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Oct, 20 2023

7 Best Men’s Wedding Suits for Grooms and Guests

a gray tuxedo among the best wedding suits of 2024

Whether you’re the groom, one of the groomsmen, or simply a guest, one of the best parts of a wedding is dressing up in a beautiful suit. Unfortunately, many men struggle to pick the best wedding suits for grooms and guests, often settling for something that isn’t quite the right fit, color, or style.

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This guide is here to help. Below, we’ll take a look at seven variations of the best wedding suits for men in 2024. From tuxes to power suits, we’ll cover all the options for any wedding day, helping you find the ideal option to feel more confident and assured when the big day comes along.

Understanding the Wedding Dress Code

A belt above a jacket sleeve with pins

A wedding is a unique occasion, a magical celebration of love and unity between two people. It’s a special day, and it deserves to be treated as such. That’s why wedding dress codes are so important and relevant. They add to the occasion, giving it more meaning and symbolism.

But dress codes can also cause some confusion, often giving rise to questions like “Does father of groom match the groomsmen?” and “Should the groom match the groomsmen?”

That’s why it’s important to have a good understanding of these codes and what they mean when picking a suit or tuxedo. By learning the basics of black tie, white tie, cocktail, casual wedding, and more, you’ll find it much simpler to select your attire.

In essence, the dress code can tell you a lot about the type of suit you should wear. At a black-tie wedding, for instance, male members of the wedding party are expected to wear tuxedos. At a destination wedding or beach wedding, the code will usually be much more casual, with a linen suit for the groom and no ties to worry about.

In other words, reading the invite and interpreting the dress code can help to narrow down your wedding suit for men search. So, be sure to use the dress code as your first piece of guidance, and always choose a suit that fits the code and matches the wedding’s theme.

The Top 7 Best Wedding Suits in 2024

 a man in a black tuxedo

With so many different types, styles, and colors of wedding suits to choose from, it can be tricky to find the ideal outfit for your big day. Here are seven of the very best options to pick from, with explanations of what each suit has to offer and what kind of event for which it’s best suited.

The Classic Tuxedo

If you’re looking for the most traditional, formal, and flawless wedding suit for your big day, a tuxedo is the perfect choice. It’s an undisputed classic, stylish, elegant, and sure to impress your guests or look stunning along your line of groomsmen.

It was back in the 1860s that tuxedos first hit the scene, as explained in Business Insider. Leading trendsetter of the time, Prince Edward VII, established the concept, and it quickly made its way across the pond, gaining the name “tuxedo” after it was spotted at an event in Tuxedo Park, N.Y.

Typically including a black or midnight blue jacket and trousers, coupled with a white dress shirt and finished off with a black bow tie, the black tux is the epitome of sophistication. It’s the ideal choice for any groom who wants to wow his guests.

Tuxedos are also the standard for black-tie weddings. So, if you’re attending or planning a black tie event, it will be expected that men wear tuxes.

The Linen Suit for Summer Weddings

Lots of couples like the idea of a summer wedding. Hosting the big day during the summer months helps to reduce the risk of rain and disappointment. It also makes it much easier to plan for the likes of outdoor receptions and beach ceremonies.

But, when the weather is warm and the sun beats down, a thick, heavy wedding tux simply won’t work. It’ll be uncomfortable and awkward, spoiling the fun of the occasion for the groom, groomsmen, and other male guests.

A linen wedding suit for men is the ideal option for summer weddings. Often available in gentle, summery tones like light blue or soft grey, a linen suit jacket and pair of trousers fuse style and comfort in equal measure.

With this kind of lightweight suit, it’s much easier to enjoy the summer sun without feeling sweaty or weighed down. These suits also tend to be simpler to select, thanks to their more casual nature, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of wedding planning or deciding how many groomsmen can you have.

The Wool Suit for Winter Weddings

While summer weddings are all the rage with many couples, others prefer the unique beauty of a winter wedding, somewhere cold and snowy. Lots of couples like to get married around the holidays, for instance, with “Winter Wonderland” or “White Christmas” themes.

Obviously, the issue with a winter wedding is that it can be pretty frosty, especially if any part of the ceremony takes place outside. For this type of occasion, the groom and groomsmen will need to invest in a warm wedding suit for men, capable of keeping out the cold.

