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Aug, 18 2023

Best Wedding Tuxes and Formal Suits You Can Buy or Rent Online

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When buying a tuxedo or suit for your special occasion, you can take pretty much any avenue as long as you follow the dress code. But whether you go for black/white or something outlandish, you need to ensure the garment fits you like a glove. This way, you’ll be able to make jaws drop, just like George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal, and many other celebrities have done.

That’s exactly what we’ll help you with. Keep reading to learn how to select the right wedding tuxedo or formal suit online.

The Importance of the Perfect Wedding Tuxedo or Formal Suit

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The old saying “the suit makes the man” has stood the test of time. Whether you’re preparing to tie the knot or getting ready for another formal event, you need to choose the right suit or tuxedo. It tells your audience you take the occasion seriously. More importantly, it leaves them in awe of your clean, sophisticated look.

However, you can’t select just about any garment you come across. It needs to be pretty much tailor-made for you. The first thing you should do in your search for the right attire is to consider a few key factors.

Considerations in Selecting the Ideal Wedding Tuxedo or Formal Suit

Here are the factors you should take into account when picking your tuxedo or formal suit:

Body Type and Fit

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The most important consideration when shopping for your wedding tuxedo or formal suit online is your body type. Are you muscular or lean? Are you short or tall? Are your shoulders broad or narrow? You should consider all these to make an informed decision.

For example, if you’re tall, avoid styles that make you appear even taller. Boxier garments with vented pleats and a button closure that’s just under your chest are a great option. Additionally, don’t go for vertical stripes because they’ll also make you look taller. Instead, opt for something plain.

On the other hand, short gentlemen are best off with tuxedos and suits that elongate their bodies. Vertical stripes are an excellent choice here, as they make you appear taller. The same goes for darker colors, such as black and navy blue.

Finally, there are a few tricks to complement your slender or husky body. If you’re skinny, go for an outfit that’s a snug fit. Just be careful not to go too tight because it doesn’t look very elegant.

Conversely, muscular gentlemen should stick to garments fitted in the chest and shoulders and tapered pants and waists. It produces a smooth visual effect without making you too bulky. Chris Hemsworth and other strapping men have implemented some of these tips in their clothing styles.

Aligning with the Wedding Theme

The next step is to consider the theme of your wedding. For example, what do you wear if you and your future wife have set up a tropical celebration? Lighter nuances are your best friend here. From beige and light gray to light blue, several gentle shades will help you fit in.

What about rustic weddings? In that case, you want to go for something a bit more classic. Besides black and white, navy blue is a solid pick. Brown and burgundy are viable options as well.

Also, if you’re getting ready for a winter wedding, consider richer nuances to introduce some contrast to the white surroundings. Emerald green, maroon, and navy blue work brilliantly well during that time of the year.

Reflecting Personal Style

Lastly, take your personal style into account when buying or renting your suit online. If you’re a traditionalist, classic solutions work best. Pair your black tuxedo with a white shirt and black bow tie to make heads turn with your elegance and timeless style. Navy blue works just as well as black/white for connoisseurs of classic outfits.

Conversely, if your style is modern, you want your suit to reflect your proclivity. Light gray is an eye-catching, versatile fashion choice that complements many other colors. For example, you can wear it with black or brown shoes, bow ties or neckties, and white shirts.

Also, what route should you take if you’re a daring gentleman? In this case, you want to make a bold fashion statement and separate yourself from the pack. If you can pull off nuances like deep purple and burgundy, by all means, feel free to do so. Mustard yellow and black/gold combinations can also be a jaw-dropping pick.

Timeless Elegance: Traditional Wedding Tuxedos and Formal Suits

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When you take a look at pictures of formal suits and wedding tuxedos from the ’60s and ’70s, the colors look mostly the same as today. Why? Because some combinations are timeless. If you’re looking for traditional, evergreen attire, we’ll break down what this means.

Classic Styles

Classic styles are just as popular now as back in the day, and it doesn’t get any more classic than black/white garments. Black and white tuxedos and formal suits emanate stylishness, solemnity, and elegance. However, you need to wear your attire properly to maximize the “wow” factor.

First, make sure the pants and tuxedo jacket are made of the same material. If they’re the same color but feature different materials, trust us, they’ll clash in your guests’ eyes.

Second, always wear a white shirt. A black jacket looks best when worn against the backdrop of white. Black shoes are also necessary.

When it comes to other elements, you have a bit more leeway. For instance, it’s entirely up to you whether you’ll wear a peaked lapel or shawl collar. Likewise, you can either go for a cummerbund or evening waistcoat as your waist covering.

As for accessories, take a minimalist route here. Studs, cufflinks, and your watch shouldn’t take center stage. The colors should match the rest of your attire and be free from colorful embellishments. Black and white are the only acceptable options.

