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Dec, 1 2022

A Guide to Winter Wedding Attire for Men

Bride and groom holding hands in the snow, groom in Generation Tux Iron Gray suit

A Guide to Winter Wedding Attire for Men

Love is in the air, fall is winding to a close, and winter weddings are just around the corner. Depending on where you live, winter can take on different forms. In this blog, we’ll break down winter wedding attire for men. Whether you’re the groom or the best man, our style guide will help you decide what to wear at a winter wedding based on dress code.

What to wear to a winter wedding based on dress code

Image of man wearing Generation Tux Black Peak Lapel Tuxedo

When planning a wedding, the bride and groom may have a specific look and ambiance they’re going for. Enter the dress code. Sometimes the dress code is intended to match the venue (you won’t want to wear a tailcoat to an outdoor forest wedding). But other times the dress code just boils down to preference for the bride and groom’s special day. After all, a lot of time and money goes into creating the perfect wedding day!

The best place to start your outfit planning is by looking up the dress code. This is typically stated in the invitation along with venue details. Dress codes can be formal, semi-formal, or casual. Each dress code has its own set of guidelines, so read on to learn what those are.

Men’s Formal Winter Wedding Guest Attire

Man wearing Generation Tux Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo

A formal wedding dress code is an opportunity to pull out all the stops. If you’re the groom, this typically means you’ll wear a black tuxedo with a button-down white shirt, bowtie, and black dress shoes. Think of James Bond sitting at a poker table. Pretty standard issue. If you’re a guest, you may have the option to wear either a tuxedo or a suit. Try to find out if the formal dress code is black tie or formal.

In winter, guest wedding attire for a formal wedding calls for black tie. Black tie wedding male guests typically don’t look too different from the groom. A black tuxedo or dark suit will do just fine here. For a formal tuxedo look, go for a black or dark tuxedo jacket and trousers in the exact same fabric. Typically you’ll wear a white button-down shirt with a black bow-tie, and finish off your look with a pocket square and polished black dress shoes. Make sure your tuxedo matches the rest of the guests. For example, you won’t want to be the only one wearing a tailcoat when other male guests are wearing a standard tuxedo jacket.

For formal weddings that are not black tie, you can still wear a tuxedo but it may not be required. Say you’re not a tuxedo guy. That’s okay, not everyone is! If you’d rather wear a suit, you can opt for a two- or three-piece suit in a dark color. Dark colors aren’t just ideal for winter weddings with darker color palettes, they’re also just more formal. When in doubt, try to choose a suit that’s dark blue, gray, or the like. A button-down shirt is still required, as is a necktie. You can finish off the look with a pocket square and pair of dress shoes.

Men’s Semi-Formal Winter Wedding Attire

Man wearing Generation Tux Slate Blue suit

The semi-formal wedding attire is similar to a formal attire, but you may have the option to choose a bolder color or add a printed tie or pocket square. You can think of semi-formal attire as a balance between formal attire and the weekday business casual look you may wear to the office. If you’re not entirely sure what semi-formal means, don’t be afraid to ask the bride and groom. Chances are that if you need clarification on the dress code, others do as well.

To start your semi-formal look, choose a color palette you want. While black is a very common and classic color, you don’t just have to wear black. Take this as an opportunity to experiment with a little seasonal color. After all, winter is a great time to wear dark reds, greens, or blues.

Once you’ve chosen a color palette, choose a matching suit in that color. For example, say you chose a burgundy suit. You can either wear a matching burgundy jacket and trousers, or you can wear the burgundy jacket with charcoal gray trousers. Since the color may be a bit bolder here, opt for a more muted shirt. After all, this look is all about balance. In this case, you can wear a solid-color button-down top with a structured collar. If you want to add a fun element to finish off the look, a skinny floral-print tie would be a great eye-catcher.

Men’s Casual Winter Wedding Guest Attire

Man wearing Generation Tux Mystic Blue Suit paired with a Gray Sharkskin vest

Maybe the wedding you’re invited to calls for a casual winter dress code. Lucky you! You get to be comfortable and dance the night away. A casual dress code means that the jacket is optional, but you still have to look put-together. After all, the photos will last a lifetime. If you’re wondering what to wear to a winter wedding, keep reading.

A casual dress code is an opportunity to mix and match colors. If you have a suit jacket you really love, you can pair it with a pair of slim-fit trousers or jeans. Just make sure that the colors are complementary to each other. For the shirt, you can wear a button-down but if the jacket is a bit more formal, a casual v-neck or crew-neck t-shirt will do just fine. Finish off this look with a pair of loafers or polished sneakers. Socks can be optional here.

How to Rent a Tuxedo or Suit for Your Winter Wedding

Groom with groomsmen wearing Generation Tux Black Peak Lapel Tuxedos

When it comes to winter wedding attire for men, you’ll want to look your very best. At Generation Tux, we offer a wide selection of tuxedos and suits with options to rent or buy. Traveling out of town and don’t want to carry a suit on the plane? Renting a suit close to the hotel or venue can work really nicely, as well. Browse our selection of men’s tuxedos, suits, shoes, and accessories for any occasion.

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