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Mar, 2 2020

Online vs. Store: Suit & Tuxedo Rental

Online vs. Store: Suit & Tuxedo Rental

Why Rent Online?

It’s simple; customers deserve better.

One of the most iconic menswear legends who has seen the industry shift over time is George Zimmer—the founder of Generation Tux. George is also the founder and former CEO of Men’s Wearhouse. At one point, Men’s Wearhouse had more than 1,200 stores nationwide and outfitted an untold number of weddings here in the U.S. Needless to say, we’re pretty well versed in the men’s formalwear industry. We’re going to dive into the pros and cons of in-store vs. online suit and tuxedo rentals, and hopefully, bust some myths you may have on the online rental process.

Cons of In-Store Tuxedo Rentals

First of all, clients were required to travel back and forth to their local Men’s Wearhouse at least three times to be fitted for, receive, and return their formalwear.

Sometimes, it even required more visits. It was inconvenient, especially for those planning large-scale events.

Garment Pick-Up Stress

The worst system of all was the pickup. Renters can only pick up garments the day before an event, even for a wedding. Regardless of the situation, renters would have to wait until the last minute for their tuxedo.

The result: clients had to travel during busy times and worry if their formalwear would fit properly.

Lack of Groomsmen Services

Another sore point seemed to be the groomsmen services—or lack thereof. The groom, with all of his responsibilities, had to coordinate the schedules. The groom is expected to get groomsmen to visit the same Men’s Wearhouse location at the same time for a group fitting. If this was successful, they all left with the same polyester blended tux.

Suit/Tux Rental Return & Fees

As for returning the garments? They were due back the next day. If not, the renter paid a nasty fee, which definitely put a damper on some after-parties over the years.

Generation Tux used its industry lessons from years of working with brides and grooms, creating a superior and more modern way of renting suits and tuxedos. Now, rentals are convenient, fashion-forward, and risk-free. Generation Tux is proud to be the best online suit rental around.

When developing Generation Tux, George and his team refined an innovative system for allowing stylish gents around the country to create their look, be measured remotely, and receive their ensemble at home long before their event.

With this innovative new way of renting, clients can enjoy:

Free Home Delivery

Generation Tux renters do not have to step foot into a store. There’s no store—everything is online. Renters can create their ensembles and even see a rendering of how it will look all together. Additionally, garments arrive right at their door.

A Long Rental Period

Save the surprises for your bachelor party. With Generation Tux, there’s no need to worry about last-minute mishaps. Unlike those old-fashioned rules, you no longer have to wait to pick up your tux or suit the day before the event. It will already have been in your closet by then. It will already have been in your closet by then. Generation Tux formalwear always arrives at your home 14 days before any event. In the case of weddings, there is even more wiggle room; grooms get a free 48-hour Home Try-On period a few months in advance.

Start Home Try-On

High-Quality Formalwear

After careful consideration, George and his team chose a collection of more than 25 tuxedos and suits. These suits and tuxedos are all beautifully constructed of lightweight, breathable merino wool and come in both slim and modern fits. There are plenty of different tuxedo and suit styles to choose between, as well as a broad color selection. Once you land on a tuxedo or suit, you can customize your ensemble with hundreds of accessories and color choices to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Select Color Swatches

A Stress-Free Return System

The day after a wedding is no time to run errands. After hearing a few too many horror stories about hungover groomsmen stumbling into Men’s Wearhouse at closing time, or exhausted new husbands sleeping through their alarms and being charged fees: George thought he’d do a solid to everyone involved. That’s why he made the return process for Generation Tux so simple—every rental comes with a prepaid return box. What’s more, there’s a three day grace period, so there’s no need to stress about doing anything the day after a big event, especially a wedding. Particularly YOUR wedding.

Generation Tux is a company of people who understand what it is like to rent from a store—we are here to save your wedding. You deserve the best.

Get Inspired

If your future holds a smart tuxedo or suit, start browsing our collection today. You can click around, mix and match some looks, and start feeling inspired about your Big Day duds. We’ll even send you a free set of swatches. Looking good has never been this easy— start building your look, and you’ll see why.

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