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Aug, 2 2023

15 Best Tuxedo Brands For Every Formal Occasion In 2024

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You have a big event coming up, and you know that you need to be dressed to the nines. It’s a formal, black-tie event and the tuxedo you choose can make all the difference in the impression you make when you arrive.

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Your challenge is that there are so many tuxedo brands available that you don’t know which can provide the tux that suits your style and the event. By casting a light on the best tuxedo brands for every occasion, this article makes overcoming that challenge simple.

Introduction to the Best Tuxedo Brands of 2024

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In a 2012 New York Times article, the claim that “the tuxedo makes the man” was made, and it’s a claim that’s as true today as it’s always been. Your tux is more than a style statement. It’s a reflection of who you are, from your style preference to your respect for the formal event for which you buy the tuxedo.

That reflection starts with the brand you choose. Make the wrong choice, stylistically or in terms of matching the tux to the event, and you can end up with a mismatched outfit that casts a poor light on you. Therein lies the purpose of this article – to show you the brands that are the best match for your style, budget, and the occasion for which you need your tux.

Hallmarks of a High-Quality Tuxedo Brand

Women in front of a sewing machine with string

Every tuxedo shopping adventure starts with understanding what to look for in a quality tux. After all, not all tuxedos are made equally, and some will be of much higher quality than others. Here’s what to look for in a great brand.

Premium Materials and Craftsmanship

Mannequin with suit being made on it

Your search starts with how the tux looks and feels. On the materials end, most tuxedos get their trademark sheen by using wool, rayon, polyester, or a combination of all three. For instance, Generation Tux’s tuxedos use 130s or 140s wool to give them a comfortable feel. Other brands may focus more on synthetic materials ahead of natural materials, which gives a greater sheen but may affect the tuxedo’s quality.

Once you’re happy with the materials, hone in on the craftsmanship. You’re looking for tight stitching and attention to detail, even in areas of the tux that aren’t on constant display. Take the lining for instance. People rarely see the lining, but it can make a big difference in how the tuxedo feels when worn.

Simply put – look for premium quality in materials and craftsmanship.

Range of Styles and Perfect Fit

Man in navy suit sitting in a chair

No tuxedo brand is complete if it only has a single style of tux to offer. The reality is that you may need tuxes for several occasions, and the specific styles you choose will vary depending on if you need the tux for a wedding, cocktail party, or another formal event.

For instance, a tux with a shawl lapel is ideal for dinner parties, but a double-breasted tux may be a better fit for the more ample gentleman. You’re looking for a brand that offers a range of tuxedo styles and, crucially, one that offers styles that fit both your body type and the occasion for which you’ll wear the tuxedo.

Brand Reputation and Customer Service

Man putting on his black tuxedo jacket

Trust is key when choosing a tuxedo brand, with Northwestern University pointing out that 75% of people say they’ll spend more on a product if they trust the brand that offers it.

You may fall into that category, meaning you have to establish that you can trust the tuxedo brand before you’ll spend your hard-earned money. Start with the tux company’s website. Look for signs that they’ve been doing what they do for a long time (many will tell you when the business was established) before moving on to more objective ways to measure how much you can trust the brand.

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Check reviews from existing customers, making sure to look beyond testimonials on the brand’s website because those exist to paint a positive picture. Look for objective review sites, and specifically for mentions of the level of customer service on offer. Does the brand help customers achieve the perfect style and fit, or are they happy to disappear into the ether once they’ve sold a tux? The answer to that question tells you whether you can expect a helping hand if you’re struggling to find the right fit.

Top Luxury Tuxedo Brands for the Ultimate Style Statement

navy suit and stack of shirts behind a window

Now you know what to look for in a great tuxedo brand, it’s time to dig into six of the brands that are worthy of your attention. We’ve split these six into three categories – luxury, affordable, and wedding-ready.

Let’s start with the best luxury tuxedo brands around.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Male model walking on a runway in a suit

Decadence, thy name is Ralph Lauren. At least, that’s what you’ll be thinking if you’re willing to spend over $5,000 on a jacket and trousers combination from Ralph Lauren’s “Purple Label” range of tuxedos. Quality is on display at every corner, from the gorgeous floral embroidery used for the inner lining to the characteristic purple satin lining that makes it clear who you’re wearing.

Of course, those eccentricities are coupled with classic tuxedo design, creating a subtly eye-catching combination without being so ostentatious that you overshadow the event itself. Conjure up images of men slowly swirling a nice scotch while smoking expensive cigars and you have the look Ralph Lauren creates with this brand.

Hugo Boss

Two words define Hugo Boss’s range of tuxedos – virgin wool.

Virgin wool can have two descriptions. It can be wool that comes from the first-ever shearing of a lamb, lending it a level of prestige that the results of later shearing don’t carry. Or, it’s wool that hasn’t been processed, woven, or subjected to any form of recycling.

Either way, the result is fresh wool that has longer fibers and greater natural elasticity, both of which you benefit from with a Hugo Boss tuxedo. Beyond the wool, Hugo Boss tuxes have silk accents on the pockets and lapels. Plus, they’re cut to offer a slim fit and are available in classic colors, including midnight blue and black.

Best Affordable Tuxedo Brands for Quality on a Budget

sign saying J. Crew Men's Shop

Spending thousands of dollars on a tuxedo may be a “pie in the sky” dream, with the reality being that you only have a few hundred dollars to spend on your tux. That lower budget doesn’t mean you don’t deserve quality, and these are the two tux brands that deliver a lot for much less than you’d spend on a luxury tux.

