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Aug, 2 2023

Best Places to Rent a Tuxedo in 2024

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Renting a tuxedo for a special occasion is an excellent option for everyone looking for a stylish solution on a budget. But finding the right rental service may not be as easy as it may seem. The platform of your choice should have reliable delivery methods, provide spotless customer service, and offer a fair price.

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Most importantly, the tux rental service should have a range of options so you can find just the tuxedo type you want. This article will break down the selection process and recommend the best services to consider when renting a tuxedo in 2024.

Introduction to the 5 Best Places to Rent a Tuxedo in 2024

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Like everything in the modern market, tuxedo rental platforms come in all shapes and sizes. Before you navigate the variety of offers, it would be best to understand what makes a good tux rental service. You should also know what makes renting a preferable option in certain situations. Lastly, there’s the quality vs. budget question, which will require thorough consideration on your part.

With all that in mind, let’s see what you should pay attention to when choosing a tuxedo rental service.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tuxedo Rental Platform

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As with all rental platforms, the user experience will be paramount when renting a tuxedo. You’ll want the best possible service and accuracy, especially since a large portion of the process will happen online. This means taking accurate measurements and ensuring your tuxedo fits perfectly once it arrives.

Naturally, other aspects will come into play when choosing your tux rental platform. Here’s an overview of the crucial considerations.

Ease of Use and Convenience

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The first contact you’ll have with a tux rental service will be the platform itself. Whether it’s a website or a mobile app, you’ll want an experience that allows you to choose a tuxedo with ease and avoid unnecessary complications.

To that end, there’s nothing more convenient than picking a tuxedo right from your smartphone. For example, Generation Tux has an intuitive interface that everyone can navigate effortlessly, making the entire process very straightforward.

Variety of Tuxedo Styles

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When it comes to variety, more is always better. You’ll want more size ranges, diverse styles, and numerous individual types. The reason is simple: Not every tuxedo will be the right fit for every occasion. That’s why it would be best to choose a service that can offer several designs for different event types – after all, a tux you’d wear at a wedding won’t be the same as the one you’d wear to an awards ceremony.

In terms of size, comfort is paramount. If properly measured, your tux will make you feel like you’re wearing the most casual attire imaginable. At the same time, you’ll have the advantage of looking stylish and elegant.

Pricing and Packages

The best tuxedo rental services will strike an ideal balance between price and quality. In other words, an overly cheap platform probably won’t have much to offer and could easily turn out to be one of those too-good-to-be-true options.

On the other hand, the value you get for the price will be crucial. If you opt for a mid to high-priced service, you’ll want to receive an appropriate value.

Customer Service and Reputation

Online platforms can be a bit tricky for customers. You don’t have much contact with the service itself and could easily feel cut off from the process of determining what you’ll wear at a special event. That’s why the rental platform’s customer service must be ready to respond quickly and help you with any questions or doubts.

As with all businesses, a rental service’s reputation will tell you much of what you need to know about the company. Ideally, you should check as many reviews as possible and see what previous customers think about the service. Pay attention to whether people were satisfied with the tuxedo sent to them and if they were able to clear any misunderstandings with the company.

Advantages of Online Tuxedo Rental Services

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When discussing the advantages of online tuxedo rental services, there are two main questions to ask:

First, why rent instead of buying?

Second, why do it online rather than in person?

The first answer is easy: renting gives you more options at a lower price than buying. Find the right service, and you can rent a tux several times without reaching its retail price. Plus, for many people, renting provides the advantage of wearing the tux without the headache of storing and maintaining the item.

As for the second answer, several factors come to mind immediately. When you opt for a tuxedo rental service like Generation Tux, you can choose and rent your tux from the comfort of your home or phone. Undoubtedly, this process is much more convenient than going around the city visiting brick-and-mortar shops.

Investigating your options online will also give you access to a wider selection of tuxedo styles, sizes, and colors. Again, physical shops fall behind in that regard, being limited to what’s stored on-site. When you’re renting online, you practically get unlimited options.

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Next, taking your measurements will be easier and less time-consuming. Of course, the previous statement will only be true if you go with a reliable, customer-oriented service. In that case, you’ll be able to measure every important dimension from the comfort of your home, finishing the process whenever it suits you best.

