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Build Your Own Suit in Minutes


Designing a suit for your wedding or special event is more than just an outfit choice; it’s an opportunity to create a lasting memory. With countless customization options from Generation Tux, renting the perfect suit has never been easier.

Build Your Suit
Building your own suit with Generation Tux app

Customize Your Look

Customize your ideal suit or tuxedo and choose from 25+ different styles made from premium fabrics for the perfect fit.

Perfect Fitting

We offer a seamless virtual experience with an online fit algorithm & convenient shipping policies for outfitting wedding parties.

Elevate Your Outfit

Accessorize elegantly to elevate your look with ties, pocket squares, lapel pins, and cufflinks.

Generation Tux: The Suit & Tux Builder Experience

Founded by George Zimmer, the former CEO of Men’s Wearhouse, Generation Tux aims to revolutionize the suit and tuxedo rental process by offering a seamless online experience. With a mission to provide high-quality, convenient, and affordable options for life’s special occasions, we take the hassle out of finding the perfect suit or tuxedo for your big day.

Generation Tux’s standout feature is the online fitting algorithm refined by hundreds of thousands of rentals. We guarantee a perfect fit for all customers, while our convenient shipping and replacement policies make the entire process seamless and hassle-free.

Build Your Suit

Online Fit Algorithm

When it comes to finding the perfect fit for your suit, traditional manual store fittings can often fall short. Generation Tux’s online fit algorithm, however, has been designed to be more accurate than traditional methods, providing a precise fit for customers.

We have combined over 40 years of experience in the rental business, the expertise from a network of tailors across the US, and millions of data points from previous customers to accurately and perfectly fit a suit or tuxedo for you.


The shipping process and the potential need to wait for replacements are primary concerns for customers renting suits or tuxedos online. Aside from our Fit Guarantee, Generation Tux addresses these concerns by offering complimentary shipping, free immediate replacements, and pre-paid returns for convenience.

Generation Tux offers the following benefits:

  • Rentals are delivered 14 days before the event, giving customers enough time to try on their garments and request adjustments.
  • If a replacement is needed, Generation Tux can provide one within 48 hours of being contacted.
  • This ensures that every member of your wedding party looks and feels their best on the big day.

Build Your Perfect Wedding Suit


By utilizing Generation Tux's innovative services and embracing the art of building your suit, you can create a wedding ensemble that is not only stylish and comfortable but also a lasting memory of your love story.

When you choose to build a wedding suit with Generation Tux, you embark on a journey to create the ideal wedding suit that encapsulates your unique style and the essence of your love story. Our commitment to providing premium fabrics ensures that your wedding suit not only looks stylish but also feels luxurious.

The meticulous attention to detail, from selecting the finest materials to incorporating the latest fashion trends, allows you to craft an ensemble that is not only visually stunning but also constructed to fit perfectly. With Generation Tux, your wedding suit goes beyond being a mere garment; it becomes an elegant expression of your individuality and a testament to the unforgettable moments you'll create on your special day.

Build Your Suit

Suiting Up Your Groomsmen

For a cohesive and harmonious wedding party look, groomsmen should be outfitted perfectly in matching or complementary suits. With versatile styles, materials, and fits available, as well as options for group ordering and coordination, ensuring that your groomsmen look their best has never been easier. Generation Tux offers:

  • A wide range of sizes from 3T to men’s 66L, as well as slim and modern fit options
  • A convenient online platform for discovering wedding suits and tuxedos
  • Easy group ordering


The right style and fit selection for your groomsmen can significantly influence the overall appearance of your wedding party. Popular styles include:

  • 25+ different styles
  • Traditional tuxedos
  • Contemporary suits
  • Merino wool suits

Generation Tux caters to different body types and shapes with a broad selection of sizes, ranging from 3T to men’s 66L. We also offer slim and modern fit styles to suit different body shapes, as well as big and tall tuxedos and plus-sized men’s suits for those who require larger sizes.



While coordinating suits for your entire wedding party could seem daunting, Generation Tux’s group ordering process simplifies the task of building the groomsmen's outfit. Our online platform allows you to invite and assign distinct outfits to suit each member of your group, making it easy to create a unified appearance for your wedding party.

Generation Tux ensures that each member of your wedding party receives their suit or tuxedo in the same fabric, correct size, and on time. Plus, if five or more individuals rent a full suit or tux, the groom’s rental is free, adding even more value and control to the group ordering process.

Design Your Ideal Wedding Suit

Your wedding suit is an expression of your style and a reflection of the love you’re celebrating on your special day. Customization, therefore, becomes paramount in designing the perfect ensemble. From selecting the right suit fabric to personalizing the jacket, pants, and accessories, every detail matters when it comes to crafting your dream wedding suit.

At Generation Tux, we've redefined the experience of crafting your wedding ensemble with our innovative wedding suit builder website. Gone are the days of traditional suit shopping – now you can build your own suit effortlessly using our suit generator or explore the myriad possibilities of our tux builder. Whether you're seeking to build a suit for a wedding or curate the perfect groomsman outfit, our wedding suit builder empowers you to design with precision.

With features like a seamless online fit algorithm and a vast selection of 25+ styles, including traditional tuxedos, contemporary suits, and premium fabric options, our build-your-own wedding suit platform ensures every detail is meticulously attended to. Embrace the art of customization as you design your wedding suit, ensuring it not only fits perfectly but also exudes an elegant charm that will be cherished in the memories of your special day.

Build Your Suit

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer sizes 3T through men's 66L in select styles. Our slim-fit styles are available up to size 46XL in our jackets and vests. We offer slim fit pant styles up to a 40" waist.

Free home try-ons are available for grooms, or wedding couples. To order your home try-on, you must first create an account and select your look from our wide range of suit/tux styles and accessories. Once you've picked a look, you can then order a free home try-on from your account. If you run into any issues, contact our Customer Experience Team for help.

We think you will find our rental experience the fastest and easiest way to rent a suit or tuxedo online. Here is the proven recipe:

  1. Shop the site to create your look.
  2. Enter details about your Fit Profile and check out.
  3. Sit tight - your order will arrive via UPS fourteen (14) days before your event.
  4. Try on your garments within 48 hours of delivery and contact us with any questions or concerns.
  5. Return your garments using the prepaid return label included with your order, within three days after your event.

As soon as you know your event date. If you need to rent for an event that is fewer than sixteen (16) days (21 days for AK, HI) from the time of order, please contact us for assistance in setting up your event.

We aim to have your order to you fourteen (14) days before your event; however, garment arrival times may vary during our peak seasons. When your order arrives, please open the package immediately and try on your garments.

If you encounter any issues, please contact us within 48 hours so that we will have time to make any corrections and avoid rush shipping fees.

When you create an event, select your event date and build your look. If you would like a separate outfit for your groomsmen and wedding party, you can build additional looks. Once you finalize the outfits, proceed to the next step and add all your members that will be renting a suit or tuxedo and their roles. Once all members are added, assign the outfits you built to each member.

To invite your event members, make sure you are logged in and click on step 4 “Invite” and click the START button to generate and save your unique link. Then, simply text or email the link to your members. That unique link will allow them to join your event, create their account, complete their fit profile, and pay for their outfit.