J. Crew

With its tuxedos typically landing in the $500 to $600 range, J. Crew is a solid choice for getting a tux on a budget that still offers the classic look you need. You get natural materials (Italian wool is used throughout) and a nice fit.

If you want to save a little more money, you can also opt for the J. Crew Factory range of tuxes. Granted, they’re a little lower on the quality scale than their main-brand counterparts. But there are a few potential issues that make the Factory tuxes differ from what you might expect, such as a lack of button coverings and the presence of the sort of pocket flaps you’d see on a suit. But for the price (usually in the region of $300), they’re ideal if you need a budget-friendly tux quickly.


Asos made its name as the place to go for affordable fashion, and it excels with a skinny wool tuxedo jacket that you can pick up for about $110, with sales often dropping that price substantially. Pair the jacket with the matching trousers, usually in the $60 range, and you get an elegant slim-fit tuxedo for the price of a mid-range suit.

This brand is the ideal choice if you’re only going to wear your tux once or twice. It’s also a great choice as a cheap tux for high school proms.

Best Tuxedo Brands for Wedding: Style Meets Elegance

Men standing in a black tuxedo and bowtie in front of bushes

Your big day with your bride is coming up and you need a tuxedo that meshes your sense of style with the elegance your wedding demands. These brands are the go-to options for weddings. They combine the look with prices that don’t place a massive dent in your wedding budget.

Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth’s simple black wool tuxedo is ideal for grooms who want to look as dapper as James Bond on their wedding night. But it makes this list because of its “perfect fit guarantee.”

That guarantee means you can send your tux back to Proper Cloth if it doesn’t offer the perfect fit. Alternatively, you can go to your local tailor to get the tuxedo refitted, and send the bill (up to $125) to Proper Cloth and they’ll cover it. It’s the perfect brand for grooms who worry they may need to make adjustments, especially if they’re working on losing weight in preparation for their wedding.

Generation Tux

Man sitting on a piano bench in a tux

Many grooms don’t want to buy their wedding tuxedos. They prefer to rent, and it’s in that department that Generation Tux stands out. Its collection features seven tuxedos, ranging from classic black with notch lapels to mystic blue, midnight blue, and even light grey tuxes.

The sheer variety is a plus, as is the brand’s approach to renting. You can request free color swatches that make it easier to confirm that the specific tux you rent matches your wedding’s theme. And you’ll get your tux at least 14 days before your wedding so you have plenty of time to confirm the fit.

Picking the Perfect Tuxedo Brand for Your Needs

Men and women looking at Generation Tux

Now that you have six great tuxedo brands to choose from, you have a crucial question to answer – which brand do you choose?

The answer is all about what you need from your tux, with the following being the influencing factors that impact your decision.

Factor in the Occasion

What’s the occasion that calls on you to wear a tuxedo?

If it’s a wedding, your choice of tux brand relies heavily on the big day’s theme, as the tux has to match. But if it’s for more regular use, such as appearing at charity functions and dinner parties, you may prefer a luxury tux since they typically use stronger materials and last longer.

Understand Your Body Type

Buying a slim-fit tuxedo may not be the best choice if your body type doesn’t suit the slim style. Similarly, having too much space in the chest makes your jacket seem baggy, meaning it fails to accentuate your body’s best features.

In short – your body type matters. Your tux must accentuate your appearance, and ideally hide anything you see as negative. Consult a tailor before ordering to figure out what type of jacket best achieves those goals.

Establish Your Budget

Thankfully, there are great tuxedos available for the price of a mid-range suit, meaning you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a jacket. That’s good news because your budget has a huge impact on the brand you choose.

For instance, you’ll steer well clear of Ralph Lauren if you can’t afford to spend around $5,000 on a tux. Establish your budget beforehand so you don’t end up burning a hole in your bank balance because of your tux.

Online Shopping for Tuxedos

Man and woman looking at suit in Generation Tux website

The traditional tuxedo-buying experience involved going to a tailor to get fitted and trying the tux on before buying. But the rise of online shopping changed the game. It’s now possible to buy (or rent) your tuxedo online, and the trend of doing so is on the rise.

The reasons for this growth in online shopping are clear. You can find tuxedos you may not find in a physical store when shopping online, and the convenience that comes with having the tux delivered is desirable. Just keep the following tips in mind to ensure you have a good shopping experience:

  • Always measure your chest, waist, and arms before buying, allowing you to match your sizing requirements to the tux you’re considering.
  • Check the online store’s return policy so you know whether you’re covered if you make a sizing mistake or if the tux isn’t what you want.
  • Make sure you can find trousers to match your jacket so you don’t end up with a mismatched tux.
  • Always factor in the cost of alterations, as even the right tuxedo may need a couple of tweaks to get it ready for the big occasion.

Find the Perfect Tuxedo for Any Occasion

Man in white tuxedo and black bowtie

Finding the right tuxedo comes down to two things – what you need from your tux and what the brand you choose can deliver. As long as those needs align, you can make your choice with confidence so you get the perfect tux for the occasion.

With this guide, you have six great brands that serve all ends of the tuxedo spectrum. Start with those brands, building from what you’ve learned here to conduct your own research to ensure you don’t waste money on a tux that isn’t right for you.

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