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Sep, 19 2023

Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas for 2024

A man pouring a glass of alcohol

While the bride can help with picking the wedding suit for the groom, the groomsmen are the groom’s responsibility. After all, the groom knows his men best, and a gift that comes straight from his heart will mean the most. Still, thinking of groomsmen gift ideas can be difficult for multiple reasons. It needs to satisfy several criteria like uniqueness and usefulness while staying within the wedding budget.

This article will go through everything you should consider while choosing a gift for groomsmen in 2024, present some smart choices, like whiskey decanters and personalized pocket watches, explain when to give the gifts, and direct you to the right resources for finding them.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Gifts for Groomsmen

Engraved watches for groomsmen

Most people believe that groomsmen gifts need to be the same for everyone and, as a result, struggle with finding the perfect item that’ll suit multiple people. But the truth is — you can give each groomsman a different gift and make it as personalized and unique as you want. As the founder of Eloping Is Fun, Jennifer MacFarlane, says, “What I always feel are the most special gifts are those that are truly customized.”

It’s unlikely that all your groomsmen have the same personality and would find the same item useful. The only situation in which you could opt for the same gift is if all your groomsmen are from the same, tight-knit group of old friends with similar interests and many memories together.

Still, the challenge doesn’t get easier even then. You need to match the gifts in terms of price, thoughtfulness, and first impression. The last thing you want is for one groomsman to find out that his gift cost less than the others or that you didn’t put as much thought into it.

The gifts also need to stay within your budget, so don’t get too excited with ideas and look for something that has both meaning and an appropriate price tag. Aim to spend somewhere between $20 and $200 on each gift. That might be a large gap, but it highly depends on your budget and how much your groomsmen mean to you.

As mentioned, the gift also needs to be something that won’t collect dust on their shelf or be re-gifted on the first occasion that comes up. Look for something practical that the groomsmen will use often. To satisfy the anticipated usage, it also has to be durable and of high quality.

Considering all these aspects, it’s clear why choosing a gift for groomsmen can be tricky. Nevertheless, some groomsmen gifts can present a possible option. They can be a universal gift for all groomsmen if you add a touch of personalization, such as an engraving of their initials. Or they can tick at least one box on your list of groomsmen.

Best Groomsmen Gifts for 2024

A man pouring himself a glass of alcohol

The best groomsmen gift depends on your own preferences, budget, and what you think fits your groomsmen best. However, out of all the potential groomsman gifts for 2024, these are some that make the top of the list. They’re universal ideas that satisfy the gift criteria regarding price and usefulness while retaining a degree of personalization.

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

If you have whiskey lovers among your groomsmen group, they’ll love a whiskey decanter set. What’s more, these sets can be personalized in more ways than one. You can put each groomsman’s initials on the bottle, the bottle cap, the glasses, or even the box if the set comes with a convenient wood or leather box.

A whiskey decanter set also makes a unique present because glass can be molded into different shapes. You can find decanters in the shape of a bull, globe, skull, etc., and personalize the set this way.

These sets sell at various prices depending on the level of personalization and quality of the materials, so you can be sure you’ll find something that fits your budget. If you want to raise the cost of the gift, you can pour expensive whiskey inside. However, whiskey decanters don’t have to contain only whiskey. You can put any type of spirit for those who dislike this classic drink and make them feel like a part of the group.

Engraved Stainless Steel Pocket Watch

Watches are the ultimate groomsmen gift when you’re unsure what to choose. However, even they can be personalized in a way you might not even imagine. Take the Jonas brothers, for example, and the 1960s Rolex watch with a Mickey Mouse, which Nick gave Joe as his groomsman gift.

Pocket watches might be outdated, but like with a vintage and personalized piece Nick gave his brother, there are definitely people who’ll appreciate their antique and sophisticated appeal.

They can be made of stainless steel, silver, platinum, brass, or even gold, so you’ll easily find an option that fits your decided price range. Regardless of the material you choose, the watch will speak for its own value. Moreover, all the materials are durable and will last the owner a long time, reminding them of your friendship.

Pocket watches are perfect for older members of your groomsmen group, but with engraved initials or a meaningful message, they can also be a unique gift for your younger friends. Personalized engravings also increase the unique aspect and make the gift seem extra special, even if you decide to gift a pocket watch to all groomsmen.

Leather Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag is an excellent gift for destination weddings. Your groomsmen can pack their toiletries inside and immediately try the bags out. Or even better — you should fill them with necessary hygiene products yourself.

