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Male model wearing black peak lapel tuxedo with black bow tie

Peak Lapel Suit & Tuxedo Rental

Introducing our 3-piece suits and tuxedos, meticulously tailored from the finest Super 130s and 140s Merino Wool, setting a new standard for elegance in peak lapel suits. From kids to Big & Tall.

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How to Rent Peak Lapel Suits & Tuxedos

01 Design your suit or tuxedo in minutes.

02 Easy online fitting using our fitting algorithm.

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03 Get your order 14 days before your event.

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Black Peak Lapel Tuxedo

Black peak lapel tuxedo on a male model

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Iron Gray Peak Lapel Suit

Iron Gray Peak Lapel Suit on a male model

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Midnight Blue Peak Lapel Tuxedo

Midnight Blue Peak Lapel Tuxedo on male model

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Mystic Blue Peak Lapel Suit

Mystic Blue Peak Lapel Suit

With the Mystic Blue Peak Lapel Suit, we paired modern color and traditional style to create a bold new take on a classic navy.

You will never feel like the status quo in this wedding suit as it features Super 130’s Merino wool, flat front pants and sizing available in both modern and slim fits.

Customize your peak lapel suit and make it yours.

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Enhance your wardrobe effortlessly with Generation Tux's sophisticated and comfortable fashion selections, perfect for any special occasion. Whether you're attending a wedding, prom, gala, holiday party, fundraiser, or other formal event, these peak lapel suits and tuxedos ensure you look sharp and stylish with ease.

Suits & tuxedos are delivered nationwide, including in Hawaii and Alaska.

Customize Your Peak Lapel Suit or Tuxedo

Personalize your attire by selecting from our 3 peak lapel suit and tuxedo styles along with over 500 accessories.

Elevate your look with unique shoes, ties, bow ties, pocket squares, belts, lapel pins, and cufflinks for a customized and elegant touch.

Designing a suit for your wedding or special event goes beyond choosing an outfit; it's a chance to craft a lasting memory.

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Suits and tuxedos for kids

Frequently Asked Questions

A peak lapel is a style of lapel commonly found in suits and tuxedos. It is characterized by the lapel edges pointing upward and towards the shoulders, forming a "peak" at the top.

The main difference between notch lapel suits and peak lapel suits is the shape of the lapel. Notch lapels have a triangular notch, while peak lapels have an upward-pointing peak. Peak lapels are generally considered more formal and dramatic, while notch lapels have a more traditional and versatile appeal.

The choice between a notch or peak lapel suit depends on your style and the occasion. Notch lapels are a safe and versatile choice suitable for various events, while peak lapels are more formal and make a bolder statement. Consider the formality of the event and your personal preference when deciding.

Peak lapel suits complement a wide range of face shapes. The symmetrical and balanced design of the peak lapel adds a flattering touch to any face shape, making it a suitable choice for most individuals.

Peak lapel suits are known for their versatility and their ability to flatter various body types. Whether you have a slim, athletic, or more robust physique, a well-tailored peak lapel suit from Generation Tux can enhance your proportions and create a polished and refined look.