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A wool suit is an ideal choice. Wool has a natural warmth and comfort, perfect for helping you stay warm and toasty, even on icy days. Plus, many of the world’s best suit brands have found ways to weave wool into some fabulously stylish designs.

There’s nothing quite like the soft and gentle touch of a wool suit for men. Combined with a pair of quality wool suit trousers, you certainly won’t have to worry about feeling the chill.

The Tailored Power Suit

Typically, brides tend to get a lot of attention at the average wedding. They walk down the aisle in a fabulous dress, while their groom awaits, usually in a smart but relatively simple suit. Well, for a groom who wants to truly share the spotlight with their partner, a power suit could be the answer.

As explained by Gentleman Zone, the concept of power suits and “power dressing” goes back to the 1970s. It was originally a way for women to assert their power in male-dominated workplaces. Barely a decade later, men had taken the power suit idea and ran with it.

The original ‘80s men’s power suit typically featured long ties, pinstripes, and wide lapels. These days, power suits have retained a lot of those features, with wide lapels, double-breasted designs, and a very good, tailor-grade fit.

Power suits easily rank among the best men’s wedding suits in terms of their aesthetics and impressiveness. They’re the perfect type of suit for the groom who wants to stand out and look just as jaw-dropping as his bride-to-be.

The Casual Suit for Relaxed Ceremonies

Many couples enforce strict dress codes for their weddings. They might demand that all groomsmen attend in black tie, for instance, or have a strict suit policy. But others prefer to keep things more laid-back with a simpler casual wedding.

With casual dress codes, members of the wedding party, from the groom to the groomsmen and other guests, have the chance to dress in a more relaxed way. However, even at a relaxed wedding, it’s still best for the main men to wear a suit.

But there’s no need for strict tuxes or super smart business suits at an event like this. Instead, grooms, groomsmen, and other male guests can easily slip into more casual, comfortable options, like a lightweight linen suit.

Relaxed ceremonies also tend to be a little more open to a more diverse color palette. So, at this kind of event, male guests can feel free to deviate from the usual black or navy options. Light blue suit trousers, charcoal jackets, or soft brown blazers can work nicely here.

The British-Inspired Suit

When it comes to class and finery, the Brits tend to set the standard. It was the British who outlined the basic rules and regulations of black tie and white tie, for example, and the U.K. even has its own very own style of suit: the British suit.

There are several key features that define a British suit. The suit jacket, for example, will typically have a higher armhole than American equivalents. There are also side vents on either side, two buttons to close the jacket, and a tapered waist. The suit pant or trouser, meanwhile, is more or less the same as America and other countries.

Arguably the best feature of a quality wedding suit in the British style is the tapered waist. This helps to suppress and tighten the waist, while making the chest appear larger. It’s a great choice to highlight the best aspects of a groom’s form for his wedding.

Brit-inspired suit trousers and jackets can work well for formal and semi-formal events, especially those with British themes. They’re also simply a nice choice for a groom who wants something a little different, as well as those who want to accentuate their chest or minimize their waist.

The Grey Suit for Versatility

Last but not least, we have the grey suit. When most people picture a groom on his wedding day, they may conjure up an image of a standard black, midnight blue, or otherwise very dark jacket and trouser combo. However, a grey wedding suit for men can be an attractive alternative.

The beauty of the best wedding suits in grey is their versatility. They can look equally well at casual summer weddings or more dressy and formal events. They don’t have that harsh, super-formal feel that black suits can have, nor do they have the excessively casual quality of other colors, like blue or purple.

In short, the best grey jacket and suit pant ensemble can work for all sorts of weddings. It won’t be the best option for strict black or white-tie events. But for most other occasions, a grey suit is a lovely choice.

Plus, with grey suits, there are lots of tones from which to choose. A light grey trouser and jacket combo can work really nicely at beach or outdoor weddings, while a darker, charcoal grey outfit is a fine fit for more formal situations.

Best Places to Buy Wedding Suits for Men in 2024

 A tuxedo shop with shirts and a suit

There are a lot of places to buy a man’s wedding suit, including both online and brick-and-mortar stores. It’s worth shopping around and comparing prices, designs, and options to find the best wedding suits for men.