If made from high-quality leather, these bags can also be engraved with a personalized message or labeled with each groomsman’s initials. Leather will last for a long time and be a nice reminder of your wedding.

To make these dopp kits extra special, match them to the color of the groomsmen’s attire or suits for a beach wedding if the wedding is at a vacation spot.

Customized Bobblehead

A customized bobblehead is a fun and unique groomsmen gift idea that’ll definitely bring a smile to their faces. The figure can be them in their groomsmen attire, you and your bride, or a famous person you all love and admire.

With bobbleheads, you also have the option to put a custom head on a pre-made body and turn you and your groomsmen into the Avengers or your favorite football team. You just need to provide a photo of who you want to turn into a bobblehead and wait for the products.

This gift option is also relatively inexpensive, so you won’t have to worry about breaking your budget. You can find several options online, from Etsy and Amazon to entire websites dedicated to making custom Bobbleheads.

The figurines might end up sitting on their shelf, but they’ll serve as a daily reminder of your big day.


You won’t go wrong with a BBQ set if your groomsmen love grilling. It might not be as personalized as the engraved pocket watch, but this gift is as useful as it gets. These handy sets feature various utensils, so aside from BBQ, your groomsmen will be able to find them a purpose in preparing other food as well.

These sets are typically made from stainless steel, so you can rest assured that the gift will last for a long time. The tools and utensils might even come in a portable case, perfect for camping or family outings and extra protection.

In case you do wish to add some personalization to this gift, you can include an apron with a custom message or their initials.

Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas Based on Interests

Three men walking and laughing in a backyard

If some of the groomsmen don’t fit the more universal gifts mentioned above, you can go for more unique gifts. The majority of these gifts can also be personalized for each individual, but they might not be ideal for all groomsmen. Consider the following ideas carefully and think about your groomsmen’s hobbies, interests, and preferences.

Personalized Wine Bottle Opener for the Wine Connoisseur

Not all people will pick wine as their choice of drink, but for your groomsmen who will, a personalized wine bottle opener might be the perfect gift. While the stainless steel corkscrew ensures the tool works for a long time, a handle crafted from high-quality wood will sit snugly in their hand and make the twisting motion smooth.

You can engrave your groomsmen’s names or a significant message that’ll remind them of your wedding on the handle or on the metal part of the wine bottle opener. You can also pick a bottle opener with additional features like the foil cutter to make the gift even more practical.

This gift might seem small and simple, but it’ll be useful for frequent wine drinkers and come in handy for parties and celebrations.

Engraved Pocket Knife for the Outdoorsy Types

While dangerous items like a knife aren’t typical gifts, especially for occasions such as weddings, a personalized pocket knife might just be what some of your more adventurous groomsmen need. Your group must have at least one person who carries a pocket knife at all times and comes to the rescue when something needs to be cut or sliced.

Like other items on this list, you can engrave anything you want on the knife handle, from their names to a message that means a lot to both of you. You can have the knife made from premium materials to ensure it stays sharp for a long time and serves the owner well.

In addition to engraving the knife, you can add a classy and personalized knife sheathing that matches the groomsmen’s suits to connect the gift to the special day.

Personalized Flask for the Sports Fanatic

A personalized flask with the groomsmen’s name, the date of your wedding, or a nice quote might be perfect for someone who loves going to football games. Typically made from stainless steel, they’ll last them their whole life and follow them to many games.

If you want to make the gift slightly more sophisticated, you can opt for flasks wrapped in leather, wood, or cork. They’ll be easier to engrave and customize, so you don’t have to settle on the metal color.

Tech Gadgets for the Tech Geek

If your groomsmen love playing video games, are into graphic design, photography, or music, or just love keeping up with the latest technology trends, you can gift them various tech gadgets.

Instant photos never go out of fashion, so if your friend loves collecting memories by taking pictures, give him a mini instant photo printer that prints out any image in his camera roll. It’s an interesting twist on the more-known Polaroid cameras, which are also great options for photography lovers.

For music and party lovers, you can get a Bluetooth speaker with various designs. To match the more elegant-looking gifts for other groomsmen, consider a Bluetooth speaker that looks like an old-school radio in a wood cabinet with an antenna and control knobs.

A digital photo frame presents another viable option, even if your groomsmen aren’t into technology. They can try it out immediately after the celebration to view the wedding photos in fantastic quality. Keep in mind that, like other tech gadget options, they won’t last forever. So choose a product of good quality while considering your budget.

