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Oct, 18 2023

The Best Groomsmen Boxes in 2024

A groomsman box in black and white

Gift-giving can be stressful.

Presenting a gift to someone as important as your groomsman makes the process even more mentally exhausting. Your groomsmen represent your best friends, your ride-or-dies, those who’ll be there for you on your wedding day. The least you can do is find the best groomsmen boxes to convey your gratitude.

Groomsmen gifts might seem simple, but they need to be special, impressive, long-lasting, and with an element of surprise. Of course, they don’t need to be in a typical wooden box, but organizing the items in a container adds a touch of elegance, indicating that you put more effort into the gift.

Considering all the relevant criteria, it’s clear that a groomsmen box can present quite a challenge for the groom, who already has a lot on his plate regarding wedding planning. Fortunately, there are plenty of groomsmen gift sets that check all the boxes. This article lists some of the best options to help you hand over an incredible gift and impress your groomsmen on your big day.

The Role of Groomsmen Boxes in Wedding Celebrations

Accessories and a watch

The groomsmen box shows your appreciation for the people who have been there for you before your wedding day and will continue to support you in the future. The best time to give it as a thank-you gift is during the bachelor party, rehearsal dinner, or on the wedding day. But don’t wait for the wedding party when everything is almost over. Dedicate a bit of time before the wedding to spend with your best buddies, calm pre-wedding jitters, reminisce about the past, and talk about what the future holds.

A groomsmen gift box set can also be given as a groomsmen proposal box long before the wedding. Some people in your life might already anticipate the proposal, but you can make the gesture extra special by accompanying it with a thoughtful gift.

The groomsmen gift should be a bit less special than the gift for your best man, but that mainly depends on how many groomsmen you have. Bigger weddings, over 100 people, typically have between five and eight groomsmen. The group can include your less close friends, relatives, or the bride’s father, brother, and other relatives. Therefore, some of the members won’t be as special to you as your best man, who should be someone you can’t have a wedding without, like your closest friend or brother.

What to Look For in a Groomsmen Box

A phone on the Generation Tux website

As mentioned, groomsmen gifts need to satisfy certain criteria. Firstly, they need to be unique. You shouldn’t just go for the first groomsmen box that pops up in Amazon. Put some thought into it. Think of the times you spent together with your friends and how the gift could feel special for both you and them. If you’re not going for a fun gift like personalized bobbleheads, try to make it a bit sentimental.

However, if fun or sentimental isn’t your cup of tea, choose a gift box set that’ll serve the groomsmen well for a long time to come. The usefulness aspect should be respected regardless of the tone you’re going for with your gift. Otherwise, it might sit on their shelf collecting dust or be re-gifted when the first opportunity arises.

One way to be certain that the gift sets will be useful is to match them with each groomsman’s interests and preferences. Personalized groomsmen gifts feel even more special and ensure the groomsmen know you put much thought and effort into creating them. Still, while that might be the best groomsmen gift solution, it also creates several new challenges. You need to match each gift box set in terms of cost, quality, and thoughtfulness. You won’t be disclosing the price or origin of your gift, but your groomsmen might figure it out on their own and feel less special if their gift is lower in value.

The best option is to have the gift sets personalized with the groomsman’s name or initials. If you’re going for something that comes in multiple colors, you can also change them according to their style and preferences.

Types of Groomsmen Boxes

A gift box with soaps and bars

The contents of groomsmen boxes can vary and contain everything from playing cards to bourbon-flavored toothpicks. The packages typically include several items which are well-coordinated and follow a certain theme like personal hygiene, drinking, parties, summer vacation, etc. However, they can also be just one item, like a whiskey decanter or a personalized, high-quality flask.

The gifts also differ in terms of quality and value. This aspect depends on your budget and how much you want to show your appreciation.

All-in-One Gift Set Boxes

All-in-one sets are frequent groomsmen gift boxes due to their practicality and versatility. As mentioned, each gift set is well-thought-out and contains several items.

Gift box sets connected to drinking are a popular choice. A personalized whiskey decanter set with engraved groomsman’s name and the date of the wedding is everything you need to make your whiskey-loving groomsmen happy. The sets typically come with four Scotch glasses, neatly set in a wooden box. You can choose the engraving design and what you want to engrave — the box, the glasses, or the decanter itself. The decanter can also be shaped in a more unusual way to match the groomsman’s unique taste.

Flasks are another possible option for groomsmen who love drinking, especially if they travel a lot. Typically made from steel, the flasks can be coated in wood or leather for a better grip and a more sophisticated look. You can also engrave the flasks with groomsmen’s names, initials, or other words to indicate their ownership.

Groomsmen cigar sets are a perfect gift for your groomsmen who smoke. They usually contain one or two cigars while the rest of the box is filled with other goodies like a lighter, tiny bottle of spirits, or matches. Like for other gifts, the package can also be personalized to fit each groomsman.

