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Dec, 18 2023

Best Wedding Suits for Groom & Groomsmen in 2024

A bride and groom hugging

Finding the best wedding suit for grooms and groomsmen can be overwhelming. Yet, these momentous events provide an excellent chance for you to suit up and showcase your style and taste for fashion. So, where do you begin the search for your wedding suit?

This guide is here to help. It provides a detailed assessment of whether you should buy or rent wedding suits, the best places to buy, and how to accessorize. By the end, you’ll have understood why the right attire matters, essential factors to consider during decision-making, and how to find the ideal fit for your perfect wedding.

Why the Right Suit Matters

You need to be looking your best on your wedding day. Social interactions are an essential aspect of the modern world. A well-dressed groom makes a good impression on his wedding guests. Your suit should speak elegance and sophistication only. It can make you stand taller and feel confident. There are also plenty of groomsmen outfit ideas that you and your friends can explore and choose from so they can look dapper too.

The right suit is well-fitting and allows decent room for movement. Dancing is a familiar ritual in most weddings. The added space will help you enjoy the occasion and have fun. Most people get to have one wedding. Make sure to look your best on the big day.

To Rent or to Buy?

A man opening a garment bag with a suit inside

Choosing to rent or buy your wedding suit can be difficult. There are several factors to consider like the seller, tailoring, customization, and brand. Careful consideration will help you decide whether to buy or rent wedding suits for you and your groomsmen.

Pros and Cons of Renting

Renting out your suit and that of your groomsmen can be a cost-effective option overall especially if you have a large number of groomsmen. It’s also less stressful as you can obtain all the attires simultaneously and from the same place. Most rent bundles include accessories, too, making a well-thought-out alternative when you’re rushing against time. However, it can quickly become expensive if it’s not a one-time thing. Most of the grooms who opt to rent their wedding suits have limited options. You also risk higher expenditure if you ruin the garment.

Pros and Cons of Buying

If you choose to buy your wedding suit, you can adjust the attire as you wish, which isn’t the case when you rent. You’ll also be able to obtain value for your money as you can wear the suit to future events. Your wedding day is special, and being the first to wear the suit is excellent.

However, making this purchase requires a huge initial investment. It can also be a bit of a waste if your body size changes in the future. It’s also likely that you may not wear your suit again if you don’t have any events where you’re required to dress up but not look “groom-y.”

The Classic Tuxedo: A Timeless Choice

A man in a black tuxedo leaning on a fireplace

Stylish? Check. Elegant? Check. Formal and black tie appropriate? You bet. There are a lot of good things to say about the tuxedo. A black tux isn’t better than a blue one. But, your choice of color can impact the tone of your wedding tux. Due to its high price, which quite frankly matches its style, most men choose to utilize a trusted tux rental like Generation Tux. They will ensure you still look good on a budget with their fantastic wedding tuxedo options.

Modern Groom Attire: Beyond the Tuxedo

six men in navy suits walking in grass

There are many styles of suits you can choose to wear on your wedding day. A modern groom will likely prefer a slim fit over a classic one. This attire usually features clean cuts specific to casual or formal wear. A groom can also opt for a modern fit if they intend to dress down after the formal event for more comfort. The groomsmen's wear is also quite versatile, allowing them to show up in either tweeds, single-button, or two-button suits based on the event setting.

Best Places to Shop for Wedding Suits

A suit shop from the outside

Tuxedo shopping can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are reputable businesses that have provided online solutions to help lessen the stress load. This has made finding wedding attire a tad bit easier for those looking for where to buy men’s suits. Let’s look at some of the best places to buy your wedding suits.

Online vs. In-Store

Online shops are an ideal option due to their low-stress processes. The groom and groomsmen don’t have to move from store to store searching for the correct attire. If you decide to go this route, starting early is best. This will give you enough time to play around with patterns and find accessory options.

Top Recommendations

Listed below are some of our best-rated online stores for buying or renting groom and groomsmen suits.

Generation Tux

Generation Tux is one of the leading rental-only options with genius processes that make online shopping for you and your groomsmen much easier. You can receive free swatches shipped to your home address (or the destination for a destination wedding) so you can select your best color match. Should you not like your attire or the groomsmen rental options, Generation Tux offers free returns. You also get two weeks to test out the attire before your event and confirm that it’s what you’d like to wear. What’s not to love?

Men’s Wearhouse

You can shop or rent the perfect wedding suit from Men’s Wearhouse. They specialize in men’s suits and have perfected their craft. You’ll find the most popular and elite brands in this suit shop.

State & Liberty

If you want to splurge on a quality suit, then this online store is a food option. They offer a range of unique color options that will help you and your groomsmen stand out from the crowd. It's best to place an order at least three months before the event if you decide to use this store.

The Perfect Fit: Tailoring and Alterations

A man in a navy suit looking at himself in the mirror

You need to get the perfect fit when looking for a wedding suit.

