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Tuxedo and Suit Rentals in Denver

Do you want a convenient, hassle-free way to rent your next suit or tuxedo? Check out Generation Tux and you can get door-to-door delivery 14 days before your event, easy returns, and an award-winning Customer Experience team that’s available to help you whenever you need it.

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01  Design your suit or tuxedo in minutes.

02  Easy online fittings using our fitting algorithm.

03  Get your order 14 days before your event.

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Are you looking for a tuxedo or suit rental in Denver that can move mountains? Generation Tux has amazing looks that will give you that "Rocky Mountain High".At Generation Tux we use an exclusive fit technology that ensures your suit or tuxedo will fit like a glove. Our collection of 20+ suits and tuxedos allows you to select a sharp, polished look for your next big event. The best suit and tuxedo rental in Denver isn’t in a store, it’s online and can be accessed right from your couch. Generation Tux makes it easy to find a perfect look for everything from your best friend’s brewery wedding to your company gala at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Scrambling to keep up with all of your appointments at a typical suit and tuxedo rental near Denver? Wy deal with all of that undo stress? With Generation Tux you can make all of your suit and tuxedo rental arrangements from the comfort of your own home! With over 20 styles of suits and tuxedos and 100 color options, why would you look anywhere else?

Physically stepping into a suit or tuxedo rental location is so 80s. At Generation Tux we ensure a great fitting, high quality suit or tuxedo without the need for in-person service. How do we do it? Generation Tux was founded by individuals with over 40 years of experience in the suit and tuxedo industry. Our exclusive fit technology was developed with data from thousands of clients to offer a highly detailed way of creating a great fit every time. Once you log-onto our website and browse our great selection of suits and tuxedos, all you are asked to do is answer a few questions regarding your age, height, weight, shoe size, and jean size and you’re good to go, we will take care of the rest. Don’t believe us? We already have hundreds of happy Denver clients who have enjoyed our convenient and easy-to-use tools and services. Whether you live in Montbello, Gateway/Green Valley Ranch, or Hampden, it has never been easier to score a hot suit or tuxedo that will have you looking like a million bucks at your next event.

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Looking for a suit or tuxedo rental near Montbello used to be a chore. Like most suit and tuxedo rental near Denver, the search for a good outfit used to mean driving around endlessly on your tour of depressing strip malls and traffic. Luckily for our treasured Montbello residents, Generation Tux is here to help. We offer a fully online suit and tuxedo rental experience that you can access anywhere at anytime. From office conference rooms to Stanley Marketplace, our Montbello customers have ordered suits and tuxedos from pretty much everywhere.


If you live in Gateway/Green Valley ranch, then your weekends were made for hikes and dinner dates, not for suit and tuxedo rental shopping. Instead of diving headfirst into downtown traffic, head toward the fresh air and rent your next suit or tuxedo with Generation Tux.


Do you love long afternoons sitting on the grass at Hampden Heights Park? Did you ever think the day would come when you'd be able to shop for a tuxedo or suit rental near Denver while sipping wine on those very blades of grass? Well the time has come and Generation Tux is here to make suit and tuxedo easy, hassle-free, and available from any spot with an internet connection. Hey, we’ve even heard of customers shopping for their looks from the Colorado Front Range Trail.


Generation Tux believes that finding a tuxedo rental near Denver shouldn't be an uphill battle, we like to reserve our quad strength for the slopes. Most traditional suit and tuxedo rental locations require you to pick up your outfit the day before your wedding or event. That timeline doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Generation Tux believes that the tuxedo and suit rental process should be as stress-free and drama-free as possible. With Generation Tux, your suit or tuxedo will be on your doorstep 14 days before your event. Worried about getting that look back in the mail the day after your event? Don’t worry about it. We offer a three-day return window after your event so that you have plenty of time to stuff that outfit back into the prepaid shipping bag. It's as easy as ordering it, loving it, wearing it, and popping it back in the mail.