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Whether you’re a groom or one of the groomsmen, here’s a brief list of some of the best places to buy a men’s suit from in 2024:

  • SuitSupply: SuitSupply is one of the most-trusted providers of wedding suits, with a great range of high-quality options. In fact, it has one of the biggest ranges around, so it’s quite easy to find the right style for you. There are lots of colors and fabrics to fit any dress code, and they offer made-to-measure customization. Price-wise, expect to pay $500 minimum.
  • Men’s Warehouse: Men’s Warehouse is another go-to source of top-quality men’s suits and formalwear. A fun feature of this online store is its “virtual try-on” service, letting you see how each suit would look on you, all from the comfort of home. Men’s Warehouse also has physical stores if you prefer in-person fittings. Prices start as low as $209.
  • J. Crew: J. Crew is a good choice if you’re looking for lighter-colored suits or a wide range of suits for summer, destination, or casual weddings. They’re stylish but also tend to be very comfortable and contemporary, with slim cuts and slimmer lapels. They offer both online and physical store purchasing, with prices anywhere from $200 up to $1,000.

Don’t forget that, as well as buying, you could also consider renting a suit. Tuxedo rentals are a popular option for those who need a fancy tux for a big day but don’t necessarily want to spend too much or have no plans to wear it once the wedding is over.

Wedding Suit Trends for Grooms in 2024

 A white tuxedo on a man

Wedding suit styles change year after year. Celebrities and fashion figures set the trends, and 2024 has brought some exciting innovations to the world of male wedding fashion. Here are some of the most significant suit trends for every groom to be aware of:

  • Playing with Color: In the past, black was more or less the only choice for a suit jacket and trouser combo. But, in recent years, more colors have made their way into the wedding palette. Light blue, grey, gold, brown, and purple are all possible options to consider.
  • The Tux Revolution: Classic tuxes never go out of style, but they’ve certainly seen a big surge in popularity in 2024. Many men love the classic 1940s and ‘50s retro tux look, and nothing quite beats the timeless style and sophistication of a black-tie suit for the groom.
  • Textured Fabrics: We’re also starting to see a wider range of fabrics used in the best men’s wedding suits, particularly for seasonal summer or winter events. A velvet, tweed, or wool suit can be wonderful for winter, while a soft linen suit is a fine choice for summer.
  • The Rise of Accessories: Another big trend concerns the increasing use of accessories to complement a wedding suit for men. Shiny cufflinks, patterned ties, customized pocket squares, and more are all being used by grooms across the globe. These little extras can enhance your aesthetic in more ways than one.


A navy tuxedo on a man

For the groom, the wedding suit is such an important part of the big day. But groomsmen and other guests also need to put time and effort into picking their attire, and it’s certainly worth it in the end; the best wedding suits can make you feel like a million bucks and enjoy the day so much more.

This guide has shown some of the very best wedding suits for men in 2024. But remember, selecting a suit isn’t just about finding the perfect fit or whichever one looks the best. You also need to match the occasion, with a wedding suit that fits the dress code, venue, and theme of the big day.

For black tie events, a top-quality tux is what you’ll need. Generation Tux’s grooms tuxedo rentals are the ideal choice, with dozens of styles, a smart fit system, and free, speedy delivery to your door.

Frequently Asked Questions

a navy tuxedo on a man

How do I choose the right fit of a wedding suit?

Fit is arguably the most important factor when picking suits for the groom or groomsmen. Often, the best way to get a perfect fit is to visit a store in person and have a tailor take some measurements. Otherwise, you can take your own measurements and choose the right size from an online store.

How do I pair a wedding suit with accessories?

Accessories are a big part of the wedding style in 2024. The key is to not overdo it. Select a couple of accessories at most to pair with your ensemble, like a set of fancy cufflinks or a quality tie. Check out real wedding photos and celebrity wedding suits in 2024 for some inspiration on how it’s done.

What are the best wedding suits for men at black-tie events?

At a black-tie event, a tuxedo is the standard attire for the groom. Groomsmen and other male guests should also usually wear a tux for a black tie wedding.

Should the groomsmen all wear the same suit?

Typically, it’s common practice for all the groomsmen to wear the same type and color of suit as men. This helps to set them apart from the rest of the wedding party. However, they can also simply choose a color and all find slightly different suits in that particular shade.

How should wedding suits for grooms fit?

Suits should fit snugly, without being tight. Sleeves should reach the wrist, while the shoulder seams should sit at the edge of the shoulder. The closure should be around the belly button, while the jacket length should fill the palm of the wearer with their arms by their side.

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