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Aug, 2 2023

How Much Does a Tuxedo Rental Cost?

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People who don’t frequent black-tie events don’t have many reasons to purchase a tuxedo. Instead, renting a tuxedo might be the better option for several reasons. First, you can get your hands on a quality tuxedo without paying the full price. Second, you won’t need to worry about where to store your tux or how to maintain it in mint condition – it will come when you need it and go once you’re done with the event.

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Of course, renting is significantly cheaper than buying it. But what kind of price should you expect? That’s precisely the question we’ll tackle in this article. Plus, we’ll tell you what makes up the price of a rental tux and explain what you’ll need to pay when renting a tuxedo for a particular occasion.

Introduction to Tuxedo Rental Costs

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Tuxedo rental prices aren’t a one-size-fits-all. We can tell you that the average price of a basic rental tux is about $140, but that won’t serve as particularly worthwhile information. After all, there are so many different tuxedo types and the perfect one for you that exudes style will likely be more expensive.

Factors Influencing Tuxedo Rental Costs

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Your next question might be: “What dictates the price of a rental tux?” The answer is many things. The pricing is far from set at the whim of a rental service. Instead, several factors play into how much a rented tuxedo will cost. The following is a breakdown of those factors.

Type and Design of Tuxedo

The type, color, and material the tux is made of can often impact the price significantly. Of course, tuxes made of the finest materials will also be the most expensive, and modern models with prints may be pricier than the traditional one-color tuxedos.

Yet, it’s not only about how the tux is designed, but also who designed it. A branded product or one carrying the name of a famous designer will, as a rule, be more costly than a stock tux. Here again, it’s important to acknowledge why designer or brand names tend to drive prices up.

Designers don’t become renowned by chance. Instead, they build up reputation by the merit of their work. Their designs have proven to be consistently good and reliable, and the customers have grown accustomed to the quality they receive.

That’s precisely what you’re paying through the higher price of designer or brand tuxedos: you know precisely what you’re buying. Plus, a designer tuxedo may come in unusual styles or colors, making it a unique item that will, by its very nature, cost extra.

Rental Duration

It should come as no surprise that longer rentals will cost more. If you’re renting a tuxedo for a single day, you’ll pay only the basic figure, but the cost will multiply with each added day.

Prolonged rentals are probably among the easiest extra costs to avoid. You’ll rarely – if ever – need a tux for more than a day or two. Also, renting from Generation Tux will provide you plenty of time to try the tuxedo before the event, and up to three days to return it afterwards. In other words, there’s no reason to add more days.

Additional Accessories

The basic rental tuxedo package includes the tux jacket, pants, and a dress shirt. Everything you order beyond that is considered an accessory, including the bow tie and shoes. Other accessories include cufflinks, studs, cummerbunds, and vests.

Under ideal circumstances, you would wear a tuxedo with all these accessories. However, not all of them might be necessary. Consider whether you already have the proper shoes and tie to match the tuxedo you’ve chosen. If the event is semi formal, a regular tie can replace a bowtie. Also, check if the event you’re attending requires formal additions such as cufflinks or a vest.

In some situations, the full set will be required. However, in others, you might be just fine wearing only the tux jacket with slightly fancier pants. Understanding the exact dress code for the occasion could stop you from going overboard with your attire.

Average Tuxedo Rental Cost

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Due to all of the moving parts that determine the final price of a rental tux, an average cost will be there only to help you get your bearings when picking a tuxedo. Depending on what style, design, brand, and accessories you choose, you could pay, on average, between $100 and $250 to rent a tux for the standard period.

Of course, the price will also vary from one rental service to the next. Keep in mind that, with some rental platforms, a lower price directly translates into lower quality. This means that saving money by going for the cheapest option might not turn out to be worthwhile since you won’t be getting the value you desire.

Comparison of Tuxedo Rental Services and Pricing

Man and woman looking at Generation Tux website comparing services and pricing

Generation Tux Tuxedo Rental

Generation Tux offers a select few tuxedo models for rent, mainly following the line of timeless classic designs. The iconic black tux comes in notch, peak, and shawl lapel variants. Notch lapel tuxes come in mystic blue, light grey, and charcoal colors, while the midnight blue peak lapel model represents a standout choice.

All rental tuxedos from Generation Tux cost $149. They’ll arrive at your address two weeks before the set date. You also need to return the tux a generous three days after the event, giving you more than enough time to cure that afterparty hangover. Plus, if you’re renting a tux for your wedding, you’ll have 48 hours to try out the style before deciding on the model you like the most.

