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Suit & Tuxedo Rental in St. Louis, MO

Get a look to remember in Gateway City with the highest quality suits and tuxedos for men. Design your look in minutes with Generation Tux.

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Suit & Tuxedo rental in St Louis, MO

01  Design your suit or tuxedo in minutes.

02  Easy online fittings using our fitting algorithm.

03  Get your order 14 days before your event.

St. Louis from the sky

Suit and Tux Rental in St. Louis

In 1804, Lewis & Clark famously left St. Louis to explore the western world. Luckily, when it comes to finding a fashionable formal wear look for your special event, you don’t need to leave the city limits–all you need to do is visit Generation Tux.

With Generation Tux, the suit and tuxedo rental process is completed online. Browse more than 25 suit and tux styles, customize your choice with the right shirt, tie, and other accessories, and (this might be the best part) find the perfect fit with our innovative algorithm. You can do any or all of it from the comfort of your home, during a break at the office, or while watching your beloved Cardinals.

And once you’ve put together a look you’ll love, we’ll deliver it wherever you are in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Central West End

This neighborhood is steeped in St. Louis history but that doesn’t mean its residents don’t appreciate modern convenience. At Generation Tux, we are all about making the suit and tux rental process as simple as possible. That’s why you can browse our more than 25 suit and tuxedo styles at your leisure.

The Delmar Loop

As the sun sets, colorful neon signs light up the area. Use them as inspiration when adding some personality to your formal wear ensemble. We have tons of accessories in a variety of colors and patterns, so get as bold and bright as you like. We’ll even send some free swatches to your home to help you decide.


There’s no shortage of things to do in St. Louis–seriously there’s a huge park in the middle of the area–so don’t get stuck in a brick-and-mortar shop getting fitted for your suit and tux. With Generation Tux, all you need to do is answer a few simple questions and let our algorithm do the rest. Yes, it’s really that easy.


The perfect place for outdoor adventures, who wants to be stuck inside waiting for a delivery? Generation Tux will deliver your entire rental to your front door, and you can keep tabs on it with our online tracking tool. So go out and have some fun–we got this!

Tuxedo and Suit Rental Services We Offer in St. Louis

Dress to impress for a St. Louis, Missouri special event with Generation Tux.

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Select Your Suit and Tuxedo

No matter what event or dress code, we have a style for you. In fact, we have more than 25 suits and tuxedos to choose from, in different cuts and colors.

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A dusty blue color swatch, bowtie, tie, and pocket square

Arrange Your Accessories

The way to stand out from the crowd is through accessories. We have everything you need–ties, vests, socks, pocket squares, and more—in hundreds of colors and patterns. We can even send free swatches to your front door so you can find the perfect match.

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Find Your Fit

Get fitted for your suit and tux while sitting at your desk or on your couch. Our innovative algorithm can determine your best fit in a few steps.

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Contact us with questions

Our award-winning customer service team is available 24/7 to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues.

Test drive your look

Generation Tux offers Free Home Try-On so that grooms can test out their complete ensemble for 48 hours to test out their look before the big day. There’s plenty of time for any changes or adjustments.

Start Your Free home try-On
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Keep wedding party organized

There’s no need to send a million emails or images to your wedding party about their ensembles. Select what you want them to wear and simply send the look to them through our site. You can even keep track of where they are in the ordering process, as well as send out reminders and notifications when needed.

Enjoy free stuff

Grooms can also qualify for a free suit or tux rental if there are five or more people in their wedding party.

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Track your orders

Keep tabs on our order from the moment it leaves our warehouse to when it hits your doorstep in St. Louis. You can also track your groomsmen’s orders.

Take your time

There’s no need to run to the post office after your big event. You have three days to return your look to us–and shipping is always free!

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Tuxedo Rental Near St Louis & Beyond

Columbia | Independence | Jefferson City | Kansas City | Springfield

We ship to addresses in Missouri and throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. For more info, see Shipping FAQ.

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*Home Try-On garments subject to availability