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Suit & Tuxedo Rentals in Knoxville, TN

Put together a Hall of Fame look for your wedding—or any special occasion—by choosing a suit or tuxedo from Generation Tux.

Build your look
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01  Design your suit or tuxedo in minutes.

02  Easy online fittings using our fitting algorithm.

03  Get your order 14 days before your event.

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Suit & Tuxedo Rentals Knoxville Style

While Knoxville is home to the largest ever Rubik’s Cube, finding a suit or tuxedo for a special event won’t be as complicated as solving this type of puzzle. With Generation Tux, you can choose from our collection of more than 25 stylish suits and tuxedos, as well as find an array of accessories to help you shine as bright as the Sunsphere Tower and stand out from the rest of the guys in Marble City.

Even better: The entire process is completed online. That’s right—the days of spending hours in a tuxedo rental shop looking for a wedding, prom or any other type of formal attire are so over. From making your selections to finding the perfect fit, you never have to spend any time stuck inside. In fact, you can easily do it from your phone or tablet while having drinks at the Peter Kern Library speakeasy or wandering through Market Square.

Once you’ve finalized your order, Generation Tux will ship it right to your front door well before your wedding or special occasion. It doesn’t matter where you are located in Knoxville. And there’s no need to rush around after the special occasion. You have three days to return your rentals to us—and we’ll pay for the shipping.

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Old City

Who wants to get stuck inside a tuxedo rental shop when there is so much art and culture to enjoy in Knoxville? Generation Tux offers more than 25 styles, so no matter what the dress code, you’ll find something that will make you look and feel amazing. Looking to customize your ensemble for a wedding or prom? We have accessories available in hundreds of colors and patterns.

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Although South Knoxville can easily get you to the city’s booming downtown area, you don’t need to get in your car when choosing a suit or tuxedo with Generation Tux. In fact, even the fitting is done online. All you need to do is answer some questions and our cutting-edge algorithm will do the rest to make sure you look amazing at a wedding, prom or other event.

Sequoyah Hills

We pride ourselves on great service. Living out in the suburbs? Not a problem! Generation Tux will get your rental selections to you no matter where you live. And once the special event is over, there’s no need to rush it back. You have three days to return your rental, and we cover the shipping costs. This can really come in handy when you have post-wedding events to attend.

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Knoxville, TN Tuxedo and Suit Rental Services We Offer

Whether you’re getting married, in the wedding party or simply a guest, you’ll find the right attire for your event at Generation Tux. And the entire process is done online—even the fitting!

Stylish selections

With Generation Tux, there is no need to drive around to find a tuxedo rental shop. We offer more than 25 suit and tuxedo styles—and the accessories to fully customize your look. So whether you’re a groom, in a wedding party, or a guest, you can stand out in the best way.

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Groom wearing Generation Tux Midnight Blue Peak Lapel Tuxedo

The perfect fit

Our cutting-edge technology will help determine the best fit for you. No need to get measured, our algorithm will determine the right fit with just a few simple questions. But if your suit or tux rental doesn’t fit perfectly, just contact us within 48 hours of delivery for a free and immediate replacement, delivered straight to your door.

Find Your Fit

Customize with color

Color plays such an important part in customizing your look. Generation Tux sends free swatches delivered straight to your home so you can choose the best look for you and your wedding party. Get inspired by our large selection of suit, tuxedo, and accessory colors. Our free swatches are offered for any occasion.

Order Free Swatches
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Stellar customer service

Planning a big event like a wedding can be stressful. Luckily, Generation Tux’s award-winning customer service team can tackle any questions or issues that might come up during the process so you can focus on the finishing touches for your big day.

Track your rental

No matter where you are in the United States, you will know exactly where your suit or tuxedo is with Generation Tux’s online tracking tools. Grooms can also track their groomsmen’s orders and send their wedding party reminders and notifications.

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Free Home Try-On

The days before a wedding can be stressful but finalizing your formalwear won’t be. Generation Tux offers Free Home Try-On, where grooms and wedding couples will have a full 48 hours to test out their entire wedding ensemble well ahead of the big day. They can also qualify for a free suit or tux rental if there are five or more people in their wedding party.

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Tuxedo Rental Near Knoxville & Beyond

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We ship to addresses in Tennessee and throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. For more info, see Shipping FAQ.

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