On the slightly less expensive side are leather cable holders, which don’t fall into the tech gadgets category but will keep your groomsmen’s chargers, wired earphones, and other cords needed for connecting the gadgets neat and organized. This is a good option to get friends who don’t drink if your other groomsmen are getting a leather flask.

Inexpensive but Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Four men holding glasses and sitting on a couch

Although you can find similar items for a range of prices today, a good gift doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re on an extremely tight budget, a nice note, and a small gift will be enough to show your appreciation and desire to have them at your wedding as a groomsman.

However, if you can’t let your gifts be dull or unoriginal, there are still plenty of cost-effective options that are unique and allow personalization.

Simple gift bags or boxes filled with goodies you know your groomsmen will love are a way to go if you need to allocate most of your budget to the ceremony and celebration. These boxes can also be luxurious and pricey, depending on what you include in them. But that’s what’s great about them — they offer customization like no other option.

The bags and boxes can contain less pricier versions of the items mentioned above, a bottle of nice wine, fancy cigars, stylish sunglasses, combs, mugs, lighters, etc. Instead of personalizing the items, you can print the groomsmen’s names on the boxes or bags. If you’re opting for a gift bag, a nice touch would be a tuxedo bag.

Another inexpensive but valuable option can be something that goes with their groomsmen’s attire and will serve them on the day you take your vows. Cuff links or suspenders are possible if you follow the example of Ryan Reynolds, who had a designer create custom leather suspenders for his groomsmen. Of course, having designer items isn’t the budget-friendly option you’re looking for, so sticking to a nice match with the rest of the outfit is enough.

Personalized slim wallets can also be low in price. They’re perfect for holding credit cards, some cash, and perhaps even keys. Since they don’t require much material, even the high-quality leather ones can cost less than regular bulky bi-folds. They’re also easily engraved with whatever message you wish to communicate to your groomsmen. But you can simply put their name and role at your wedding to make it special.

Where to Buy the Best Gifts for Groomsmen in 2024

 a tuxedo shop with suits and more

The best place to buy your groomsmen gifts depends on what you decide. If the gift is something that requires personalization, online websites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay are the best places to find what you need. The internet also offers plenty of websites specifically created for groomsmen’s gifts, such as the Groovy Groomsmen Gifts or Grooms Day.

If you want gifts made from more luxury materials, such as premium wood, silver, or gold, visit your local jewelers or carpenters to see what they offer. These gifts are better seen in person to confirm their quality and the maker’s credibility.

For items that the groomsmen will wear during the ceremony, such as cuff links, bowties, suspenders, etc., find a reputable local tailor and participate in the creating process by selecting materials and designs to make the gifts more special.

How to Present the Best Man and Groomsmen Gifts

three men clinking glasses together for a toast

Once you settle on the appropriate gift for all your groomsmen, the challenge isn’t over. You’ll need to think of the perfect time to give gifts to everyone. That could pose a challenge for several reasons.

Giving everyone their gift at the same time makes the moment extra special and ensures your groomsmen know you see them equally. But despite your good intentions, there might not be an occasion where all the groomsmen are in the same place at the same time prior to the wedding.

Some groomsmen’s gift etiquette practices suggest giving gifts during the bachelor party or dinner. Your gifts will serve as an immediate “thank you” for the hard work the groomsmen put into throwing you the part. If the gift is sentimental, the bachelor party where you’ll be alone with your buddies makes even more sense.

However, chances are that not all groomsmen will be able to make it to the bachelor party or dinner. The rehearsal dinner is the second option. You can hand them the gifts as they arrive or leave or just place them on their seats so they all open them simultaneously. This might be less intimate, but it will still feel just as meaningful.

But if even that doesn’t work out, an hour before the wedding is just as good. Occupying your mind an hour before the main event and relaxing in the company of the friends you deem closest to you will help calm down pre-wedding jitters.

Impress Your Groomsmen With Unique Gifts

Man fixing his sleeve and showing off his watch

Groomsmen gifts don’t have to be expensive, but they have to be meaningful and useful. Finding something that will also be useful and last for a long time is even better. Plenty of gifts allow personalization, so you can engrave or print the groomsmen’s names, the date of your wedding, or a quote appropriate for the occasion to make the gift special.

If you opt for something they’ll use on the wedding day, think of what matches their attire as they rent groomsmen suits. You can find the suits through Generation Tux and see what fits best.

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