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Suit and Tuxedo Rental in Nashville

Whether you plan to say “I do” beneath a canopy of stars, barn rafters, or the country strains of the Bluebird Cafe, Generation Tux is the best tuxedo rental Nashville has to offer— and it’s as convenient as it gets.

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01  Design your suit or tuxedo in minutes.

02  Easy online fittings using our fitting algorithm.

03  Get your order 14 days before your event.


When it’s time to swap your jeans and boots for something dressier, there’s no better suit and tuxedo rental near Nashville than Generation Tux. The best tuxedo rental near Nashville harmonizes with your life and schedule— not the other way around. With us, your suit rental in Nashville comes to you, when you need it.

In Nashville, we chase our passions, work hard, and enjoy life. When a major milestone like a wedding approaches, those values tend to go into overdrive. Between meeting with your wedding planner, officiant and caterer, working a full-time job, and logging hours in the recording studio, it’s likely that you have plenty of responsibilities on your plate. We’re here to take a major one off your hands, while still giving you plenty of agency and creativity in the process: your tuxedo rental.


Nashville, do you really have the time to trek back and forth to a tailor shop for fittings and measurements? And are you up to corralling your groomsmen for group apparel appointments with your tailor? We think not.

At Generation Tux, the way we work is simple. If your wedding is approaching, you can use our service to plan and streamline every step of your formalwear rental process— and it can all be done from the comfort of your own home. First, you’ll work with our innovative fit tech to find your measurements; our advanced technology requires you answer a few easy questions, and that’s it. No tape measurement required.

From there, you can browse our selection of over 20 beautifully constructed, 100% merino wool suits and tuxedos. Once you’ve picked a favorite, you can mix and match it to hundreds of accessories in a large variety of styles and colors. When your look is complete, you can copy that same ensemble to your groomsmen for a complete look— we’ll follow up with them about their measurements and other admin, so you can relax.

Fourteen days before your big day, you’ll all receive your formalwear— and if more than five of your groomsmen work with us, your rental will be free. Furthermore, as the groom, you get a special 48-hour Home Try-On* where you can make sure that you love your look. If it’s not what you’d hoped, you can send it back at no cost. If you DO love it, then congrats— you just found yourself a perfect wedding suit rental.

Nashville, we have you covered, no matter where in this fine city you call home.

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The morning before your wedding should include an out-of-towners visit to the Pancake Pantry before you send your bridesmaids off to Lucy Pop for pre-rehearsal mani-pedis. What it shouldn’t include: a stressful drive to your tailor in order to pick up your suit. With Generation Tux, you’ll already be well acquainted with your formalwear— it arrived two weeks ago.


You don’t want to brag, but you’ve been living out in East Nashville long before everybody decided it was THE up-and-coming neighborhood of Music City. With new places popping up every day, you have plenty of reasons to stay local, and avoid trekking across town for errands. With Generation Tux, everything comes to you— no car required.


In vibrant 12South, Nashville's arts and music communities collide to create one of the buzziest neighborhoods in the city. You’ve been keeping most of your wedding vendors local to your ‘hood, from your cake to your band. Localize your formalwear experience as well with Generation Tux. Your entire look can be chosen, delivered to, and tried on in your own 12South home— and that’s why we think it’s the best tuxedo rental in Nashville.


You’re still in awe of your colleague’s wedding at the Grand Ole Opry— how on earth did he keep his cool planning such an event? His secret is about to be yours as well— he used Generation Tux to plan his wedding ensemble and manage his groomsmen. It replaced any potential stress with relief, and gave him more time for other tasks.


If you’re outside of the city lights, you may be wondering if you can still find a tuxedo rental near Nashville. In the old days, that may have required a car trip out of the suburbs, but today, everything can be done from your own home. We’ll happily deliver to West Nashville or other suburbs of Music City.

No Need to Sit In Traffic— We Bring Your Formalwear to You.


In a city that nurtures creativity, self-expression, and following your dreams, your wedding day should bring joy and inspiration, not stress and anxiety. We created Generation Tux to make suit rental in Nashville as modern as the city itself. Finally, there’s no need for unnecessary errands, stressful responsibilities, and disappointing tailor shops with outdated styles or the wrong sizes. With Generation Tux, you create your own look— and it comes right to you when you need it, no matter where in Nashville you may be.

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When you go for an in-house suit rental near Nashville, you’ll be expected to make multiple trips to the tailor for fittings. With Generation Tux, we’re taking that process to the future. Instead of making awkward chit chat while a stranger measures your neck and arms, you simply answer a few questions online, whenever you want. It can be as easily done at your desk at work as it is on your phone while you and your best man eat hot chicken.

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Nashville loves to take new technologies and trends, and online rentals are no exception. We believe that the future of formalwear lies in the world of online rentals— it promises higher levels of quality, a larger selection, more flexibility, and less stress.

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With home delivery, the first person who sees you in your tuxedo isn’t a random salesperson. It’s your best man, or your partner, or your parents— whoever you trust and want to show first. As the groom, you also have a special 48-hour Home Try-On option to make sure that everything is what you wanted.

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No matter what colors your fiancé and you have chosen, it’s possible to match your groom’s look to everything from your bridesmaids’ dresses to your floral arrangements. Give our ample selection of color swatches a browse and see what you find.

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With Generation Tux, you can put one of your biggest wedding responsibilities in the right hands, giving you more time to show your visiting loved ones the Nashville that you are proud to reside in. With our Home Try-On program, grooms can try out a look without any pressure to rent— so give us a whirl.

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Nope, and it’s not in our plan. We love all the independently owned boutiques and clothing stores around Nashville, but with Generation Tux, we wanted to offer something different.

Yes. We actually deliver nationwide. Our mission is to bring convenience to high-quality, stylish formalwear everywhere in the greater Nashville area and the United States. If you have a mailbox, we can deliver your look to you.

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