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Jan, 22 2024

Best Man Wedding Duties: The Ultimate Checklist

A groom standing at the altar next to a groomsmen

It is an honor and a privilege to be the best man at a wedding. As such, the best man must understand the part he plays alongside the groom-to-be. They help with preparations beforehand and are there on the morning of the wedding, right through to celebrating afterward. A best man’s duties are far-reaching and varied. But before everything else, they are there to be the groom’s friend.

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With this guide, you can get to grips with all the responsibilities that come with the title of “Best Man” and get ready to help create a special day for the groom without any undue stress.

Read on to get a full understanding of what is expected from a best man.

Understanding the Role of the Best Man

The best man is of immense importance to the groom on his wedding day. His title is much more than a ceremonial position. He has to take on an active (and sometimes hectic) role. But it’s an expression of trust, camaraderie, and a deep relationship between the two men.

The best man is the one the groom turns to for comfort and support throughout the entire wedding planning. He helps coordinate with vendors, takes part in selecting venues, and offers opinions about other details.

His job is to ease the groom’s stress by getting everything to run as planned. He organizes the bachelor party and accounts for all ceremonial items, such as wedding bands. His role also includes delivering a memorable speech during the reception that adds a personal touch to the occasion. All these tasks guarantee that the groom’s wishes are fulfilled and that the event will happen without hiccups.

And beyond these technical roles, the best man is something of a leader for the groomsmen. Together, they form the groom’s party, his gang of loyal friends ready to lend any help they can.

Pre-Wedding Duties

The best man’s role starts to become more evident in the months leading up to the wedding. He helps with a variety of tasks, one of which is organizing the bachelor party, an event that celebrates the groom’s last days as a single guy.

These bachelor party duties involve planning the fun things to do at the party and picking a venue for the night. And that’s all while making sure that the groom has an unforgettable time and everyone else has a blast.

As the date gets closer and closer, the week prior to the wedding day is full of last-minute tasks – attending the wedding rehearsal being one of them. Here, everyone should be familiar with their roles and positions when it comes time for the actual ceremony. The best man must especially focus on where he will stand when he needs to present the rings and other best man duties the couple expects of him.

Duties on the Wedding Day

Someone helping a man put on his suit jacket

On the day of a wedding, everything is at stake for the groom and his team. The best man’s role is to support him in every possible way, from helping him button his shirt to reminding him to breathe (weddings can get stressful).

Keeping the rings safe is perhaps the biggest part of his duties as well. It’s not just about holding onto precious metals but about keeping hold of something that signifies love, trust, and lifelong commitment.

Lastly, the best man also helps everyone look their best on the day of the ceremony. This means checking ties, making sure shoes are polished properly, and generally ensuring there aren’t any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions waiting to happen.

The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is the emotional epicenter of the entire celebration, and the best man’s role during this moment is at once symbolic and practical. As one of the paramount duties of the best man during the ceremony, he holds onto the wedding rings until it is time for the couple to exchange them.

This act doesn’t just involve keeping a physical item but conveys the trust and responsibility instilled by the bride and groom upon him.

There may be specific ceremonial roles for the best man depending on the couple’s culture or beliefs. He might have to deliver an inspirational passage, light a candle, or partake in other customs that have deep significance to the marrying pair.

The Wedding Reception

Men in suits toasting in black and white

The wedding day, a celebration of love and commitment, is full of different moments, both wholesome and tedious, that demand the best man’s attention. Depending on the couple’s cultural background and religious preferences, he may have various responsibilities of a best man or ceremonial acts to observe. But for many guests, it’s during the reception where the real fun begins. After dinner, they eagerly await the best man’s speech—his opportunity to honor the groom and impart their shared history.

One of the main duties of a best man at a wedding reception is delivering an insightful and entertaining speech that keeps everyone’s attention. His words should offer sincere well-wishes to the newlyweds, accompanied by lighthearted anecdotes about the groom. It’s a moment that allows all guests to experience the couple’s beloved bond while providing a few humorous moments for everyone to enjoy.

The best man should also coordinate various reception activities. He might assist in cutting the cake, organizing games, or managing other forms of entertainment that are on the books so everyone has a good time. A best man may even act as the liaison between vendors, confirming that everyone respects the timeline and any possible issues are addressed swiftly. The best man’s enthusiasm can create an atmosphere of joy and celebration where each guest feels valued and respected. And his organizational skills make it all run butter-smoothly.

Coordination and Communication

Men in tuxes surrounding a man sitting

Successful weddings take effective coordination and communication, and the best man is often the leader in these efforts.

As the groom’s right-hand person, he acts as a link between the groom and his groomsmen to guarantee that everyone comprehends their duties, looks, and other elements of the celebration. This may include organizing suit fittings (especially if following dress codes like the black tie dress code), transport plans, or ensuring they know where to be for the ceremony. A good way to get everyone looking sharp at a decent price is to rent a tux or suit from rentals like Generation Tux.