Finally, when you choose your tux, it will be delivered to your home or any desired address. And with some services (hint: Generation Tux), you’ll also be able to try out the tuxedo several times before sealing the deal.

When all these factors are weighed against traditional tuxedo buying or renting, it’s clear that online rental services are the superior choice. Best of all, you’ll have numerous options at your disposal, from luxury brands to those that won’t go too hard on your budget. Let’s review the top platforms for each.

Top Luxury Tuxedo Rental Platforms

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1. Generation Tux

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With Generation Tux, you get an affordable tuxedo tailored to your specifications at a fraction of the price offered by most services. As a dedicated online store, Generation Tux is focused on providing a seamless experience to all customers.

To that end, the website – and particularly the mobile app – is built with ease of use in mind. During the process, you’ll get the chance to try the fitting twice. All of the common questions are covered in the FAQ section, and customers get extensive support through chat, phone calls, and email.

2. Men’s Wearhouse

Men’s Wearhouse has tuxedo styles from established fashion designers like Vera Wang, Calving Klein, and Joseph Abboud. The rental service has an excellent site design that works seamlessly and invites you to keep using it.

The retailer offers a selection of no less than 47 tuxedo designs, all made of quality materials. You can expect the tux to be a great fit as soon as it arrives. Plus, customers receive excellent support, including phone, email, text messages, and chat. Men’s Wearhouse has more than 700 stores besides boasting an excellent online store.

3. The Black Tux

With The Black Tux, you get to choose between 48 tuxedo variants, ranging from the classics to bold and even zany options. The tuxes are top-quality and, just as important, easy to order through the retailer’s website. The interface is done with a healthy dose of wit, so the experience should be as fun as it is convenient.

On the customer support side, The Black Tux covers all the basics with its thoroughly written FAQ section. There are also live support options, including phone calls, emails, SMS, and chat. When you get a tuxedo from this platform, chances are it’ll be a good fit.

4. Robbie & Co.

Robbie & Co. is a tuxedo rental platform focused on personalization. While they sell bespoke suits and tuxedos, their rental options are more than a second thought. The selection is made of high-quality Italian fabrics.

The slight downside of Robbie & Co. is that the company isn’t an online tuxedo rental service, first and foremost. This means their website is somewhat less optimized for the ultimate user experience. The site doesn’t suffer from any significant flaws, but it’s apparent that online renting wasn’t its primary purpose. In terms of customer support, there’s an FAQ page and a contact page – again, somewhat limited options compared to most other competitors.

5. Luxury Tux

With names like Ike Behar, Kenneth Cole, and Allure, Luxury Tux certainly has the offer to justify the company’s name. The somewhat limited selection provides just over 20 tuxedo options, but all of the listed styles are high-class.

The website functions as the standard shopping cart experience. Customization options in terms of size aren’t available straight away, which may be a significant turn-off point for some customers. The site has a dedicated Customer Care section where you can find FAQs, the Luxury Tux blog, and contact information.

6. Jim’s Formal Wear

Jim’s Formal Wear boasts designs by Kenneth Cole, Ike Behar, Michael Kors, and Stephen Geoffrey, offering over 30 tuxedos in its impressive collection. The service provides a step-by-step process to select your tuxedo, which is easy to follow. Additionally, the site features an event organizer where you can create events, add members, and manage all fashion-related matters.

It’s worth noting that Jim’s Formal Wear offers relatively limited support, although the website provides a contact form, and the company is present on all major social media. Plus, the store boasts more than 500 locations that also offer customer support and help.

7. Menguin

Menguin’s website is designed to be foolproof for all users. The store includes primarily modern, slim-fit designs and includes about 20 options. The tuxedos are made of decent, if not perfect, fabrics.

One of the best sides of Menguin is the inclusion of extra-slim-fit variants as well as options for very tall people. However, it’s worth noting that the tuxedos might not always come perfectly fitted.

Rent Your Ideal Tuxedo

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If you decide to rent a tuxedo, you can access great brands and professionally made tuxes at a lower cost. This option can be ideal if you’re not keen on dealing with proper tuxedo storage and maintenance or simply don’t feel like spending too much money on a luxury item.

With the help provided in this article, you’ll know what to look for when choosing your online tuxedo rental platform. As a result, you’ll maximize your chances of getting precisely what you want and putting together stylish and memorable attire.

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