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Nov, 20 2023

The Best Summer Wedding Outfits for Men in 2024

A group of people in gray suits posing in a line

The theme plays a major role when determining appropriate wedding apparel. But time of year is just as important, so special rules apply to selecting summer wedding outfits. Men should go for lighter colors and breathable materials, allowing them to stay comfortable throughout the event.

However, what exactly does it mean to wear summer wedding attire? Men who need help with this clothing style have come to the right place. This article will tell you what proper wedding attire for men looks like when attending a summer wedding.

Deciphering Summer Wedding Dress Codes

A white and gold wedding invitation

The first thing you should do when choosing your wedding guest suit is to check out the dress code on the invite. Since deciphering dress codes for a summer wedding can be difficult, here’s a quick overview of every dress code:

  • White tie - The most formal dress code, where a full tuxedo is a standard men’s summer wedding outfit
  • Black tie – Slightly less formal in that you can swap a tuxedo jacket for a regular dinner jacket
  • Black tie or optional – There’s no need to wear a tuxedo, but it’s preferred (dark suits are the second-best option)
  • Cocktail – Full suit of any color (doesn’t need to be dark)
  • Semi-formal – Less formal than cocktail dress codes and typically applies to afternoon weddings.
  • Casual – The least formal alternative that can involve pretty much anything, from pants and jeans to dress shirts to polo shirts

While white tie and black tie men’s summer wedding dress codes are possible, they’re extremely rare. In most cases, the couple either opts for a cocktail or semi-formal wear. Casual outfits are also popular, especially for daytime events.

The Classic Suit for Summer Weddings

 a man in a gray tuxedo standing in the woods

In the words of our fellow fashion connoisseur, “The suit is the crown jewel of men’s clothing. It allows even the most timid of men to create a lasting impression.”

That being the case, it’s no wonder so many grooms want their guests to wear suits on their special day. If that’s what your invite suggests, here’s how you can ensure your apparel looks fantastic and fits right in:

  • Choose black or navy blue if you want a standard color. Gray is another solid pick, too.
  • Go for the single-breasted style if you’re short or double-breasted if you’re tall.
  • Make sure the jacket and dress shirt fit snugly against your shoulders.
  • Buy a jacket that shows about 0.25-0.50 inches of your shirt sleeve cuff.
  • Wear slim-fit pants for a tapered look or classic pants for extra comfort.
  • Consider a wool suit because it helps reduce sweating. It’s just as good at this as linen and other summer options.
  • Try suit separates if the dress codes allow it (e.g., tan jacket and navy blue pants, black jacket and olive green pants, light blue jacket and navy blue pants)

The Beach Wedding Ensemble

A man in a gray jacket and tan pants

Many lovebirds dream of having a beach wedding, and summer is typically the only season when the weather allows it. This also means you need to select appropriate men’s beach wedding attire. Take the following tips to choose the right garments:

  • Don't have a full suit if it’s a cocktail event.
  • Go for jeans, chinos, or shorts paired up with a linen shirt or polo shirt if the dress code is casual.
  • Stick to penny loafers if it’s a semi-formal or casual event. Oxford shoes and standard loafers are usually worn on formal nighttime celebrations.

The Tuxedo: Black Tie and Beyond

A man in a black tuxedo

As previously discussed, a black-tie wedding requires a tuxedo. The essential elements of every black-tie outfit for men include:

  • Black jacket and matching pants
  • Black bow tie
  • Black Oxford shoes or derbies
  • Plain, pleated, or bibbed white shirt

Linen and Other Breathable Fabrics

 A group of multiple colored jackets

The bulk of your quest for the right apparel comes from finding suitable materials. You need something breathable to help you stay comfortable throughout the event and wick away sweat — something like linen.

A linen suit is the go-to option for those who want to look great and remain dry on a summer wedding. The unique flax fibers enable air to circulate more easily, meaning heat can escape your body before it leads to perspiration.

