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Suit and Tuxedo Rental in Dallas

When wedding bells are ringing, there’s no reason for a DFW groom to drive around searching for a good suit and tuxedo rental near Dallas— now, formalwear can come to you. With Generation Tux, you create your own look, and it comes right to your door— no traffic, no crowds, no problem.

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01  Design your suit or tuxedo in minutes.

02  Easy online fittings using our fitting algorithm.

03  Get your order 14 days before your event.

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In Dallas, we know how to enjoy life, we work hard, and we take things easy when we need to. Our way of life has drawn tourists from around the world, with a nationally beloved football team (and crew of cheerleaders,) and a reputation for the best brisket in the world. Yes, we’ll sit in traffic— but only when we choose to.

Our city is also known for throwing an excellent party and our weddings are no exception. Whether the big day is at the Arboretum, an old fashioned lodge, or a swanky Fort Worth rooftop bar, a Dallas wedding is bound to be a night to remember— and Generation Tux is here to help make your big day easier and more fashion-forward.

With Generation Tux, the modern groom can streamline his wedding-day tuxedo rental, Dallas style. Work with our virtual tailoring tech to answer a few simple measurement questions, and then you’re off to the races. Browse hundreds of accessories, over 20 styles of 100% merino wool tuxedos and suits, and create a custom look that fully represents who you are. Once you’ve landed on that perfect ensemble, you can copy the same look to your groomsmen— if five of them rent their formalwear with us, your wedding day look is free.

Your formalwear will arrive 14 days before you say “I do.” You’ll also get a special “grooms-only” 48-hour Home Try-On* period, where you can make sure that you’re happy with your look.

The face of suit rental in Dallas is about to change forever, no matter what part of town you call home.

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No wonder you love living in bustling downtown Dallas— it’s a feast for the senses. That kind of energy sure is great for a date night, meeting up with friends, and urban exploring. While downtown is wonderful, it’s not so ideal for running errands, especially important ones-and we think that finding your wedding tuxedo or suit is pretty darn important. So, let us help you find and rent your suit or tuxedo all from the comforts of your own home. Generation Tux is entirely online, and we deliver your formalwear right to your door.


You’ve planned a beautiful wedding complete with personal, artistic touches, from the homebrew you’ll be serving to the handmade invitations you sent out. Why walk down the aisle in a plain ole tuxedo from a store? With Generation Tux, you can mix and match our 20+ suit and tuxedo styles with hundreds of stylish accessories for a unique and personal look for you and your groomsmen.


On the day before your wedding, you want to play uncle of the year by bringing your NYC-raised flower girl for a cowboy adventure in Old Fort Worth, not driving to your tailor’s shop to pick up your tuxedo. With us, your suit will be delivered and in your hands far before the big weekend— our formalwear arrives at your door 14 days before the event. Grooms also get a special 48 hour Home Try-On session to ensure that they’re 100% happy with their look, well in advance.


The weeks leading up to your big day are packed— and yet, they all seem to be in your own neighborhood. Between live music, restaurant bookings, and your sister’s gallery opening, you barely have a moment to breathe before the big “I do.” Where does your formalwear fit into that? Don’t worry, that’s where we come in. After you’ve given us your measurements, chosen your look and added your groomsmen, we take care of the rest, from chasing down your best man on his neck size to making sure that your tuxedo is in your hands 14 days before your wedding.


If you and your fiancé are planning a pre-wedding photoshoot on the Uptown trolley, you probably want to have your garments in order well in advance. With traditional brick and mortar tuxedo rental in Dallas, this wouldn’t be possible— those tailors ask grooms to pick formalwear up the day before their event. With Generation Tux, you’ll receive your wedding day ensemble 14 days before the big occasion, making a pre-wedding vintage tram photoshoot entirely possible.

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There’s No Need to Drive Anywhere— We Bring Your Formalwear to You

If you’ve ever left the office and driven across Dallas during rush hour in order to make a fitting before your tailor closes, we see you. If you arrived at this far-flung tailor only to find that the one suit you actually liked wasn’t available in your size, we see you. This is the entire reason we started Generation Tux— because we think that a man should feel amazing when he’s planning his wedding, not like he’s stretched too thin.

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Lots of couples have a specific color palate in mind. With our broad selection of swatches, you can match details of your groom and groomsmen looks to anything from your bridesmaids dresses to the floral arrangements.

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Our online fit technology takes the stress out of measurements and fittings. Unlike a traditional tuxedo rental near Dallas, there are no in-store measurement sessions or fittings required. Instead, you simply answer a few questions online. After that, you’re free to explore our selection of 100% merino wool suits and tuxedos and match them to our hundreds of accessories. Once you’ve landed on the right look, you can copy your groomsmen in (we’ll chase them up on their measurements,) and relax— you did it. 14 days before your big day, the ensemble will arrive at your door, and you’ll have a free 48-hour Home-Try-On period to make sure that you really love it.

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When it comes to wedding planning, some things have to happen in person. Cake tasting, for instance, is a crucial, and delicious, in-person activity. Finding your formalwear is not one of these tasks. In fact, going for an in-store tuxedo rental in Dallas can complicate things. In-store rentals require sitting in traffic, dealing with crowds, standing in line, and rushing to make appointments. Worst of all, traditional shop rentals don’t allow a groom to get his tuxedo until the day before his wedding. Frankly, we think that’s outrageous— that’s why our fitting process is simple and grooms get 14 days with their formalwear before their big day.

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You trust your fiance’s opinion more than anybody else’s— so why not plan your wedding day look together? With online rentals, you can plan your look at any time of the day, from anywhere. So, if ya’ll want to grab some takeout and create your grooms look from your couch, you can. And, when your look arrives at your house 14 days before your big event, your partner gets to be the first one to see you wearing it. You’ll also get a special groom-only Home Try-On period for 48 hours— on us.

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The modern Dallas manages to be both charming and modern, exciting and relaxed, urban yet homey. We love it here, and that’s why it was important for us to give the Dallas groom a chance to walk down the aisle with no stress: just a high-quality, fashion-forward tuxedo or suit.

Your time is valuable, and you deserve to spend it on the things you love, like your soon to be spouse— not errands. If your special day is approaching, let us give you a helping hand. With our free Home Try-On program, you have nothing to lose; if you’re not into it, you can just send it back. But, something tells us that you’ll love it.

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Actually, we don’t have one. We think that every suit and tuxedo rental near Dallas should be done online. It’s easier, allows for more creative control on the grooms end, and removes unnecessary stress.

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