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Jan, 15 2024

Best Bachelor Party Ideas and Destinations in 2024

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The big day is coming up and you’re the best man. That means you’ve been tasked with helping the groom find appropriate groomsmen attire, along with all of the other little jobs that go along with the position.

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But there’s still one thing you need to figure out – how can you come up with some bachelor party ideas? That’s where this article comes in.

Read on to discover some epic bachelor party ideas, some of which keep it simple, whereas others go all out.

Traditional Bachelor Party Ideas

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Let’s start with the simple bachelor party ideas – the traditional ones that everybody’s mind jumps to when they think of “bachelor party.”

Vegas Extravaganza

For the ultimate bachelor party, there’s no better pick than Las Vegas. It’s the party (and gambling) capital of the United States and, as the saying goes, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Take a trip down the five-mile Vegas strip and you’ll find dozens of nightclubs ready and waiting to let you in. But what if constant drinking isn’t your thing? That’s cool, too, as you can hit the casinos with your bachelor. That could be an opportunity for you to treat your groom – have every guy who comes pool a little money together so the groom can go wild at tables or slots.

If gambling isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty to do. Rent a party bus and tour the city while enjoying some drinks or hit up one of the many shows that Vegas has to offer. It’s a city that never sleeps, and it’s one where you’ll find a ton of fun things to do for a bachelor party.

Bar Crawl

Vegas is awesome, but there’s no getting around the fact that it’s expensive. The average person spends close to $1,800 during a trip to the city – not ideal if your groom has already spent a ton on a modern wedding suit and doesn’t have cash to spare.

So, keep things simple – go on a bar crawl.

Plan a route through the groom’s favorite bars, stopping at each to have a drink (or three) along the way. The odds are that the groom’s most loved bars are your group’s favorite bars, too, so a bar crawl is one of the best things to do for a bachelor party if you want to spend the night reminiscing about old times.

A Sporting Event

If your groom loves sports, he’ll adore the opportunity to see his favorite team in action, especially with a ticket that’s bought and paid for by his groomsmen. This may not be one of the most crazy bachelor party ideas. But it’s a great choice for guys who want a more chilled experience sharing a few beers with friends while watching the game.

Of course, you can still make it special. Think about renting a VIP box and giving the groom a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s completely different from sitting in the cheap seats.

Adventurous Bachelor Party Ideas

A person skiing on the top of snowy mountains

Sometimes, the best bachelor party ideas are the ones that take you – and your groom – out of your comfort zone. That’s where these three ideas come in. Each applies an adventurous twist to the party that your bachelor might not otherwise experience.

White Water Rafting

If there were ever any bachelor activities that get the adrenaline pumping – apart from the wedding itself – white water rafting is top of the heap. You can book a trip to a national park and spend the day battling the rapids with only you, your fellow partygoers, and oars for company.

You have plenty of options, too. Glacier National Park, New River Gorge National Park, and even Yellowstone all have white water rafting on their menu of activities. But if you want to hit the gold standard of epic bachelor party ideas, there’s no better way to do it than white water rafting through the Grand Canyon.

Ski Trip

Ski trips are perfect if you’re looking for chill bachelor party ideas – literally – that you can enjoy during the winter. Rent a cabin, book some lessons (assuming your bachelor doesn’t already know how to ski), and hit the slopes. You’ll get the adrenaline pumping and give your bachelor an experience they’ll never forget.

And while you’re doing it, remember this quote from Lindsey Vonn, an Olympic medalist in downhill skiing – “The most important thing in skiing is you have to be having fun. If you’re having fun, then everything else will come easy to you.” In other words, don’t place too much pressure on yourselves. Just enjoy the ride and you’ll have a great bachelor party. Fittingly, that advice can translate to the wedding day.

Road Trip

A road trip might not seem like the most obvious of men’s bachelor party ideas. It conjures up images of taking a break from college to explore the U.S. But that’s what makes road trips so great – they harken back to a time before all of the responsibilities of life piled up on top of you.

Jumping in the car and simply driving is a great way for the groom and groomsmen to spend some quality time together, sharing stories as they cruise down the open road. Choose a destination, plan some stops along the way, and get a playlist full of the groom’s favorite songs ready to go.

Unique Bachelor Party Ideas

Sometimes, wild bachelor party ideas aren’t what you (or the groom) want. You’d prefer something a little different. Something unique that you can share with the bachelor that allows you to create a whole other set of memories. That’s where these more off-the-wall ideas come in.

Game Night

Your groom may not be a literal member of your family, but you’re the best man, which means he’s like a brother to you. With a game night, you can strengthen that bond while enjoying a bachelor party that features the groom’s favorite board and video games.

The idea here is that not every bachelor party needs to involve strippers, booze, and Vegas. Sometimes, the best bachelor party activities are the ones that bring you together for fun and games.

