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Aug, 2 2023

Top Tuxedo Color Trends: The Ultimate Guide to Dressing with Style

Man in black tuxedo

Your tuxedo is king when it comes to formal clothing. It exudes elegance and lets everyone know you’re a serious gentleman.

But if you want to achieve a particularly stunning effect, you need to consider the color of your attire. There are many eye-catching nuances to choose from, and all of which can help you achieve the “wow” factor you’re looking for.

This article will take a look at those nuances. Keep reading for a detailed overview of the top tuxedo color trends for 2023.

Classic Tuxedo Color Trends

man and women in dress and tuxedo

Whether you’re preparing for a white-tie or black-tie event, classic fashion choices might be your best friend. After all, these tuxedo colors have transformed gentlemen’s looks for generations. Why shouldn’t they do the same for you?

But what are some of the most impressive classic colors? Here are a few routes you can take:

The Timeless Appeal of Black

men in black tuxedo in a meadow

Remember those James Bond classics with Sean Connery as the titular protagonist? What’s the color of his tuxedo? That’s right – black.

You simply can’t go wrong with black because it’s the most versatile color around. You can pair it up with practically anything that comes to mind, giving you unlimited freedom when customizing your appearance.

For example, you may want to complement your black tuxedo with a spellbinding Generation Tux accessory. You won’t have trouble doing so. It works brilliantly well with pretty much any other shade.

Black is an excellent choice for many other reasons. It creates a slimmer look and is incredibly stain-resistant. And even if you do spill the soup on yourself, you shouldn’t have trouble removing the stain and returning your attire to its former glory.

Summer Elegance with White

man in white tuxedo and black bowtie

Black is fantastic but not almighty. What if you’re getting ready for a summer wedding? You need something brighter, and it doesn’t get any brighter than white.

It helps create a polished, smooth look that will truly make you feel like a sophisticated gentleman. That’s especially true if you combine your tuxedo with appropriate footwear and accessories. For instance, brown or black shoes and white tuxedos are a match made in heaven. You can use the same colors for other extras, such as buttons, studs, and cufflinks. They’ll take the stylishness of your tuxedo to new heights.

Contemporary Tuxedo Color Trends

man in navy tuxedo with one hand in pocket

Black and white have been the go-to formal option for hundreds of years, but this doesn’t mean these are the only two tuxedo colors available. Hollywood A-list actors have been experimenting with a variety of other combinations, and they all look fantastic. Let’s check out some of those modern fashion choices.

Sophisticated Navy Blue

There’s simply no going wrong with navy blue. It’s growing in popularity as the most common alternative to black. It’s slightly dark, making it perfect for formal occasions.

It’s also extremely versatile, as it fits various body types. You don’t have to be Bradley Cooper to pull this combination off. Regardless of your size, you’ll look fantastic in your navy blue tuxedo.

If you opt for this color, make sure you pick the right accessories. A black cummerbund is one of your best options.

Bold Burgundy

Fall and winter weddings are typically less colorful than their summer and spring counterparts. You need something to break the monotony.

Enter a burgundy suit.

This contemporary style is a fantastic pick for fall and winter celebrations because it has a distinct sheen to it. Once you put it on, you’ll dazzle everyone with a shiny yet stylish outfit.

Unique Color Combinations

Who said that you can only match white and black or black and navy blue? You can give free rein to your imagination and come up with creative yet tasteful combinations.

For example, an emerald black tuxedo jacket often goes hand in hand with black pants. Likewise, a gray tuxedo with a blush pink tie makes you stand out while adding cheerfulness to your attire.

Tuxedo Colors for Wedding Season

couple holding hands under tree

We’ve already mentioned a few possibilities for your weddings. Now let’s delve deeper into all the tuxedo colors you can consider for your special occasion, starting with spring and summer weddings.

Spring and Summer Weddings

When someone says spring and summer, you first think about nice weather. Your normal outfit is light, so why not wear the same style for your wedding? Light colors are perfect for this time of the year, including light blue, striped red, and light gray.

Light blue especially works great if you need an alternative to black. It’s a gentle yet super-elegant shade that creates a cosmopolitan appearance. If you take this route, try to find a tuxedo that combines or is entirely made of linen, silk, and wool. The materials go easy on your skin and are highly breathable.

Light gray is just as good as light blue for spring and summer weddings. It particularly looks fantastic during the day, when the sun adds a new dimension to the ensemble. Coupled with brown or black shoes and a light blue tie, a light gray tuxedo will help you stand out among your guests.

But if you’re looking for something that really lets you stand out, consider a striped red tuxedo. It’s vibrant, eye-catching, and in tune with the blossoming environment.

Fall and Winter Weddings

Man in the mountains in a navy suit

As previously indicated, fall and winter weddings are bereft of the colors you normally find at spring and summer events. Therefore, you want to select a richer tuxedo color.

