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Mar, 28 2018

Bachelor Party Destinations That Are Not Vegas

Bachelor Party Destinations That Are Not Vegas

Okay, so Las Vegas is one of the top bachelor party destinations in the world. I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know. However, it’s not the be-all and end-all of bachelor party destinations. The U.S., in fact, is home to some great bachelor party destinations, especially if hitting the casino floors isn’t a requirement. Here are six other great bachelor party destinations in America.


Partying and New Orleans go hand-in-hand and, while New Orleans might not be lined with casino hotels like Vegas, it’s a worthy competitor. Guys can go really big for a Mardi Gras bachelor party weekend (which one of you will get the most beads?), though just about any weekend is going to have a great party atmosphere, thanks to the bar-lined Bourbon Street.

Perhaps the best thing: you can walk around New Orleans with your favorite adult beverage. While it’s not typically associated with gambling, New Orleans does have it, most notably with Harrah’s, located just off the Mississippi River. New Orleans has no shortage of strip clubs, most of which are on Bourbon Street, such as Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club and The Penthouse Club.

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Though Reno and Las Vegas are both Nevada cities associated with gambling, it’s hard to compare the two since they’re so different, which makes Reno such a great alternative for a bachelor party. You do have a plethora of restaurants and casinos within walking distance in the heart of Reno, but perhaps its greatest attribute is the access to outdoor adventure.

Visit during the winter and you’ve got some of the best U.S. ski resorts within an hour’s drive in Lake Tahoe. Visit during the summer and you have great water sports, hiking, and mountain biking. Reno has its own Penthouse Club, but has a number of other strip clubs as well, including the Key Club and Reno Men’s Club.


While New Orleans may be considered one of the top bachelor party cities in the south, Austin is a strong contender, thanks in part to the vibrancy of Sixth Street. This is the entertainment district of Austin, where you’ll find everything from live music pouring into the streets to Recess Arcade Bar to Esther’s Follies, a magic and comedy club, to Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, which speaks for itself.

The daytime is when you hit Austin’s renowned barbecue joints. While the wait for Franklin’s can be several hours, other great Austin BBQ joints include La Barbecue, Micklethwait, and John Mueller Meat Company. Afterward, wash it down with some of Austin’s great craft beer, including Hops and Grain.


Miami has the single thing that all of the South’s best party destinations don’t have: Beautiful beaches. And, well, perhaps the most beautiful people. Get a hotel on South Beach and the party just about comes to you. Miami, too, has one of the best nightclub scenes in all of the U.S., such as LIV, one of the more sophisticated VIP clubs.

However, I recommend doing one of the rooftop clubs, such as Fifty Ultra Lounge. Many of the adult clubs you’ll find in and around South Beach and North Miami Beach, such as Dean’s Gold, are located in North Miami Beach.

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Vegas isn’t the only great party destination in the Southwestern U.S. Scottsdale separates itself as one of the best year-round sports destinations, from being a premier destination year-round for outdoor activities like golfing, hiking, and climbing, to being the spring training destination. But beyond that, Scottsdale, too, is a great nightlife city. That ranges from the Rusty Spur Saloon, Scottsdale’s oldest bar to Fox Cigar Bar, which has a great cigar and whiskey selection. One favorite for strip joints is Skin Cabaret.


San Diego is the West Coast version of Miami. Alright, so perhaps without the humidity and sophistication. Here you have access to just about everything you could want, from one of the best MLB baseball stadiums, Petco Park, to world-class surfing, to Disneyland (for the kid in us all) just north in Anaheim. And if you want some culture, Tijuana, Mexico is just a short ride away. The Gaslamp Quarter is likely where you’ll spend most of your evenings, lined with great restaurants and bars. Most of San Diego’s best adult clubs are just north, such as the classy Pacers Showgirls International.

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