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Men’s Formalwear Rentals for Special Events

Looking for a suit/tux rental for an upcoming prom, quinceañera, homecoming, formal, holiday party or other special event? Generation Tux has you covered.

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Men’s Formalwear Rental for Black Tie events

Whether you’re attending your grandmother’s centennial birthday bash, a quinceañera, company holiday party, homecoming, formal or you have a hot date for Valentine’s Day, looking good is a must. When hosting or attending a formal event, like a gala or prom, it’s important to dress the part. In fact, some formal events require something specific: black tie attire.

Black tie attire for men generally refers to tuxedos, and can be accessorized with a number of elegant accessories to add extra gravitate to the look. Some classic accessories for black tie attire include bowties, cufflinks, a pocket square, and a stately dress watch.

Despite the term “dress code,” there is still plenty of flexibility for stylish men suiting up for formal events. Elements like bowtie color, for example, can be chosen according to taste or event theme.

View our collection of 25+ merino wool suits and tuxedos — a number of them are perfect for black tie events. Once you’ve chosen a suit/tuxedo style that suits your style and special occasion, you can browse our selection of formal accessories to customize your look.

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Why Choose Generation Tux for Prom, a Holiday Party or Other Formal Events?

When it comes to suiting up for formal events, there’s no better place to turn than Generation Tux. We make finding high quality formalwear and black tie attire into a convenient and fun experience.

Ordering personalized prom or formal event attire with us is so easy, you can do it anywhere you’d like— all you need is a computer, phone, or tablet. Head over to our collection of over 25+ merino wool suits and tuxedos and see what you like the best. Simply pick a suit or tux and customize your look with our hundreds of accessories. Once you’ve personalized your black tie attire, we’ll ask you a few measurement-related questions to ensure you have the perfect fit. Then, you’re all set.

That’s right— no visits to a tuxedo store. No awkward measuring sessions. And best of all, no last-minute pickups. We think that tux stores are being pretty unfair when they ask renters to pick their black tie attire up the night before their event. That’s why we send your formalwear right to your door 14 days before your event. After your event you have 3 days to drop it off at UPS, and shipping is always free.

We’ve suited thousands of gents up for formal events, including for quinceañeras, proms, formals, company holiday parties, homecomings and more. Take a look at our gallery to get some real life inspiration of black tie looks and styles.

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Planning a Black Tie Wedding? Formal Events are Easy with Generation Tux

If your upcoming formal event is your own wedding, we’re here to help take some pressure off you and your fiance. When wedding couples rent their wedding day black tie attire with Generation Tux, they get to:

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Wedding Party Management Services

Worried how you’ll get your groomsmen and wedding party to choose their fit and tuxedo on time? Don’t worry— we’ve got you covered with our wedding pary management services. Simply forward us the contact information for your groomsmen and wedding party, and we’ll take care of the rest, like getting their measurements and orders in on time.

Free Color Swatches

Whether you need your bowtie to match a bouquet or your pocket square to pair with bridesmaid shoes, a set of color swatches will definitely serve you well. That’s why we send you some in your chosen palate— for free.

Special Perks and Gifts

If your groomsmen and wedding party are renting with us, we’d like to thank you for your business by offering some special gifts. If your wedding party rents 5 suits or tuxedos with us, the groom or wedding couple qualifies for a free rental.

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A Free Home Try-On Period*

Black tie events leave no room for sloppiness, particularly weddings. To make sure that your big day black tie attire looks as it should, we’ll send it to you months in advance. You’ll get 48 hours to double check that you love it as much as you did when you ordered it. If there are any problems, there’s lots of time to work through them. If not, then you can rest easy: you just found your special black tie attire. Your finalized version will arrive at your doorstep 14 days before you say “I do.”