Forget about multiple visits to a suit or tuxedo rental store for sizing, pickups, replacements, and returns. Don't even get us started on the phone-tag drama of trying to check the status of your tuxedo rental near Denver with an inexperienced sales associate. At Generation Tux we take the chase out of the Denver suit and tuxedo rental experience. Our online rentals put you in control and, with delivery 14 days before your event, we give you plenty of time to make sure everything's golden before your big day.

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How do we deliver the right fit without ever measuring your body in person? Our exclusive fit technology been carefully developed to get your measurements right the first time, every time. Just answer a few simple questions about your height, weight, etc. and we take care of the rest. Our founder has been in the business of providing perfectly fitted suits and tuxedos for 40 years. All that experience has led to a seamless rental experience that will leave you looking and feeling great. Not totally satisfied with the fit of your suit or tuxedo? No problem. Just give our award-winning Customer Experience team a call and we will figure out a solution or replacement.


Generation Tux is giving this generation of grooms the benefit of the home try-on* perk. Just try to beat this! If you’re the groom, you can try-on your suit or tuxedo at home for a full 48 hours. Get comfortable, ask your partner for their opinion, take a few selfies, and try out some dance moves before deciding if you've found the one! Did we mention that we offer 100 colors and 1,000 combinations to play around with? In fact, we'll happily deliver some color swatches to your door to make finding a tuxedo rental near Denver that much easier.


Have you been putting off finding a suit or tuxedo rental near Denver because you're afraid that all you'll find are boxy, heavy suits that are past their prime? Well, breathe a sigh of relief because now you can relax. Generation Tux is famous for its modern lines, quality Merino wool, and perfectly fitted options that create amazing silhouettes. Our styles are slim and flattering. We offer over 25 suit and tuxedo styles to make it easy to pick out a look that is all you. With sizes that range from 3T to big and tall, there’s no way you’re NOT going to find your perfect event look with Generation Tux.

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Does the idea of dragging all of your friends to a rental store in the middle of rush hour traffic makes you want to scream? We get it. At Generation Tux we make outfitting your wedding party easy and convenient. Simply send your groomsmen a group text with a link to the suit or tuxedo you would like them to rent, and Generation Tux will send them notifications and reminders to make sure they order everything on-time. Your groomsmen can even customize their looks with our range of accessories so that they can really make their suit or tuxedo their own. You'll be able to track and coordinate everyone’s order online so that you’re always in the loop. Need even more reason to shop with us? With five paid rentals, the groom’s rental is on us.


All it takes to start the process of having a perfectly fitted suit or tuxedo sent to your door is to answer a few simple questions about your height, weight, shoe size, etc online. We take it from there. Generation Tux offers Denver residents a no-hassle, no-pressure way of grabbing a snappy, stylish suit or tuxedo. This is definitely an upgrade from the old way of doing things. You can rent your suit or tuxedo during your lunch break, on a climb, from the bar - we don’t judge. Once you’ve placed your order everything will arrive straight to your door 14 days before your big event. No more running around trying to make it to the store to pick up your outfit the day before the event! Of course, the real gem is that nice three-day window for returns we give you.


Pick out your suit or tuxedo online, try at home, and rock your look until it's time to send it back. Could we make it any easier? Grooms really dig our 48-hour Home Try-On feature which lets you try your look before the big day. If you’re getting married, head to our site now and make plans to have a look sent to your home for free today.

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Denver Tuxedo and Suit Rental FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We make a big deal out of being the do-it-yourself place to find a suit and tuxedo rental in Denver. However, the truth is that we offer assistance from our award-winning Customer Experience team and style consultant seven days a week! Call, email, or start a chat whenever you're ready.

You bet we do. In addition to 100 color options, we also offer a huge selection of accessories to finalize your look. You can select shoes, belts, socks, cummerbunds, and much more. All of our accessories can be mixed and matched with our 25+ suit and tuxedo styles.

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