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Suit & Tuxedo Rentals in Kansas City, MO

You don’t have to make a wish at one of the city’s many fountains to find the right suit or tux rental in KC.

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Suit and Tuxedo Rentals, KC Style

Kansas City is renowned for its love of sports, but you don’t have to compete to find the perfect suit or tuxedo rental for your special event. You can choose from Generation Tux's collection of more than 25 different styles, so you’ll always find something to wear no matter the dress code. Best of all: There’s zero travel time. At Generation Tux, the entire process is done online, so you can spend your free time hanging with friends and enjoying the food in the barbecue capital of the world.

If you’re a fan of Kansas City’s vibrant art scene, you might also want to customize your look with some bold colors or playful patterns. Generation Tux has hundreds of color options—as well as a variety of designs—so you can put your personal stamp on your ensemble.

And once you’ve figured out exactly what you want to wear, Generation Tux delivers it all right to your door—no matter where you are. And we will get your tux rentals to you and your wedding party way before the big day. So that if there are any issues, we can send out an immediate replacement.

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River Market

Don’t waste your time traveling to and from the tuxedo rental shop. Instead, browse Generation Tux’s selection of more than 25 styles of tuxedos and men’s suits—as well as our variety of accessories—to put together the perfect look. Then spend your in-person shopping time exploring the local KC vendors at The City Market.


This diverse and hip neighborhood is filled with people who want to showcase their personalities in everything they do. So it’s important to customize your attire for a special occasion—even when you’re renting it. Generation Tux has an array of accessories in different colors and patterns to complete your look and coordinate with your entire wedding party.


While you need a car to get around the city, you never have to get behind the wheel to rent a suit or tux from Generation Tux. From making your main selection to accessorizing your look and determining the right fit, the entire process is done online.

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Kansas City, MO Tuxedo and Suit Rental Services We Offer

Take the stress out of suit and tux rentals. With Generation Tux, the entire process is completed online at your leisure. Style is important in Kansas City. Luckily, Generation Tux has a collection of more than 25 different men’s suit and tux rental styles, as well as hundreds of color choices in accessories. Whether it’s a black-tie affair or a more casual celebration, there is a style for you to wow the KC crowd.

Getting the perfect fit

You want to take advantage of all Kansas City has to offer—not spend your time at the tuxedo rental shop getting alterations done. Our innovative technology can determine the right fit for you through a few simple questions. And we won’t stop working for you until you are 100 percent satisfied with the way you look and feel. If you don’t like the way your selection fits, contact us within 48 hours of delivery and we’ll send out a free and immediate replacement no matter where you’re located.

Find Your Fit

Find the right colors

Whether they’re wearing a suit or a tux, KC guys like to stand out from the crowd. To help you customize your look, Generation Tux offers free swatches—delivered right to your home. Use them to help coordinate your wedding party or match with your date’s ensemble.

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Excellent customer service

You won’t have to drive across Missouri to get to the store for help with any questions or issues with your suit or tuxedo rentals. Our award-winning customer service team can help you figure things out right from the comfort of your home.

Track your tuxedo rentals

No need to stress out over when you and your wedding party’s suits will get to you. Generation Tux’s online tracking tools enable you to see where your items are. You can even check on your groomsmen’s tuxedos and send them reminders if needed. And once your event is over, you have three days to get your suits or tuxedos back to us, and shipping is on us!

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Free Home Try-On

If you're a groom or wedding couple, Generation Tux offers a free Home Try-On. For 48 hours, you'll get the chance to see and feel your formal wear in person before you rent. Just login to your account and order your free Home Try-On a few months before your event date, and try out your look in person.


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