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Feb, 19 2020

Our Favorite Fall Wedding Ideas

Our Favorite Fall Wedding Ideas

If you’ve set your wedding date for autumn 2020, your fall looks may get a few fancy upgrades. September through November weddings call for fall wedding attire but don’t be fooled, fall wedding trends are wide-ranging. Many couples choose special fall wedding themes or tailor their color palette, menu, or even venue around the season.

Looking for some inspiration? Here’s the scoop on some of our favorite fall 2020 wedding trends and ideas.

Autumnal Venues

Indoors or outdoors, daytime or nighttime, you have plenty of venue options when you’re looking to throw the perfect fall wedding.

  • On a Farm: Over the past few years, one of our favorite fall wedding trends has been the farm venue. Head over to Pinterest or Instagram to see what we mean: it’s hard to resist the rustic elegance of soaring barn rafters paired with glittering lights and seasonal flowers. Barns, however, aren’t the only option for a farm setting. All types of specialty farms, like apple orchards or pumpkin patches, are especially nice this time of year—and many offer wedding packages that include accommodations and seasonal menus.
  • Amidst the Foliage: One of the main wedding themes for fall is the motif of colorful leaves. From centerpieces to bouquets and color choice, fall foliage provides some of nature’s best wedding inspiration. It’s the venue, however, that ties it all together. Depending on where you live, this can mean anything, from saying “I do” beneath the magnificent Japanese maple tree in your parents’ Maine backyard, or on the soft earth of an Oregon forest floor, to an Aspen lodge in the Colorado Rockies…or anything in-between.
  • Inside a Local Landmark: Indoor weddings are fantastic. They remove weather-related stress, allow for more flexible attire choices, and, of course, have lots of beautiful options for decor and theme. Whether you’ve chosen to get married in one of your hometowns, or a far-flung destination, or the city where you two met or currently live, there’s sure to be a special building or two. Museums, galleries, heritage buildings, beautiful libraries, and university campuses have all been home to some pretty amazing fall weddings. As a bonus, these types of buildings tend to look very atmospheric when they’re lit and decorated, especially as the autumn sun begins to set.

Seasonal Menus

Hoping to incorporate some fall favorites into your wedding menu? Your guests will be thrilled— everybody loves cool weather foods. We’ve seen some pretty enticing ideas over the past few years. Here are some of our predictions for food and drink-based fall 2020 wedding trends:

  • Cranberry-Kissed Signature Cocktails: Cranberries have an autumn harvest and they make for a great fall wedding cocktail ingredient. Cranberries go down well in a drink and they’re not too sweet or intense. With so much versatility, cranberries create cocktails that your tea-drinking grandmother and whiskey-slugging cousin can both enjoy. We also love their aesthetic—ruby red looks lovely against an autumn wedding color palette. On the subject of drinks, lots of couples choose to include seasonal beers, like Oktoberfest or pumpkin ale, in their autumn wedding bar selections.
  • Oysters Galore: We hear so much about pumpkins. What about oysters? These ocean favorites are at their best in the colder months—some parts of the world even hold oyster festivals during the fall. Besides, if there’s ever an occasion to serve these classy mollusks, it’s the one where you’re already wearing a tux.
  • Less Cake, More Autumn Bites: We’re not going to tell you to ditch your cake altogether, but we love how modern couples are adding dessert tables to their receptions. Dessert tables can include anything from seasonally inspired doughnuts and cookies to hand-crafted caramel apples. We also recommend having a hot cider option alongside your dessert coffee and tea. Yum.

Vibey Fall Wedding Attire and Aesthetics

Once you’ve set the scene and created the menu, it’s time to make sure that everything looks perfect. The key to this is making sure you’ve nailed your fall wedding attire and decor.

  • Choosing Your Flowers: A fall wedding allows for more dramatic flower choices than spring or summer events. Lots of couples choose bouquets and flowers that feature burgundy, orange, plum, or gold. For an enhanced effect, add some leaves or seasonal foliage.
  • Decorating for Fall: Autumn is all about harvest, and many couples use this as inspiration for their decorations. For example, when executed correctly, pumpkins, pomegranates, and cranberries can make for striking centerpieces.
  • Suiting Up: Your wedding attire is one of the most crucial aspects of your big day, and when you’re throwing a fall wedding, you have lots of choices. Many grooms, however, choose to wear navy or tan or suits for their fall wedding attire. These colors tend to complement an autumn palette the best.
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