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Dress Shirts

Dress to impress with Generation Tux's premium suit and tuxedo shirts, where every detail embodies sophistication and class. Our collection redefines elegance in men's formalwear, offering unparalleled style and quality.


Generation Tux's dress shirt collection is meticulously crafted to suit various formal occasions, from elegant weddings and black-tie events to professional settings. These shirts are created with high-quality materials, offering both comfort and style.

Our diverse range includes multiple styles and sizes, ensuring everyone finds the perfect match for their suit or tuxedo. This thoughtful curation caters to different tastes and body types, making our collection a go-to choice for discerning gentlemen​​.


A Palette of Colors for Every Style

Our selection of dress shirts is available in essential colors like classic black and pristine white and more vibrant options like pink and blue. The versatility of black and white shirts makes them ideal for suits and tuxedos. In contrast, the pink and blue shirts offer an opportunity to add color and personality to your outfit, especially suitable for festive occasions like weddings or galas​​.


Patterns that Reflect Your Individuality

The range of patterns in our dress shirts allows you to express your unique style by allowing you to build your suit. Solid shirts provide a refined and professional look, ideal for formal meetings or events. For those looking to add a distinctive flair to their attire, our plaid, check, and gingham shirts are perfect, offering a stylish way to stand out while maintaining a sophisticated appearance​​. You can also find hundreds of ties and accessories you can use to elevate your look.


Generation Tux's Commitment to Excellence

  • Superior Quality and Comfort: We place a high emphasis on the quality of our dress shirts. Made from premium materials, these shirts are designed to offer a comfortable fit while maintaining a sharp and elegant look, aligning with our commitment to quality seen in our suits and tuxedos​​.
  • Coordinated and Versatile Options: In line with our suits and tuxedos, available in black, white, blue, pink, and purple, our dress shirt rentals are designed to complement your chosen outfit seamlessly. This ensures a harmonious look for any setting, from casual beach events to formal evening gatherings​​​​.
  • Tailored for Your Comfort and Style: Understanding the importance of a perfect fit, especially for formal wear, our innovative fit technology and convenient delivery service ensure that each shirt fits you perfectly. This approach guarantees comfort and style, making you feel as good as you look​​​​.

Your Destination for Elegant Formal Shirt Rentals

At Generation Tux, we understand that a dress shirt is more than just a part of your outfit; it's a key element that combines your entire look. Our collection is designed to meet the needs of the modern gentleman, offering style, comfort, and versatility. Whether attending a grand occasion or a professional meeting, our dress shirt rentals are crafted to ensure you look impeccably sharp and feel confident in your formal attire.

Looking good has never been this easy.