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Generation Tux model in Iron Gray wedding suit

Gray Wedding Suits

Shades of Gray

Blue and black may seem like the obvious choice for your big day, but they have nothing on a fresh, gray suit. Gray is a classic suit without being stiff, and modern without being too loud. Stand out in these eye-catching gray suits for weddings.

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Made with 100% Super 130s wool, this Gray Sharkskin Suit is available in both slim and modern fits. Much more than just your regular classic gray suit, the Gray Sharkskin Suit is versatile. Whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, at the beach or up on a hilltop, this smooth, gray suit is ready for anything.

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Groomsmen and wedding party wearing Generation Tux Gray Sharkskin Suit with notch lapel and tied tie goofing around by a fence
Portrait of newlyweds with groom in a Generation Tux Gray Sharkskin Suit with notch lapel standing outside on a lawn
Groom wearing gray suit and vest by the lake
Bride with groom that's wearing a Generation Tux Iron Gray Suit with tied tie standing under lakeside altar

This shade of gray for a suit is a fresh choice for a wedding or any occasion. Our Iron Gray Suit gives you a blank canvas to dress up or down as you see fit. Pair with one of hundreds of accessory color options to create a one-of-a-kind look. Softer colored ties will make the suit the focus at a boho- inspired lakeside wedding, while brighter accessories will pop in a cityscape.

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This gray suit doesn’t feel like cement. Light and airy - when you feel and look this good, your style will be anything but gray. This neutral gray wedding suit will go with just about any color palette. Stand out from the crowd with some jewel toned accessories or add some pastel accents for a light spring outdoors look- with hundreds of accessory options to choose from, you can't go wrong.

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Groom in Generation Tux Cement Gray Suit with a notch lapel and gray tied tie by a stone wall
Groom wearing light, cement gray suit and black patent leather shoes coming down some stairs
Groom in light gray plaid suit and vest walking around town
Man in a Generation Tux light gray plaid suit posing in front of intricate door

The Light Gray Plaid Suit will not disappoint. It's not your average gray suit for a men's wedding. Our design owns a gray plaid ombre pattern that gives you a bold, new look, while still being stylish. For a guy that's into fashion and wants more than a solid color traditional suit, look no further than the Light Gray Plaid Suit. Whether at the beach, or the office, this gray suit fits in wherever you wear it.

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When black is too black, the Charcoal Suit is the gray suit for you. Not too dark, but not too light, the Charcoal Suit is the perfect gray suit for your needs. Dark enough for a semi-formal wedding, and light enough to be paired with some bright and fun accessories.

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Bride with groom wearing Charcoal Suit with black vest and black tie
Groom wearing a Charcoal Suit with black vest and black tie
Bride and Groom in Allure Light Gray Suit
Groomsmen walking across grass wearing Allure Light Gray Suit

The Allure Light Gray Suit is perfect for a summer wedding. Lightweight and airy, this gray wedding suit fits in at a boho wedding in the country or at a beach wedding on the coast. Breezy and breathable, you'll be the envy of the group in this gray suit.

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Who said your tuxedo has to be black? Our Charcoal Gray Tuxedo has the elegance of black or navy, while still being a modern option. You'll be sleeker than ever with this edged lapel and slim or modern fit. Love this look, but your event isn't quite this fancy? We also offer a Charcoal Notch Lapel Suit in a slightly darker shade of gray.

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Groom wearing a charcoal gray notch lapel tuxedo taking a bride for a walk under a tree
Bride with groom wearing Generation Tux Charcoal Gray Notch Lapel Tuxedo sharing a moment outside
Closeup of groom in gray tux and bride holding bouquet
Bride and groom wearing a Generation Tux Light Gray notch lapel tuxedo by a table in a greenhouse

Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer - it doesn't matter, our men's wedding suits are sure to impress year round. Our Light Gray Tux has all the polish of a classic tuxedo, in a striking gray color with a sharp edged lapel.

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More Into Tuxedos?

Our classic gray tuxedo styles are always a crowd favorite. Whether you’re looking for a peak or notch lapel, we have the perfect classic gray tuxedo look for any event.

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Don’t take our word for it. See how others took this look and made it their own. You can too with these quality styles to choose from, plus a wide variety of accessory options.

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Groom in gray at a French destination wedding
Wedding party at amphitheatre out west
Groomsmen roughing up the groom before the big moment
Bride and groom laying next to one another