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Feb, 21 2020

Comparing Generation Tux with Men’s Wearhouse

Comparing Generation Tux with Men’s Wearhouse

When you think about renting formalwear for your wedding, prom, or work party, visiting your local Men’s Wearhouse store might unconsciously be on your to-do list. This menswear retailer has been around since your parents’ prom, after all. With your busy schedule, though, is sticking to this tradition practical? Are you prepared to commit to a time-consuming suit or tuxedo rental experience?

With formalwear rentals, it technically boils down to two options nowadays:

1.) Brave traffic, and deal with other life’s displeasures like fluorescent lights, crowded showrooms, and humid fitting rooms. This choice also comes with the risk of things not looking good or fitting correctly since pick up is not available until the day before.


2.) Choose Generation Tux, an entirely online solution that has 25 different suit and tuxedo styles, and delivers everything to your door 14 days before your big event.

Can your parents’ Men’s Wearhouse rental do that?

At A Glance

Understandably, selecting the right suit and vendor is a big commitment, so trusting your look to an online retailer can feel risky—even if the company rocks a great tux.

To see the difference for yourself, here’s a comparison of Men’s Wearhouse suit rental process, with the experience and perks you can expect when you rent your look with Generation Tux. Spoiler: They’re very different experiences.

Generation Tux

You Can Rent From Anywhere

Are you sitting on your couch right now? At the office? Wherever you are, you can rent a good-looking ensemble with Generation Tux (as long as you have an internet connection)! We know what you’re thinking—what about fit? With Generation Tux, the online process ensures a perfect fit by using the most basic information like height, weight, pant size, etc. You can browse the collection of 100% Merino wool suits and tuxedos on your phone, tablet, or computer, and simultaneously share your favorite looks with your partner or friends over take-out. As long as you’re United States-based, your rental will show up at your address 14 days before your event, no matter where you are when you submit your order.

Deliveries Arrive with 14 Days to Spare

Your Generation Tux rental arrives at your door 14 days before your event—allowing you to try on garments and request any necessary adjustments if needed. Advance delivery also accommodates traveling groomsmen who need to receive their rental before departing for your wedding week. Oh, and you don’t have to send your rental back for three days after your event is over—giving you more time to bask in that post-wedding glow.

Home Try-On and Personal Styling

Throughout the years, Generation Tux has become well versed in the stress and chaos that can accompany the wedding planning process. It can no doubt be an overwhelming time. Generation Tux eases that stress by helping couples plan. If you’re getting ready for your wedding, take advantage of the Home Try-On program. With this grooms-only perk, Generation Tux sends your selected look months before your big day. Once it arrives at your door, you have 48-hours to try everything on, and make any changes, if any. Two days later, send everything back, and Generation Tux will send you a finalized outfit 14 days before the big day.

Start Try-On

Need more support? Generation Tux has a team of personal stylists on-hand who will help you finalize and accessorize your look and answer questions about the rental process. In other words, you can even get help with almost anything, even color combinations.

Wedding Party Management and More Groom Perks

Creating a Generation Tux event is easy and convenient. After you enter your information and build your party’s looks, you send invites to your groomsmen and groomswomen with a link to the outfit that you would like them to wear. Once invites have been sent, every member of your wedding party is prompted on their next steps, and you can log in to see your group’s progress. If they’re cutting it close, Generation Tux will send them reminders to order everything on-time, so you and your partner don’t have to.

Other perks include:

Curated, High-Quality Selection

Generation Tux doesn’t mess with designer labels—It has its own private label. The collection is composed of 21 tuxedos and suits designed specifically with the fashion-forward Generation Tux gentleman in mind. The suits and tuxedos are impeccably crafted and curated to complement its wide selection of accessories. All suits and tuxedos are made from the finest Merino wool. Many of the looks are available in big and tall and boys’ sizes.

View Collection

Men’s Wearhouse

In-Store Measurements

Parts of your Men’s Wearhouse wedding suit rental can be completed online, but the brand still recommends that you visit a physical store to confirm your measurements, so you might as well just do your shopping there too. That is if you live close to a Men’s Wearhouse. Each of the 700 store locations has hundreds, sometimes thousands, of inventory items to browse and try on, but don’t get distracted—only a small selection of their formalwear is available to rent.

Men’s Wearhouse Rentals Arrive 7 Or 2 Days Before Your Event

You get two delivery options when you book your Men’s Wearhouse suit rental: home delivery or in-store pickup. If you choose home delivery, your rental will show up just 7 days before your big moment. Prefer store pick up? You can’t get your hands on your suit until two days before the event, even if that event is your wedding. By the way, make sure you have a friend to return your rental for you because its next-day return policy is not post-celebration friendly.

In-Store Customer Service

The level of service you’ll experience while shopping in a store for your Men’s Wearhouse rental can vary from awesome to…less than awesome. Check local reviews to get a better idea of customer satisfaction in your area. Wardrobe consultants are there to greet and assist you through the selection, fitting, and booking process. Planning a wedding? They can also help you set up an account for your wedding party. That being said, be prepared to interact with salespeople who work on commission and want to upsell as much as possible.

Wedding Party Management and a Little Swag

Men’s Wearhouse also offers a mostly hands-off wedding management experience. You can view the progress that each person in your wedding party has made, but you’ll have to be the one to send reminders if someone is slacking. These reminders go through the management system to save you an awkward text, but it’s still on you to keep track of your crew. With six paid groomsmen rentals, you receive a free groom’s rental package up to $239.99 or $300 shopping credit with exceptions.

Designer Labels, Limited Color Selection

Men’s Wearhouse tuxedos are all branded and the retailer carries several designer lines, including Calvin Klein and Joseph Abboud. However, the color selection at Men’s Warehouse is limited to black, gray, white and a few options in blue and tan. Because colors and styles vary by designer, at Men’s Wearhouse you can’t just select the cut you like best and order it in your desired color. This makes it challenging to find suits and tuxedos for unconventional weddings and events.

The Bottom Line

Men’s Wearhouse and Generation Tux both offer high-quality, modern suits and tuxedos; however, that’s where their similarities end. Men’s Wearhouse is still the standard for an off-the-rack shopping experience with product-savvy salespeople, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of Generation Tux’s entirely online process and attentive personal stylists. With special grooms-only perks, Generation Tux makes it easier to coordinate a wedding party—one of the more trying aspects of planning a wedding. While Men’s Wearhouse is a great retailer, it simply doesn’t offer anything close to the peace of mind you’ll have when your suit arrives a full 14 days before your event.

Sounds like there’s a new sheriff in town.

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