Men’s Wearhouse Tuxedo Rental

Men’s Wearhouse might not be the most affordable tuxedo rental service in the market, but it boasts a collection of numerous fashion heavy-hitters. Some of the most prominent names in the service’s catalog include Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, Joseph Abboud, and Wilke-Rodriguez.

As for the pricing, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, and Joseph Abboud tuxes, for instance, both cost $180 and $240 for 2-piece and 9-piece sets, respectively. Wilke-Rodriguez tuxes are a bit more affordable at $130 for a 2-piece and $190 for the 9-piece variant. The tuxes arrive about a week before the set date and must be returned a day after the event.

Other Tuxedo Rental Services

Of course, the two mentioned services aren’t the only ones in the market. Let’s look at some other companies that rent tuxedos.

  • Friar Tux offers tuxedos from $155 with the option to purchase them for around $230. The tux will arrive 10 days prior, and must be returned one business day after the set date.
  • Dapper & Dashing doesn’t list tuxedo prices, instead encouraging customers to get a quote. Likewise, the company’s website doesn’t list specific rental terms.
  • Stitch & Tie has the same tuxedo prices as Friar Tux – $155 for renting and $230 for purchasing. The terms are different since this store delivers the tux up to two weeks before the occasion and requires returns no more than two full days after.
  • National Tuxedo Rentals has a relatively good price point with 7-piece tuxes renting for $160. The tuxedo is delivered two weeks in advance and should be returned within two days after the event.
  • Jos. A. Bank is the highest-priced option here. A set consisting only of pants and the jacket will cost $180, while a complete curated set will cost $235. Rental terms are quite stringent, allowing you to pick up the tux only a day before and return it a day after.

Cost Breakdown for Event-Specific Tuxedo Rentals

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The type of tuxedo you choose will depend on the event you’re going to, which will affect the price. We’ll look at the two most common occasions when you might need a tux: weddings and proms.

Tuxedo Rental for Weddings

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A wedding tuxedo will usually be more formal and come with all the bells and whistles. If you’ve been invited to a black-tie wedding, it means your attire must go all-in. To that end, expect to pay extra for accessories like pocket squares or lapel pins, cufflinks, and vests or cummerbunds.

While renting these accessories in combination with your tux will cost you a minimum of $20-$30 more (depending on what you choose), the tux itself might be cheaper. Black-tie events never call for extravagant textures, materials, or colors, so you’ll likely pick the classic black tux.

Tuxedo Rental for Prom

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Unlike black-tie weddings, prom attires are much more open to customization. Black and white tuxedos will still be the norm, but there’ll be nothing odd about experimenting with other styles for this big night.

For the tux, you could opt for classy but attention-drawing velvet, grosgrain texture, or a printed pattern. If you don’t want the full set, you can pair the jacket with different pants – of course, in a matching color. The bow tie will still be the ideal way to wrap up your look.

While you likely won’t be wearing a vest or cummerbund to the prom, you’ll likely want at least one or two accessories, the pocket square and cufflinks being the obvious choice. When all this is put together, renting a quality prom tuxedo could easily cost more than a wedding variant.

Additional Considerations and Fees

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You can find ways to minimize your expenses not only before you rent a tuxedo but also after the fact. In particular, you should pay attention that nothing happens to the tux while it’s in your possession and to return it in time as per the service’s rental terms.

Returning a stained or, worse yet, damaged tuxedo will likely incur additional fees for cleaning and repair. You could even pay the full price of the tux if the damage is considerable. To prevent this, make sure your attire goes through the entire event unscathed.

Regardless of which service you choose, returning the tuxedo late will mean you’ll have to pay a penalty. While this additional cost may seem the easiest to avoid, rental services have the penalty in place for a reason. After an evening of partying, it’s surprisingly easy to forget the return deadline, especially if it falls on the very next day.

It would be best to set a reminder on your phone for this purpose. That way, you won’t break the simple return rule and end up paying more for your tux than you needed to.

Additionally, keep in mind that the starting price of a tuxedo rental takes into account the tux as-is in the most common size options. If the tux doesn’t fit properly and you want it altered, you’ll need to discuss that with the rental service. Generation Tux, for example, offers a $20 reimbursement for tailoring services on the pant hem or jacket sleeves, so long as the fabric is not cut.

Rent Your Tux at a Fair Price

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Although rental services set their own prices for tuxedos, the total cost will ultimately be up to you. Your choice of style, color, design, and accessories will directly impact the price. The same goes for how well you mind the rented tuxedo and whether you return it in time.

With our comprehensive guide, you’ll have an easier job finding a quality tuxedo at a reasonable price. At the very least, you’ll be aware of the common pitfalls that may inflate the cost and, hopefully, be able to avoid them.

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