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How It WorksHow to Rent a Tux or Suit Online

At Generation Tux, we know the suit and tuxedo rental process should be simple. With 40 years of rental experience we changed the rental rules and have created a new way to rent a suit or tux that is both stylish and convenient. Check out our “How it Works” guide and learn why Generation Tux is the best choice for formal wear rentals.

Suit & Tuxedo Collection

How to Rent a Tux or Suit For Your Wedding

Imagine this: Formalwear rental with no store visits, no picking up the suit or tux the day before your wedding and no dropping off the garments the day after. No ill-fitting garments and best of all, no last-minute stress. At Generation Tux, we know how stressful wedding planning can be, and that’s why we have designed a suit and tuxedo rental process that is easy, convenient, and stress-free. When you rent with us, you get free shipping and delivery 14 days before your wedding, free replacements and pre-paid returns, and these are just some of our many perks.

Where can I rent a wedding suit or tuxedo for my wedding?

The future of wedding formalwear rental is online. You don’t have to spend time driving to and from a store. You can build your look and get fitted online. Need help planning your look? Chat with real people at our Distribution Center in Louisville, Kentucky. A Generation Tux Stylist on our Customer Experience team is here to help with tips, the latest trends we’re seeing from other customers, and any advice you need on men’s formalwear for your wedding or special event. We bring the suit and tuxedo rental process directly to you. For busy couples, online suit and tuxedo rental is the only way to go.

How long does it take to rent a suit for a wedding?

With Generation Tux, creating an iconic wedding day look is fun and easy. The beauty of online suit and tuxedo rental is that you get to decide how much time to devote to the outfit selection process. Some people like to spend weeks deliberating over the perfect suit, while others find what they want in a matter of minutes. No matter what your selection process looks like, with Generation Tux you are able to browse through over 25 100% Merino wool suits and tuxedos all from your phone, computer, or tablet. Once you have found the look for you, we make it easy to customize your ensemble with hundreds of accessories and color options. With suits and tuxedos in slim and modern fits and a full range of sizes (from 3T up), you are guaranteed to find an outfit that will have you looking as great as it makes you feel.

Can you rent a suit online as a member of a wedding party? What about color matching?

With Generation Tux, creating a uniform look for your groomsmen and wedding party has never been easier. We provide special wedding party management services that take the stress out of wedding party coordination. Simply pick out the outfit you would like your groomsmen and wedding party to wear, send the link to them, and we will take it from there. Once we have everyone’s contact information, we will follow up with each person to get their measurements and to make sure that they have ordered everything in-time for your big day.

Free Color Matching

But that’s not all. We want to help every aesthetic aspect of your wedding go well— not just the menswear. If you’re trying to match a bowtie to a bridesmaids dress, or need to see the difference between our navy and mystic blues, we won’t leave you guessing. Generation Tux will send you free color swatches so that you can view our fabrics in real-life. Best of all? This service is completely free.

Get Your Swatches
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I don’t know how much to rent a suit for— do wedding couples get special prices?

On your special day, you deserve a few perks. At Generation Tux, we offer our grooms and wedding couples some early gifts to ease the wedding day stress.

Free Home Try-on

We offer the groom or wedding couple a complimentary, no-risk 48-hour Home Try-On* period. With this perk, couples have two full days to test drive their suit or tuxedo so they can show it off to their partner and friends, take some selfies, and get an idea of what their outfit will feel like on the big day. At the end of the trial period, simply send everything back, let us know of any changes you may want, and 14 days before your big day, your finalized look will arrive on your doorstep. It’s that simple.

Try It On
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The Prom Tuxedo Rental Process: How it Works

Prom is often your first foray into formalwear, but that doesn’t mean that selecting your big prom look should be challenging or stressful. Generation Tux is here to make sure that your prom look is instagram, facebook, and snapchat ready.

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Where can I rent a tuxedo for prom that suits my style?

High school is coming to an end, and you’re getting ready for the next phase of your life. Prom is the perfect opportunity to show off your unique style and to end your high school career with the individuality and flair that makes you, you.

With Generation Tux, you can design your own unique prom look by choosing from our collection of over 25 100% Merino wool suits and tuxedos, then customizing your selection with our accessories and color options.

I don’t know how to rent a tux, and I can’t drive to a store. What do I do?

No driver's license? No problem. With Generation Tux, the suit and tuxedo rental process is done 100% online. This means that you can build and customize your prom look from your phone, tablet, or computer, wherever you want: home, school, your best friend’s house— anywhere. Worried about fit? Don’t be. If you are over 16-years-old, all we need is some basic information (height, weight, jean size) and our trusted fit technology will handle the rest. Fourteen days before prom, your outfit will arrive at your doorstep and that is much better than picking it up the day before with a store. It’s that simple.

How long does it take to rent a suit for prom?

In under 10 minutes you can be on your way to impressing your classmates, but that is not the best part. Unlike many suit and tuxedo rental stores--which only allow you to pick-up your outfit 24-hours before your event--Generation Tux delivers your suit or tuxedo to your doorstep 14 days before prom night. This early delivery allows for plenty of time to try on your outfit, see what your date thinks, and test out some dance moves in your new threads. Should anything not fit to your preference, we will expedite free replacements, no exchanges necessary.

After your event, you have three days to place all items in the prepaid return bag, and send them back to us.

Making The Occasion: Online Rentals For Black Tie Events

Sometimes life calls for a nice tux and a crisp bowtie. Whether you’re accepting an award, attending a fancy wedding, or hosting a charity gala, Generation Tux is here to make renting black-tie fashion easy and convenient.

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Where can I rent a tuxedo for a black tie event?

At Generation Tux, we have a range of black-tie formal wear options. All of our tuxedos are made from 100% Merino wool, come in several styles and colors, and are available in a range of sizes and fits. Check out our website and browse through our collection. Once you’ve landed on a favorite tux, you can personalize your look with our hundreds of accessory options.

My children are attending this event— what is the tuxedo rental process like for kids?

There are few things in life that rival the cuteness factor of a little guy in a dashing tuxedo. While in-store formal wear rental can be challenging with a child in-tow (think lines, wait times, and overcrowded showrooms), with Generation Tux, renting formal wear for the little guys in your life is easy and hassle-free. Many of our formalwear options are available in Boys sizes, all the way down to 3T.

We also carry Big & Tall sizes.

What are some unique yet elegant black tie looks?

Back in the day, black tie attire was confined to a few classic looks. These days, black tie attire has a lot more room for creativity and personalization. Throughout the years, many Generation Tux customers have created sophisticated black-tie looks that spoke to their individual style and personality. Check out our look-book to get some inspiration and then put your own spin on the traditional black-tie affair.

*Home Try-On garments subject to availability