Sophisticated Attire

Man walking with his black jacket over his shoulder

Even though classic tuxedos and suits are a match made in heaven for most grooms and gentlemen, they’re not an all-cure to your outfit struggles. Sometimes, they’re a bit too traditional.

No worries – there are many ways to give your classic attire a much-needed kick and make it more modern:

  • Wear a necktie because it’s more contemporary than a bow tie.
  • Go for suspenders if belts are too traditional.
  • Add a distinct pocket square to stand out from the crowd.
  • Choose a shawl lapel that lets you introduce different colors to your attire.

Modern Style: Trendy Wedding Tuxedos and Formal Suits

three men in blue tuxedo walking and laughing

There are many ways to achieve a modern look with your formal suit or wedding tuxedo. You can either buy an outfit characterized by contemporary features or elevate a classic garment with a personal touch.

Either way, you need some form of direction when styling your attire. The following section will be your North Star. Coming up are the most popular styles, trends, and designer outfits you can choose for your occasion.

Current Styles and Trends

Here are some of the styles and trends you can adopt for your event:

Power Suit

Perhaps the hottest trend you can follow in 2023 to look amazing at your event is the power suit/tuxedo. This clothing solution features an eye-catching garment that follows and accentuates your body’s contours. It makes your shoulders broader and adheres to your legs to make it seem like the product was custom-made for you.

When choosing your power suit or tuxedo, making a bold statement should be your priority. However, you don’t want to go from one extreme to another when buying your product. If it’s baggy, it’ll look too casual and as if you borrowed the outfit from a bulkier person. If it’s too tight, you won’t feel comfortable.

So, strike a perfect balance between bagginess and snugness. You need to make sure your power suit fits you just right to make the most of it.

Double-breasted Suits and Tuxedos

What if you wanted to look even manlier in your suit? What if you wanted to intimidate everyone with your presence while conveying a sense of high-level elegance?

That’s where double-breasted suits and tuxedos come in.

As the name indicates, these garments have two sections with buttons, not just one. The front closure also overlaps, and these two features mingle to produce mesmerizing visual harmony.

You should consider double-breasted suits or tuxedos if you wish to look larger. The double fabric adds another layer of your favorite material to enhance your chest. Furthermore, the six or eight buttons separate you from 99% of other gentlemen, who typically have suits with only four buttons.

Sophisticated, Ultra-Comfortable Tweed Suits

If comfort is your priority, you can’t go wrong with a tweed suit. This super-soft material features woolen construction that goes easy on your skin. The moment you put on a right-sized tweed suit, you’ll feel like you’re floating on clouds.

That’s not all. Tweed garments are also popular in 2023 since they look elegant and durable. They lend themselves to a myriad of patterns and wick away moisture to keep you in great shape throughout your event.

Designer Wedding Attire

The quest for the right wedding attire can be time-consuming. One of the main reasons is that you don’t want to buy or rent your suit from a mediocre brand. You only want the crème de la crème. The following makers are our top picks:

  • Ralph Lauren – fashionable, high-quality suits and tuxedos fit for a wedding and virtually any other occasion
  • Jaeger – garments made of soft yet durable materials that will keep you looking professional
  • Dolce & Gabbana – artisan clothes designed to sweep your lady off her feet with stylish contours and illustrious patterns
  • Stefano Ricci – superb suits and tuxedos that convey a unique classic vibe for serious gentlemen
  • Prada – epic attires with bold prints and sharp patterns

Tailor-Made Excellence: Custom Wedding Tuxedos and Formal Suits

Older man working on tuxedo measurements

You’re unique, and you want your clothes to reflect this. What better way to do so than to invest in tailor-made tuxedos and suits?

Superior Quality and Fit

The biggest selling point of custom-made wedding tuxedos and formal suits is that they last longer than standard garments. Featuring better materials, they’re more resistant to wear and tear, allowing you to wear them on multiple occasions.

Plus, the fit factor can’t be overlooked. As these clothes are made-to-measure, they fit you perfectly.

Where to Rent Your Tuxedo

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Buying a suit or tuxedo is often too expensive. Thankfully, there’s an affordable alternative – Generation Tux renting services.

Here at Generation Tux, we first allow you to customize your suit or tuxedo. Play with a host of colors and textures until you achieve the desired result.

From there, order your product, and it’ll arrive two weeks before your event. This gives you plenty of time to decide if it’s right or if you need a different garment. Once the celebration is over, simply ship the attire back to us.

Your Perfect Wedding Tuxedo or Formal Suit Awaits

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A great thing about buying your tuxedo or formal suit online is the convenience. Rather than make trips to multiple stores, you find a superb garment from the comfort of your home.

To speed up the process, consider the occasion, your personality, and your body type. When trying it on, be sure the product accentuates your strong points, hides your weaknesses, and is extremely comfortable.

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