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Jan, 8 2019

Why Blue Suits Are Great for Your Wedding

Why Blue Suits Are Great for Your Wedding

When it comes to deciding which color to wear for your wedding, it’s common to go with a traditional suit or tuxedo in black. But how about a blue suit? They are taking the wedding world by storm and for good reasons. Here are four reasons blue suits are ideal for your wedding:


If you want to add an interesting look to your wedding ensemble, then blue suits are the way to go. They are fun and fresh and are appropriate to wear in any setting or venue. They offer a more casual feel and look than the traditional suit colors for weddings.


Just as black goes with everything, so does blue. Blue is a timeless color and has ushered its way to take over as the “new black.” This timeless color offers a casual look and feel that makes it easy to accessorize with any accent or color your bridesmaids wear. For instance, you and your groomsmen can wear dark-toned blue suits that coordinate well with the bridal party’s magenta or champagne bridesmaids gowns for an evening wedding.


Whether it’s the beginning of the summer or the middle of the winter, wearing a blue suit for your wedding is appropriate during any season. They’re ideal for any time of the day, too. Blue suits are perfect for either daytime or outdoor weddings. For instance, you can wear a Bright Blue Suit for an evening winter wedding or opt for lighter blue for an outdoor spring wedding.


Lastly, wearing blue suits for your wedding is that it’s easy to dress up or down according to your style. You can even set yourself apart from your groomsmen and express your individuality thanks to the versatility of these suits. For example, the groom can have a more formal look than his groomsmen when you choose from the variety of styles available at Generation Tux. If you love the Mystic Blue color, then the groom can opt for a formal look in a tuxedo made of Merino wool, such as the slim-fitting Mystic Blue Edge Lapel Tuxedo.

You can mix and match the suits and tuxedos in the wedding party, too. Consider mixing and matching different tones of blue, such as dark and light blue suits, for a more exciting look.

Finding the perfect blue suits for you and your groomsmen is easy when you opt for an online rental from Generation Tux. At Generation Tux, you can count on a wide selection of styles with more than 21 to choose from. You’ll also get thousands of accessories in a wide variety of colors you can mix and match with your blue suits for the perfect look for your wedding. Get your wedding wear in gear and make your wedding more memorable with your outfit conveniently delivered to your home from Generation Tux.

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