One of your options is emerald green. It’s a darker nuance that can be worn with accessories of different colors. However, it’s at its best when paired with a black bow tie and black shoes.

Burgundy or maroon is another fabulous choice. They add much-needed warmth during cold, rainy days and keep you in the spotlight. If you’re not sure which shoes to wear with this combination, brown is pretty much always a safe pick. Black can also work.

Finally, don’t be afraid to attend your fall or winter wedding in a navy blue tuxedo. It especially works fantastic in snowy winters, where it contrasts you from the white surroundings.

Unconventional Tuxedo Colors

Man in gray tuxedo

When selecting a tuxedo color, there isn’t right or wrong. At the end of the day, you should choose a nuance that makes you feel good, even if this means trying unconventional combinations.

Bold Choices: Deep Purple, Mustard Yellow, and Deep Red

What are some of these unconventional combinations you can try to pull off? The first shade on our list is deep purple.

Deep purple is a rich, warm color, which is why you should consider wearing it during fall or winter. It’s a dazzling shade that speaks for itself, so it doesn’t need too many accessories other than a bow tie. As for how well it plays with other colors, pair it up with a white tuxedo shirt and black shoes for a striking effect.

Another outlandish hue you can experiment with is mustard yellow. At a glance, you might think your hands are tied with this shade. It works with few (or no) other colors, but that’s not the case. You can easily combine it with a black or white shirt, a black bow tie, or even a deep purple shirt. It has a lot of character, and you can wear it all year long.

Lastly, add deep red to your wardrobe if you’re a daring gentleman. Most people view it as a casual shade, but it can work just as well for weddings and other formal occasions. Marry it with a standard white tuxedo shirt, black shoes, and a light gray bow tie to complete your outfit in style.

Tuxedo Color Trends for Formal Occasions

Men holding buttons in black tuxedo

If you’re getting ready for a formal occasion, you don’t want to take a chance. While some unusual combinations can look good, it’s best to stick to standard solutions.

Timeless Black and White

In many eyes, black and white is the be-all and end-all in terms of tuxedos for formal events. It’s a solemn combination that doesn’t break any dress codes. So, if you’re not familiar with the dress code for your event, no worries – black and white is a safe pick.

Just make sure not to go overboard when experimenting with different combinations. For instance, even though you’re going for a black/white look, black should be the dominant color. The only white part of your attire should be your shirt. A few buttons or studs might also be fine, but anything more than that, and you risk jarring with other guests.

Alternative Dark Hues

Black and white is your go-to pick, but let’s face it – every other gentleman may wear this combination at your event. You might want to separate yourself from the pack with an alternative shade.

If so, go for midnight blue or dark gray. They’re a touch more vibrant than black and white yet formal enough for any black-tie event. Again, a white tuxedo shirt and black shoes are in order with this combination.

Tuxedo Color Combinations and Schemes

man up close with boutonniere

When choosing your tuxedo color, you should never go for just one nuance. For example, an all-black tuxedo might look intimidating, but it’s not fit for formal events. Hence, you need to make sure your mix-and-match game comes up to standards.

Classic and Neutral Schemes

If neutral colors are your forte, we’ll give you a hand. Here are a few combinations you can try:

  • Black tuxedo, white shirt, black bow tie, and black shoes
  • Navy blue tuxedo, white shirt, navy blue bow tie, and black or brown shoes
  • Beige tuxedo, white shirt, beige bow tie, and black shoes
  • Black tuxedo with gold lapels, black shirt, gold bow tie, and black shoes

Bold and Luxurious Schemes

Conversely, you might want to make a bold fashion statement. The following luxurious schemes will help you do so:

  • Emerald green tuxedo, white shirt, emerald green bow tie, and black shoes
  • Black tuxedo with red lapels, white shirt, red bow tie, and black shoes
  • Deep purple tuxedo with black lapels, white shirt, deep purple bow tie, and black shoes
  • Citrine yellow tuxedo, white or deep purple shirt, black bow tie, and black shoes

Tuxedo Color Trends for Men and Women

photo shoot of wedding party

Some tuxedo colors are so flexible that they work exceptionally well both for men and women. Two of those colors are gray and champagne.

Versatile Gray

Gray tuxedos lend themselves to a range of combinations. For instance, you can wear gray or black lapels and look fantastic on any occasion. Wear a black or gray bow tie and black shoes, and the visual effect will be complete.

Elegant Champagne

Champagne tuxedos are a formal choice that’s usually accompanied by black lapels. Ladies and gentlemen can both choose a champagne bow tie, white shirt, and champagne or black shoes.

Find the Perfect Look

man posing with hands together

Even if you buy or rent a tuxedo made of the finest materials, it’ll be of little use unless you nail the color. If you’re a fan of classic hues, look no further than black and white outfits. By contrast, navy blue, burgundy, and maroon are top picks if you’re into contemporary nuances. Once you achieve the desired look, everyone will be in awe of your classy tuxedo.

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