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Big and Tall Suit and Tuxedo Rentals

At Generation Tux, everyone is invited.

You shouldn't have to stress about fitting every shape and size of your groomsmen and wedding party. That's why Generation Tux offers a wide selection of big and tall men's suits and tuxedos. We believe that suits should be for everybody, so we offer suits and tuxedos in sizes ranging from 3T to big and tall. Everyone from your smallest ring bearer to your big and tall groomsmen will look and feel their best.

Suit & Tuxedo Collection
Groom in a black generation tux big and tall tuxedo and bow tie stands outside with his bride
Groomsmen dress in generation tux big and tall tuxedos with vests and bow ties

A Range of Sizes

Wedding parties come in all shapes and sizes, and it is rare to have a party where all members are the same build. That's why Generation Tux offers suits and tuxedos in a wide range of sizes–ensuring that all of your groomsmen and wedding party members can find a fit that works for them.

At Generation Tux, we fit you for your outfit online, no matter what size you wear. Our process doesn't require complicated measurements. All we need is basic information (height, weight, pant size, etc.), and our fit technology does the rest. For those little men in your life, simply send us their parent's contact information, and we will follow up with them and get all the information we need.

Our sizes range from children's 3T to 66 Long and 54 Extra Long, and many of our modern pants are available up to a 60 or 62-inch waist. Our slim-fit suit and tuxedo pants run up to a 45-inch outseam.

Fit Process

High Quality at Every Size

Big and tall suits and tuxedos do not mean bulky or uncomfortable. All of our big and tall suits and tuxedos are designed for comfort, come in slim and modern fits, and are made from 100% merino wool. The same goes for our boy's garments; we believe everyone deserves a breathable fabric that feels amazing year-round. After all, the way the material looks and feels can be almost as important as size when it comes to a great fit.

Styles and Sizes Available

Generation Tux's suit, tuxedo, and accessory styles are available in a wide range of sizes, including children's and big and tall.

  • Big and tall suit and tuxedo jackets run from 3T to 66 Long.
  • Big and tall suit and tuxedo pants run from an 18-inch waist to a 62-inch waist.
  • The White Shawl Tuxedo jacket is available up to 46 Long.
  • White and Ivory suit and tuxedo shirts run-up to a 24-inch collar.
  • All shoe styles run up to men's size 16. Black glossy and black matte shoes are also available in wide sizes.
  • Extra-long ties are automatically paired with Extra-Long rentals in the majority of accessory colors.
  • Select suit and tuxedo styles and accessories are also available in boys' sizes.

Don't just take our word for it. See what some of our clients have to say about our big and tall men's suits and tuxedos:

I am 6' 5" tall with a 6' 8" wingspan and as I ordered my tux for a wedding I was in I was skeptical that the tux would be the right size for me. But when I received the tux it fit just right. I also was thankful for how Generation Tux kept me in the loop every step of the was in regard to the shipping process and when I would receive it by. I highly recommend Generation Tux to others now!
Nicholas M.
I am a tall, lean guy with longer than average arms and legs. I was nervous about the fit but this suit fit as well as tailored garments I've had in the past. All the guys in my wedding party also had perfectly fitting suits and range in size from 5'6" to 6'3".
Dave C.
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Groomsman walk smiling in their big and tall generation tux mystic blue suits with tied tie and brown leather shoes

Any Questions?

Our Customer Experience team is standing by to answer all of your fit and style questions via email, or phone. They can help you with sizing and will arrange for an extra Home Try-On* for the groom or couple, if necessary.

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*Home Try-On garments subject to availability