, go with a darker hue like our Bright Blue Notch Lapel Suit or Slate Blue Notch Lapel Suit. A daytime event calls for lighter colors such as Indigo Blue Notch Lapel Suit or Light Gray Plaid Notch Lapel Suit.

Slip Dress / Daytime Wedding Dress

Bride and groom about to kiss

If the bride wears a slip dress for a daytime wedding, the groom should wear a light-colored suit.

This is more than likely an informal, outdoor affair, so the groom doesn’t want to look too overdressed. Since darker colors are more formal—and are also uncomfortable to wear in warmer months—go for a light-colored suit such as our British Tan Notch Lapel Suit, Cement Gray Notch Lapel Suit or Postman Blue Notch Lapel Suit.

Colored Dress

bride and groom outside in a boho stile wedding

If the bride wears a colored dress, then the groom should wear a neutral-colored suit or tux.

Many brides are choosing to do away with wearing traditional white and choosing a dress in a color of their choice, including shades of nude, blush, baby blue, to even light lavender and black. The last thing you want to do is clash with that, so it’s wise to just stick with a neutral color such as gray or black for your suit or tux. He can then pay homage to his bride’s dress by wearing a tie or pocket square in a complementary color.

And as O’Neill points out, the groom should not forget their own personal style. “It’s their special day too and that also means they deserve to look and dress to match their personal style. So adding personal touches through stylizing of fun socks, use of color through ties, bow ties, interesting cufflinks, and more,” she says.

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