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Oct, 27 2023

Does Father of Groom Match Groomsmen?

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Does Father of Groom Match Groomsmen?

The bride wears a dress. The groom wears a suit. That much is obvious. But when it comes to the outfits for other members of the wedding party, like the father of the bride or groom, it’s not quite as clear.

Should the groom’s father match the groomsmen? Generally speaking, yes, it’s typical for fathers to have similar outfits to the groomsmen. However, the outfits don’t need to be identical, and grooms’ fathers do have some leeway in terms of what they can wear to a wedding.

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This guide will take a deep dive into typical father of the groom attire, answering some common questions and exploring ways in which fathers can dress.

The Wedding Party Attire: An Overview

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To understand why the father of the groom’s outfit is of such significance, we first need to consider the role of attire in weddings, in general.

Understanding the Role of Attire in the Wedding

As the Emily Post Institute explains, weddings are a chance for people to dress up, look their best, and feel special. It’s only appropriate that guests and members of the wedding party wear beautiful, elegant outfits to mark the importance of the occasion.

The outfits of the bride and groom may be the most admired and important of all, but other members of the party also need to dress their best. Typical wedding attire like a fancy suit, tuxedo, or bridesmaid dress all helps to enhance the day, making it more special and memorable.

Expectations for the Groom and Groomsmen Attire

Understanding the role of a groomsman and the typical attire expectations for groomsmen is key in figuring out what the father of the groom should wear. The groom himself will typically wear a suit or tuxedo, depending on the nature of the wedding, and groomsmen tend to wear something similar.

Does the groom have to match the groomsmen? Not necessarily. In fact, many grooms like to wear a suit or tux of a different style or color to their groomsmen, in order to stand out, just like the bride. However, other grooms opt for outfits that blend seamlessly with their groomsmen. It’s all a matter of preference.

Father of the Groom Attire

Beige tuxedo with a salmon a colored bow tie

Next, let’s move on to what the father of the groom is expected to wear.

Traditional Attire for the Father of the Groom

Typically, expectations for the father of the groom are similar to the groomsmen. We often see a groom’s father wearing a suit or tuxedo, matching the rest of the wedding party. This is because fathers are often key figures in the ceremony and reception, so need to dress appropriately.

Does the Father of the Groom Match the Groomsmen?

There’s no strict rule saying that the father of the groom needs to match the groomsmen, just as there’s no fixed rule regarding how many groomsmen are in a wedding. However, in general, it’s common practice for the groomsmen and groom’s father to wear similar outfits. A groom’s father will often wear a suit if the groomsmen are all in suits, for instance.

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Should the Father of the Groom Wear the Same as the Groomsmen?

A Beige tuxedo with a salmon-colored tie

So, we know that the father of the groom doesn’t need to match the groomsmen, but should they?

In general, it’s commonly accepted that the groom’s father should wear the same style as the groomsmen. There are various reasons for this. It helps to create harmony, for example, and shows that the groom’s father is an important member of the party, just like the groomsmen.

However, there are arguments in favor of grooms’ fathers wearing slightly different outfits. They could opt for a suit or tuxedo in a slightly different shade to the groomsmen. This will help them stand out, while still staying on theme.

Ultimately, it’s a question of personal preference, and it’s typically up to the bride and groom to decide what they want for their big day. But more often than not, it’s best for fathers to pick attire that blends well with the rest of the party, particularly the groomsmen.

Factors Influencing the Father of the Groom’s Attire

 A sandy tuxedo with a pink tie

A range of different factors may influence the father of the groom’s outfit choice. It’s important to take these factors into consideration when deciding between suits, tuxes, and other items.

Wedding Formality and Venue

For a formal wedding, the groom’s father will need to select an outfit to match the level of formality. If the wedding is black tie, for example, then a tux is the only option. For more laid-back affairs, fathers can pick from a wider range of clothing items and colors.

Consider where the wedding is taking place, too. As explained by My Wedding, an upscale, traditional wedding day will typically work best with elegant and sophisticated outfits, while beach or barn receptions can have more laid-back and colorful outfits.

Bride and Groom’s Preferences

Of course, the main people to ask for advice on what to wear are the bride and groom themselves. The groom’s father and bride’s father should typically consult with the bride or groom for their thoughts on the most appropriate attire.

Color and Style Coordination

Ultimately, one of the main aims of themed wedding colors and dress codes is to keep everything balanced and coordinated. It can look a little bizarre to have grooms, groomsmen, and fathers all wearing a totally different color suit or style of suit.

So, when considering what to wear as a groom’s father, it’s important to think about what others will be wearing on the big day. You may not need to match their outfits or wear the same suit as the groomsmen, but it helps create a more harmonious aesthetic if you wear the same style.

Tips for the Father of the Groom

A Father is fixing his tie

Finally, here are some top tips for fathers to keep in mind when selecting their wedding attire.

Choosing the Perfect Suit or Tuxedo

In most cases, you’ll want to wear a suit or tuxedo as the father of the groom. It’s the easiest way to look great and fit in with the wedding party. But don’t just buy the first one you find in local suit stores. Shop around, compare your options, and consider father of the groom tuxedo rentals, too.

Matching the Level of Formality

Remember to match your outfit with the level of formality of the groomsmen and the occasion. If the groomsmen are wearing tuxes, wear a tuxedo too. If they’re in suits, match them. You don’t have to match the exact design or tone of suit, but it definitely helps to have a similar outfit.

Attaining a Cohesive Look With the Wedding Party

The groomsmen are just one part of the wedding party. It’s also worth considering the rest of the attire when selecting your own outfit. Think about the various styles, shades, and colors on display and choose something that creates cohesion with the whole wedding party.


A man in a black tuxedo

Returning to our original question, it’s clear that the father of the groom doesn’t necessarily need to match the groomsmen with the exact same suit or tux. However, it definitely makes sense for them to blend in with the wedding party, rather than picking an outfit with is off-theme or out-of-place.

We hope that this guide has provided helpful tips for the father of the groom to select the most appropriate outfit. Remember to consult with the bride or groom and think about what everyone else is wearing to help you choose your ideal father-of-the-groom attire.

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