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Generation Tux model in blue wedding suit

A Modern Spin On A Classic Color

Blue Wedding Suits

Feeling bold, but don’t want to go too far? Blue - in all its shades - provides a classically elegant look with a touch more excitement than your average black suit.

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Navy With an Upgrade

This modern fabric is a bold, natural look put onto a traditional, peak lapel blue wedding suit. One of our most popular shades, the Mystic Blue Suit is a style that is sure to stun.

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Groom and groomsmen in fitted mystic blue wedding suits and bow ties
Bride and groom in Generation Tux mystic blue suit with bow tie at outdoor wedding
Wedding party in classic Generation Tux navy suit
Bride and groom in Generation Tux navy blue suit and tied tie at outdoor wedding

Navy Blue Suit

Classic Navy Blue

A navy blue suit is the apparel equivalent to man’s best friend. Just as classic as black suit, a navy suit can be worn for any occasion, during any time of the year. With hundreds of blue wedding suit accessory options, the possibilities are endless.

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Bright Blue Suit

Burning Bright

Whether you dress it up or dress it down, in this shade of blue you can do no wrong. Bright blue gives you a polished sheen not found in other shades. It’s a bold, modern and chic look rolled into one dazzling blue wedding suit.

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Bride and groom in Generation Tux Bright Blue Suit with notch lapel and tied tie kissing while holding sparklers.
Bride and groom posing on rooftop.
Groomsmen dressed in Generation Tux Slate Blue Suit with notch lapel, vest, and tied tie in front of church.
Sharp dressed man in Generation Tux Slate Blue Suit with notch lapel, vest, and tied tie leaving store.

Slate Blue Suit

Sophisticated Slate Blue

Slate Blue is the perfect color between our Mystic collection and classic Navy suiting. A timeless look, in a contemporary color. It's our most popular men's blue suit for a reason.

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Postman Blue Suit

A new blue for your big day

A modern take on a traditional suit color, the Postman Blue is lightweight, comfortable suit. This blue suit is perfect at a boho wedding, or at a casual beach ceremony. Stand out with this new take on a sophisticated suit.

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Generation Tux Postman Blue suit with notch lapel and tied tie
Male in Generation Tux postman blue suit with notch lapel and tied tie holding dog
Bride and groom in Generation Tux Blue Suit with notch lapel and tied tie holding hands in garden.
Bride and groom in Generation Tux Indigo Blue Suit with notch lapel embracing on the beach.

Indigo Blue Suit

Make a Statement in Indigo Blue

The Indigo Blue Suit is a “Something blue” like you’ve never seen before. This bright, innovative suit color is sure to amaze. This notch lapel blue suit is made with a wool, silk and linen blend to ensure comfort during even the warmest of seasons.

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Allure Dark Blue Suit

Too Cool For School

Looking for a Navy Suit with some oomph? Try the Allure Dark Blue Suit. With moisture wicking fabric and stretch fiber construction, you’ll not only feel cool, but you’ll look it too in this Dark Blue Suit.

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Bride with groom and groomsmen wearing Allure Dark Blue Suits.
Group of groomsmen walking wearing Allure Dark Blue Suits.

More Into Tuxedos?

Our blue tuxedo styles are always a crowd favorite. We have the perfect classic blue tuxedos for any event.

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More looks by people just like you.

Don’t take our word for it. See how others took this look and made it their own. You can too with these quality styles to choose from, plus a wide variety of accessory options.

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Newly Weds under flower alter
Groom and groomsmen having a laugh outside
Groom and groomsmen showing their socks off
Groom and groomsmen dressed in blue