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Tuxedo and Suit Rentals in Fort Worth

When it comes to finding the best suit rental in Fort Worth, Generation Tux has you covered with door to door delivery 14 days before your event.

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01  Design your suit or tuxedo in minutes.

02  Easy online fittings using our fitting algorithm.

03  Get your order 14 days before your event.

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Going to the store for multiple fittings, rushing to pick up and return your suit, that’s so 2002. Really, who has time for that? With Generation Tux, it’s a no brainer. You can create your look online and your suit will arrive at your doorstep 14 days before your event. That is one less thing to stress about on your wedding day. After all, who has time to romp all around the city all day looking for a tuxedo rental in Fort Worth? Not us, and not you. Especially in that Texas heat. With Generation Tux, you can find your perfect suit all from the comfort of your couch--talk about convenience.


We love Fort Worth’s cowboy charm and wild west attitude. It’s a city that rocks its gritty, hardworking roots, from its cattle industry to its ranches. They don’t call it Cowtown for nothin’. But just because this city embraces its western heritage and history doesn’t mean it’s stuck in the past. In Fort Worth you can find a great-fitting suit or tuxedo using our easy online platform. With our online services, you can create your own, perfect look and we will deliver your suit right to your front porch.

You have a lot on your plate before your big event, don’t waste precious time wasting away in dressing rooms all over town. Time is money, people. With Generation Tux, there’s no need to make the journey into Downtown Fort Worth or the trek to Arlington Heights for fittings. You can find the look for you with just a few clicks and your formalwear will arrive a full 14 days before your event. Not only does Generation Tux make shopping easy and convenient, we also take the stress and anxiety out of the equation.


It all starts with creating your event. We offer over 25 styles and with our fashion-forward, exclusive fit technology, our suits are delivered with the perfect fit for you. With our range of styles and options, you can find the suit or tuxedo that you’ve been dreaming of. Worried that your suit will have you looking like a polyester nightmare? All of our formalwear is 100% merino wool and available in a variety of colors, so you know you’ll be looking and feeling like a million bucks. Looking for some fresh cufflinks and suspenders to top off your look? We’ve got you covered. Our accessories will help you nail those final touches. Once you’re done with your look, it’s easy to create the same style for your groomsmen. You can even match your look for the little ones in your wedding party with sizes that start at 3T. And since it’s your Big Day, your suit or tuxedo rental is on us with five or more paid rentals. Yes, you heard right, your rental will be entirely free of charge.

Once you’ve placed your order sit back and relax--or focus on the other details of your wedding. No rushing around to all the suit rental stores near Fort Worth for follow-up fittings. That’s just a waste of time. 14 days before your event, your formalwear will arrive at your doorstep, so no need to freak out about picking it up the day before. If you’re the groom, you get the added perk of a free Home Try-On* period. It’s all eyes on you, so you want to be sure you look your very best.

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There’s a lot to love about the Downtown scene, but you don’t want to spend your time in the city searching for suit rentals in Fort Worth. Generation Tux lets you browse a full range of styles and sizes online so that you can find your suit soulmate. Create your look from your home or sort through the options in between client meetings--we won’t tell your boss.


Your wedding checklist is already a mile long, why add five trips to the tuxedo shop into the mix. With Generation Tux, you don’t have to. Take advantage of our online formalwear rentals, and you can say goodbye to the stress of trying on 100 suits and spending your weekends in awkward, often humid, fittings. Your suit will come right to your home in Arlington Heights--that’s what we call service.


When you live somewhere as charming as Berkeley, it’s no wonder you don’t want to leave your neighborhood to hunt down a tuxedo rental near Fort Worth. Actually going into stores? That’s a hard pass for us. Thanks to our convenient online rental service, you don’t even have to leave your living room. Your 100% merino wool suit will arrive at your Berkely address 14 days before your big event.