Personalized Groomsmen Boxes

Although most of the groomsmen’s gift boxes are versatile, it’s important to recognize the personalization factor. Placing the name or initials of your groomsmen on the box or even on the items inside makes the gift feel extra special and lets your buddies know that you took your time creating their gifts.

Aside from whiskey decanters, flasks, and the boxes themselves, you can personalize various other items. A personalized pocket knife is ideal for more outdoorsy types. Stainless steel will last them for a long time, ensuring they remember you every time they use the tool. The groomsmen’s initials can go on the handle made from premium wood. The box for the pocket knife doesn’t have to be large, but you can also pair the blade with a flask, minimalist wallet, leather sheath, and other items to fill a standard-sized gift box.

If you’ve met your groomsman while playing golf, a golf ball gift set personalized with his name will take them down memory lane the moment they open the box. The box set comes with 12 golf balls, 12 golf tees, and 12 golf pencils. You can select the color of the balls, add a name or a monogram to print on the balls and the box, and choose the box’s material.

Besides getting your groomsmen gifts, you need to think about what they’re going to wear at the wedding. Since you might be the one who’ll need to provide the accessories, why not combine them with the groomsmen’s box and give them custom wedding cuff links? They come with engraved initials and are in a box personalized to fit each groomsman. When choosing the cufflinks, consider how they look on the groomsman and best man suit since they might be wearing the same outfit. And “Should the father of the groom match the groomsman?” you might ask while choosing the cuff links. The answer is usually yes. The attire should be the same as the groomsmen, so the same cuff links will also work for him.

Luxury Groomsmen Boxes

While the price doesn’t determine the quality or value of the gift, grooms with a bigger budget can afford some of the more luxurious options.

“The best thing is to give a great-quality watch that you know your groomsmen will be proud to wear on the wedding day and beyond,” says professional stylist Donnell Baldwin as he recommends a 34mm gold-tone and textured-leather Timex Marlin watch. You might have the option to personalize the groomsmen’s watches with their initials on the watch strap, but even without it, they’ll appreciate a cool and stylish watch. You can also follow the example of Nick Jonas, who chose to personalize the best man gift by giving his brother Joe Jonas a watch that has a deep meaning within the family.

A personalized shaving kit is another luxurious gift you can’t go wrong with. Whether your groomsman has a thick luscious beard or shaves, this Marigold & Grey “Dapper Dude” shaving kit is sure to impress him. It features a luxury shaving cream in a manly cedarwood and sandalwood scent, a wood shave brush, a leather trinket tray that can be monogrammed, and several complementary items that complete the package. To make the gift even more personal, you can include a handwritten notecard with a message you wish to convey to your precious friends.

A cigar box has already been mentioned in the previous section. However, there’s a difference between groomsmen cigar box sets that you can buy online and luxurious cigars that fill the entire box. Premium cigars like Arturo Fuente Breva Royal will make any cigar aficionado swoon. If you have multiple groomsmen who would love this gift, instead of gifting the entire box to one groomsman, you can divide the cigars and put them in empty cigar boxes that offer various customization options.

Best Groomsmen Box Sets for 2024

When all of the above is considered, choosing a groomsmen gift box set becomes significantly easier. Still, grooms on a tight schedule might need to skip detailed suggestions and read through a quick summary of the best groomsmen box options.

As emphasized above, choose something useful. A high-quality cologne set from a brand you know your groomsman loves will surely find a purpose in his life. For example, this Ralph Lauren Polo Classic Eau de Toilette gift set might be just what he needs. Inspired by a vintage men’s flask, these three spray bottles make quite a first impression. The cologne’s pine, leather, tobacco, and patchouli notes will smell amazing regardless of the groomsman’s style and preferences.

If you’re gifting each groomsman a different present, a leather poker set is an ideal gift for your buddy who loves hosting game nights. The set includes two decks and 10 poker chips, and a pebbled leather case with soft suede lining that can be monogrammed to make the gift more personalized.

However, perhaps the best groomsman gift is a bit of everything. This personalized groomsman gift box includes several items made specifically for your groomsmen. The gifts are both useful and exciting, so they’ll fit your same-age friends and an older relative. The set includes a personalized box, a rocks glass with a custom name, a customized bottle opener, sunglasses, personalized wedding socks, and some decoration. You can also customize the invitation card with a witty message or simply add a heartfelt quote.

Making Your Wedding Day Extra Special With Groomsmen Boxes

A cute box with pins and a watch

While the wedding day is all about the future newlyweds, a groomsmen box can make your buddies feel special and more like part of your wedding. A well-chosen gift goes a long way and ensures your best friends remember you whenever they look at your gift.

Make Your Groomsmen Feel Special With Unique Gift Boxes

Three men toasting together

A special gift for your groomsman doesn’t have to be expensive. Sure, it can be on the more luxurious side, but the best groomsmen box sets are primarily unique, useful, and thoughtful. Personalized items are the way to go if you want to make them extra special.

When choosing something the groomsmen will wear on the big day, ensure it matches their attire. Generation Tux offers groomsmen rentals that ensure your best buddies enjoy your big day in style.

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