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Pleated White Wingtip Collar Shirt

Pleated White Wingtip Collar Shirt
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  • Not Available in Slim
  • Pleated Front
  • Wingtip Collar
  • 100% Breathable Cotton
  • Convertible Buttonholes
  • Flex Fit Collar Neck
  • White Poplin Weave

Experience the epitome of elegance with our Pleated White Wingtip Collar Shirt, meticulously crafted from 100% breathable cotton. The white poplin weave lends a timeless sophistication, perfect for illuminating cozy chapel weddings or adding a touch of class to any formal event. This shirt, reminiscent of the early 1900s, is the ideal choice for the most distinguished affairs, from galas to fundraisers. The traditional wingtip collar and pleats call for a bow tie, preferably black, creating a look that's both classic and captivating. This shirt is not just a seasonal piece, but a year-round staple, making you look dapper and feel comfortable at any time of the year.

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