Scavenger Hunt

The idea behind a scavenger hunt is simple – create a list of tasks or clues for the groom to work their way through, with the prize at the end usually being a destination or activity you can all enjoy. It’s a creative way to celebrate your bachelor's, especially if you can make the clues relevant to their life, and will bring your group closer by the end.

Here’s a quick tip for creating your scavenger hunt – have each clue take the groom to a place that holds sentimental value for them. That could include their favorite bars, restaurants, parks, or any other place that is of significance to the groom.

Camping Trip

As the author Katrina Mayer once said, “Time spent amongst the trees is never wasted time.” If your groom loves the great outdoors, that’s likely a sentiment with which he’ll agree, which makes a camping trip one of those easy bachelor party ideas that you can set up without too much fun.

Find a location, rent a cabin (or find some tents), and grab enough beers to last for the weekend. As for bachelor activities, you’ll have your pick of hunting, hiking, fishing, and simply sitting around the campfire reminiscing and enjoying the wilderness.

Bachelor Party Destinations

A city skyline behind palm trees

If you’ve spent hours wracking your brain trying to think about what to do at a bachelor party, you may be struggling because all of your ideas are a bit close to home. Think bigger. Think of a destination party that is as memorable for the place you go as it is for the people with whom you spend the party.

Best Domestic Destinations

Let’s get the most obvious destination for bachelor party fun out of the way – Las Vegas. It was mentioned earlier, and the combination of casinos, shows, and strip clubs (if that’s your bachelor’s thing) makes it the most obvious domestic destination for bachelor events.

But there are others.

Take Miami, for instance. Swap the casinos for sun, sea, sand, and a vibrant nightlife that brings a touch of glitz and glamor to proceedings. By the way, Miami is also a great choice for bachelors who love the water, as you can throw in some boating or scuba diving as fun activities.

Or, why not look toward the “Big Easy” – New Orleans? Bourbon Street is teeming with bars for you to tour and live music to enjoy. And once the day breaks, there’s still plenty to do, especially if your bachelor is a foodie.

Best International Destinations

Almost any trip away from home offers some great bachelor party weekend ideas, but here’s a trio of suggestions to consider:

  • Amsterdam – People may immediately think of the “Red Light District” when they think of Amsterdam, but it’s as much a cultural capital as a hedonistic one. Art lovers will appreciate the Van Gogh and Rembrandt museums, for instance.
  • Ibiza – You get an interesting clash of activities if you choose Ibiza for your bachelor party. There’s the party side of the island, that’s great for dancing and drinking the night away. But if you have a more cultured groom, the west side of the island offers gorgeous beaches and beautiful views.
  • Bangkok – If you’re looking for unique bachelor party entertainment, Bangkok delivers in spades. Head to Soi Cowboy and you’ll find bars aplenty, as well as a few…interesting shows. If you don’t want to be quite that wild, enjoy a daytime pool party instead.

If you're looking for more ideas, we have a separate article that covers bachelor party destinations that aren't in Las Vegas.

Tips for Planning a Memorable Bachelor Party

Several men in tuxes surrounding one man in a tux

Planning a bachelor party isn’t like trying to find the best-looking tuxedo for a wedding. You’re not locked into traditional ideas and you can get as creative as you want. But there are a few “rules” to follow if you’re going to get it right.

Know What the Groom Wants

Yes, a bachelor party is an opportunity to get your groom’s nearest and dearest together to have a great time. But ultimately, the event is all about him. If he’s not the type of guy who wants to be up all night drinking, gambling, and going to strip clubs, then a Vegas party is out of the question.

You’re the best man. You know the bachelor better than most. Know that you’ll create the ultimate bachelor party as long as you keep it centered on things the bachelor actually likes.


You could come up with a ton of fun bachelor party activities and they won’t mean a thing if the group can’t afford them. Budget is a concern. Not everybody can drop a couple of thousand dollars on a trip, so keep that in mind when planning.

If you do want to go big, then consider doing two bachelor parties. One can be the destination party you know the groom will love, with the other being a more “down home” affair so he gets to spend time with people who can’t make the more expensive party.


Here’s where you need to put on your coordination hat. Just as you know you need to get your suit rental sorted out in plenty of time, so too do you need to leave a good amount of time between the bachelor party and the wedding itself.

Holding the party the night before the wedding is a recipe for disaster – your groom could end up with a massive hangover while exchanging vows. Instead, consider holding the party a month or two before the wedding. If in doubt, speak to the groom to find out when they’re available so you can plan the party around them.

Find the Best Things to Do for a Bachelor Party

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Your bachelor already has plenty on his plate with trying to figure out the wedding guest dress code, sorting out groomsmen boxes, and generally planning his wedding. He shouldn’t have to come up with bachelor party ideas too. And with the ideas you’ve just read, he won’t have to.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consult the groom about what he may want to do. But at least with this list of awesome bachelor party ideas, you have some directions to explore and a ton of options, one of which your bachelor is sure to love.

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