Frequent meetings or group chat conversations are great ways to ensure nobody is left out of the loop. Here are some handy tips for the best man to keep in mind:

  • Anticipate any troubles and try to tackle them before they escalate. This might mean having an emergency kit on hand or a list of contacts that could help.
  • Use group chats or apps for wedding coordination to keep everyone on the same page.
  • You must be clear when sharing information, especially on the wedding day itself. Everyone has to understand what you’re trying to convey.
  • While the best man has many responsibilities, delegate tasks when you need help. Trust the groomsmen to handle their duties.
  • Emotions can run high during weddings. As a leader, maintain a calm and positive demeanor to set the tone for the rest of the party.

Special Circumstances

Contemporary weddings often strive to be anything but traditional. Nowadays, grooms can have two best men or switch it up with the best woman instead.

When the groom has two best men, their best man obligations can either be split along their individual strengths or shared equally. For example, one might plan the bachelor party while the other arranges vendors for the wedding or takes charge of ushering in the groomsmen.

While most tasks remain similar when there’s a best woman, some roles may need to be adjusted depending on comfort levels and preferences. From organizing an inclusive celebration to partnering with the maid of honor, this special bond should pave the way for smooth sailing on the wedding day. Above all else, communication between both the best men or the groom and his best woman makes each duty well-handled.

The Ultimate Best Man Checklist

Three men in blue suits toasting

Having a concise best man responsibilities checklist can make everything less stressful. Here’s a timeline-based best man duties checklist to guide the best man through his duties and responsibilities:

Several Months Before the Wedding

  • Discuss with the groom what expectations and duties he has in store for you.
  • Begin planning the bachelor party, including setting a date and budget.
  • Coordinate with groomsmen about attire fittings and buying.
  • Attend venue visits or tasting sessions.
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One Month Before the Wedding

Week Before the Wedding

  • Go to the wedding rehearsal and dinner.
  • Inform the groomsmen of the wedding day schedule.
  • Collect the wedding rings and keep them safe.
  • Host the bachelor party.

Day Before the Wedding

  • Double-check all attire details, and check that everything is clean and ready.
  • Review the wedding day timeline and coordinate transportation.
  • Have a heart-to-heart with the groom, and give him support and encouragement.

Wedding Day

  • Assist the groom with dressing and whatever last-minute preps may come up.
  • Ensure groomsmen are on time and appropriately dressed.
  • Keep the wedding rings safe until the ceremony.
  • Coordinate with the wedding party for group photos.
  • Stand by the groom’s side during the ceremony.
  • Present the rings during the ceremony when the time comes.
  • Give the best man speech at the reception.
  • Lead the dance floor and encourage guests to take part.
  • Assist with logistics, such as coordinating with vendors or guiding guests.


  • Help with cleanup or return of rental items.
  • Check-in with the newlyweds after their honeymoon, and give your congratulations and thanks.

The Best Man of the Day

Could you even imagine a wedding without the best man? From the early stages of planning to the last few minutes of the reception, there’s no shortage of tasks and best man’s duties that he must fulfill. He’s expected to be there and give emotional support and guidance to the groom while still handling all the details leading up to the wedding day.

The best man has a hand in making each element come together seamlessly, relieving potential stress from the groom and contributing to an unforgettable day. While two people join as partners in marriage, it’s the best man who helps craft many of its beautiful memories.


Can the best man be a woman?

The title “best man” is traditional, but weddings can step away from it. It’s not so odd for a groom to choose a close female friend or relative to stand by his side. In such cases, she might be the “best woman” or “groomswoman.”

What should the best man do if he loses the wedding rings?

First and foremost, don’t panic. Retrace your steps and check the recent places you threaded. If you can’t find the rings after a quick search, tell the groom and bride as soon as possible. Backup rings or symbolic stand-ins can work for the ceremony, and you may find the original rings later.

Is the best man responsible for organizing the bachelor party?

Yes, traditionally, the best man takes the lead in organizing the bachelor party to find the best destinations, anywhere but Vegas, or absolute party weekends. However, he should coordinate closely with the groom and all the groomsmen.

Does the best man pay for his own attire?

Usually, the best man covers for his own attire, whether a rental or purchase. However, this can vary depending on cultural practices or the couple’s preferences. It’s always good to discuss and clarify expenses early on.

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Tips for Being the Ultimate Best Man

  • Check-in with the groom and offer assistance before being asked.
  • Keep track of your best man responsibilities, from the bachelor party to the wedding day timeline.
  • Practice your speech so it’s clear, heartfelt, and appropriate for all guests.
  • Be ready for unexpected changes and handle them with grace.
  • Always have a backup plan, especially for tasks like protecting the rings.
  • Try to stay calm in stressful situations, offering reassurance to others.
  • Foster good relationships with groomsmen and bridesmaids to make a dream team.
  • Understand cultural or religious traditional rituals the couple may follow.
  • Pack an emergency kit like adhesive bandages, a sewing kit, and stain removers for quick fixes.
  • Enjoy the celebration, but avoid overindulging, especially before major duties.
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