Magnolia Avenue is known for its artsy vibes, and you want to rock a suit that would make it proud. But there’s no reason to run around from shop to shop to track one down. Why make it harder on yourself? Browse our selection of tuxedos and suits online. With over 25 different styles, you’ll find your match. Better yet, you’ll have it in your hands 14 days before you say I do.


Don’t rush all over town to find a suit--your formal wear will come to you.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or you’re standing by your best friend’s side, finding suit rentals in Fort Worth doesn’t need to be a pain. There’s no need to drive all over Fort Worth, from Keller to Mistletoe Heights, in search of the perfect formalwear or to spend your weekends going back and forth to the same store for multiple fittings. That’s a serious time suck. You’ve got more important places to be. With so much to keep track of, let us take the stressing over what to wear off your plate.

At Generation Tux, we bring convenience to you. In fact, we bring it right to your doorstep. It’s so easy, you’d be crazy not to use our services. Our online formalwear services take the worry out of finding tuxedo rentals near Fort Worth for you and your wedding party. When you rent online, you and your groomsmen will be looking fine without all of the wrinkles that stressful suit and tuxedo shopping can bring with it.

Don’t even think about searching for a suit and tuxedo rental near Fort Worth, because your suit is already in the mail. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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There’s nothing worse than showing up to a big event with slacks that are too short or a jacket that’s three sizes too big. With Generation Tux, that’s a concern of the past. Our exclusive fit technology ensures that your suit or tuxedo will fit you just right. We offer slim and modern fits and even have a Home Try-On program for the groom-giving the man of the hour 48-hours to give your outfit a test-run before deciding if it’s the look for you.

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With your sizing sorted, it’s time to stylize. Check out our range of colors to see what best matches the theme of your event. With over 25 styles in our collection of high-quality 100% merino wool suits, you can match your bridesmaids, or floral arrangements. Need some cufflinks, socks, and suspenders? You can add accessories to your order and mix and match styles to finalize your look. Pro tip? Let your better half or best man help you narrow down the choices, a second opinion never hurts.

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Yes, your father, grandfather, and great grandfather all went into actual stores when they were in search of tuxedo rentals near Fort Worth, but times have changed, my friend. With the convenience of online rental services, you no longer have to leave your home to find the perfect formalwear for your big day.

With our online formalwear rentals, you’ll receive your garment in the mail a full 14 days before your event. You also have three extra days to return it after your event, making tight in-store turnarounds a thing of the past. Some brick and mortar stores expect you to return your suit or tuxedo the next day. We say “away with that unnecessary added stress.”


Our Home Try-On program for grooms lets you test out your formalwear for 48 hours to decide if it’s the best fit and look for you. If it’s not right for you, simply send it back and we’ll help you find the perfect outfit for you.

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When it comes to finding a suit or tuxedo rental in Fort Worth, don’t make it harder on yourself. Forget about wasting your precious time wiggling into a suit in a cramped dressing room on your Saturday afternoon. We’ve got you covered. At Generation Tux, it’s our mission to make you feel like a million bucks on your special day, and a big part of that means taking the stress out of the experience. We offer the education and convenience of finding the perfect formalwear without leaving your living room.

We love Fort Worth and its rustic cowboy sense of style. Now it’s time to saddle up and find your own wedding style for your big day. Say goodbye to storefronts and dressing rooms. Tying the knot? Take advantage of our Home Try-On program today so you’re good to go on your wedding day.

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Tuxedo and Suit Rental FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we actually deliver nationally. The beauty of our online rental service is that we can send your garment to you wherever, whenever. No need to hunt down a store or stress about picking up your suit the day of your event.

Because of our convenient online delivery, there’s no need for us to have a physical store location. With our Home Try-On program, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your living room to try on your outfit.

You’ll have your garment in your hands a full 14 days before your event. Considering most traditional rental services require you to pick up your suit a day before your event, this is a huge advantage. When you have your formalwear far in advance, it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

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