Linen isn’t the only breathable fabric you can wear. There are many alternatives:

  • Cotton – Besides being breathable, cotton is also low-maintenance.
  • Silk – Blending lightweight design and breathability, silk is a top choice for summer weddings.
  • Merino wool – With nearly unparalleled moisture-wicking properties, merino wool can be your ideal summer wedding companion.

Casual and Semi-Formal Looks

A tan tuxedo and a blue tie

We’ve covered several types of wedding attire, such as black tie apparel and formal outfits. Casual and semi-formal clothes have also been a major theme, but many people think these are identical. In reality, there are a few significant differences between the two clothing styles.

On the one hand, semi-formal garments are less formal than black tie, but they’re still considered formal. If the invite says “semi-formal,” you should wear a suit (most people go for suit separates).

On the other hand, a casual summer wedding encourages you to step out of your suit and jump into something that resembles your everyday wear. Jeans, chinos, and regular shirts are the most popular garments.

The Right Accessories: From Pocket Squares to Bow Ties

Small navy blue accessories

No men's summer wedding outfit is complete without the following accessories (if it’s a cocktail or semi-formal event):

  • Sunglasses
  • Wristwatch (only if the jacket sleeve is loose enough to fit over it)
  • Matching tie, pocket square, and socks (if it’s a suit)
  • Bow tie (black or white if it’s a black tie or white tie event; colorful bow tie if it’s a casual wedding)

Destination Weddings: What to Pack

 A generation Tux box with a black tuxedo

Some summer weddings don’t take place at your local beach. You sometimes need to board a plane and spend a few days abroad. If so, you need to pack a few items:

  • Wedding day shoes
  • Cufflinks
  • Tie or bow tie (or none)
  • Jacket
  • Pants
  • Belt
  • Hair styling and skincare products (shaving cream, aftershave, cologne)

Trending Summer Wedding Looks for Men

A man in a white tuxedo and black pants

Here are some of the best summer wedding outfits that are trending right now:

  • Black- and white-tie – Cotton tuxedo with black Oxford shoes and white pocket square
  • Cocktail and semi-formal – Navy blue jacket and light blue shirt with white pants, brown shoes, and a brown belt
  • Casual – White polo shirt with a checkered bow tie, brown belt, ankle-length chinos, and brown penny loafers

Footwear: From Loafers to Dress Shoes

 A man tying his black shoes

A range of footwear is acceptable on a summer wedding, depending on the dress code:

  • White tie and black tie – Dress shoes (e.g., Oxford shoes and derbies)
  • Cocktail and semi-formal – Loafers and Oxfords
  • Casual – Penny loafers (flip-flops are sometimes allowed)

Renting vs. Buying

A man unzipping his Generation Tux suit

Suppose the preferred summer wedding attire for the event is formal apparel. You need a full suit, and you’re tempted to buy one. After all, if you do, you can wear it to multiple celebrations.

But here’s the catch – a tuxedo can cost well over $2,000. If a garment piques your interest and it fits you like a glove, it’s hard to resist it. The only problem is that it would burn a hole in your pocket.

What if you could wear a suit of the same quality for a fraction of the price? Thanks to modern suit rental services, you can. For example, Generation Tux allows you to rent some of the finest suits available. The try-on is free, so don’t worry about unwanted shipping expenses. If the garment is ideal, wear it to the wedding and return it once you’re done. If not, we can send you another one for free.

The result? Your apparel will stand out at the event, and you won’t dent your budget.

Attending a Summer Wedding? Patience Is Key to Looking Your Best

A man sitting in a rocking chair in a tan tuxedo

The main takeaway is this: you need only look at the invite to figure out the right clothing style for a summer wedding. Each dress code has particular norms you need to follow to fit in and honor the couple’s wishes. Once familiar with the dress code, use the above tips to create a cohesive look.

Don’t forget – rental services are available if you need stunning yet affordable summer wedding outfits for men.

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