Whether you choose a suit or tuxedo, various aspects need to be considered. The best grooms and groomsmen suits are those that can be easily adjusted in case they have a bad fit. Be aware that most alterations only apply to suits that have been bought. These include:

  • Shoulder and chest suit jacket fit: The shoulder width can’t be adjusted. Its structure is very complex making it difficult to alter. The chest area can however be taken in or let out more easily to enhance comfort.
  • The jacket collar: It should fit the neck and rest on the shoulder collar. This is a tricky area to work on as any slight alterations can destroy the suit jacket’s style. Adjusting it isn’t a viable option.
  • The jacket length: With the wrong size, the whole suit fit looks off. The perfect fit should end mid-crotch. If it hangs beyond that area, it appears too long. While the length can be shortened, lengthening it is impossible. However, reducing the length can destroy the jacket’s proportion and can be costly. It's best to settle for a custom-made one.
  • Sleeve length: The best fit here means that ¼ or ¾ inches of the shirt cuff should be visible when the arms are relaxed to your sides. Tailoring this part to provide a perfect fit is easy.
  • Suit pants: For the trousers, should fit around the waist perfectly. Pants need to be higher than the hip bone. The seat of the pants should be smoothly laid with as few ripples as possible. Consider the inseam and the pant length as well. This determines the way the fabric folds and rests on your shoe. If something seems off, get the perfect fit by having alterations done to the pants. These adjustments are easy to make.

Still have questions? Check out our guide to suit fit.

On a rental suit, the alteration options are much more limited, usually slightly taking in the suit or reducing the length of the sleeves or pants. These alterations are made by stitching the original parts together, which can be undone later. When renting a suit, contact the rental company for alterations they can provide in-house or if they provide tailoring vouchers for on-site corrections.

Groomsmen Attire: Coordinating the Look

Three men in navy suits walking away from a large house

The question of do groomsmen match the groom or not is common in most weddings. There should be some level of uniformity. However, even though the groom and groomsmen’s attires should be coordinated, they should still leave some room for expressing personality.

The groomsmen’s attire also needs to be comfortable and there needs to be cohesion between the style, fabric, and color. How many groomsmen is normal? This is also a dilemma for most of the parties involved and will also play into the dress code. However, this is ultimately a matter of preference.

Matching suits is a standard practice in most weddings. But you can opt for a mix-and-match option while paying attention to the formality levels associated with the suit styles. Tuxedos, for example, don’t mix too well with the three-piece and two-piece suits, which are more casual.

When picking groom and groomsman suits, consider what the groom should wear before selecting the others. If in doubt about the best groomsmen suits, find an expert to help with ideas, especially if you’ll have the father of the groom match the groomsmen's attire.

Accessories to Complete the Look

A dusty blue color swatch, pocket square, bowtie, and tie

To complete the look, you need to accessorize the groom's party suit. This way, you will get the loveliest outcome for the big day. Consider accessories like:

  • Pocket squares: This accessory is a simple one. Consider using a fabric matching the bridesmaid dresses or one that fits your tie colors or décor flowers. Play around with colors to show your personality.
  • Bow tie and ties: These accessories offer you a chance to add that personal touch to the attire. Add a tie clip with your partner or your initials and the wedding date.
  • Other accessories include cufflinks, pocket watches, and other jewelry. Underwear embroidery, vest, and funky socks can help shape your style.

Special Features and Services

Generation Tux is an online tuxedo and suit rental company. It specializes in formal wear and has been a significant player in the special occasion and wedding attire industry. The online rental platform offers high-quality suits with six color options, sizes, and styles that suit various body types and preferences.

The company’s founder is George Zimmer. He is a business executive and well-known entrepreneur in the retail industry. He is also the founder of TMG. Under his leadership, the businesses have become synonymous with high-quality men’s suits and the best customer service.

The main focus is to provide customers with the perfect fit using Online Fit Technology and access to a virtual stylist. Measurements are entered online by answering a few simple questions. It also offers a free delivery service for the suits and tuxedos rented with no return shipping charges.

Managing the rentals is relatively easy through the user-friendly interface. Customers can track orders and make adjustments. The convenient free home try-on service is one of the best things about this company. The suit or tuxedo arrives 14 days before the big event to accommodate any alterations needed.

Things to Consider Before Making a Decision

A man and woman looking at a suit on a laptop

Before making the final decisions, you need to weigh your options. This way, you can have an attire that suits your event entirely. Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Wedding planning: When picking the attire and accessories, consider the formality, overall theme, and setting of the wedding. The selected suit should complement the dress code and ambiance of the event.
  • Size and fit: Find something that fits and flatters your body type. Take measurements professionally or use inline tools correctly to avoid suits that are too tight or loose.
  • Weather and season: Fabric should be picked with this in mind. A summer wedding requires lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, or light wool blends to improve comfort and provide breathability.
  • Modern versus traditional wedding: The vibe and style of the wedding should determine whether to pick a modern or traditional suit. A black suit or a classic tux works for a traditional wedding, while trendy options mean unconventional styles, patterns, and color flexibility.
  • Wedding vision: This is more of a personal style. Do you want a timeless or classic look? Are you aiming for a unique or fashion-forward ensemble? The perfect-fitting suit needs to align with the general aesthetic you are targeting and your personality.


A bride and groom walking in front of the wedding party

Suits and tuxedos are the standard wear for most weddings. This is valid for guests and the groom alike. They come in various styles that allow you to find the perfect attire. Hopefully, this best wedding suit for grooms’ guide has given you and your groomsmen the information you need to prepare for your big day and find the perfect match.

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