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Jan, 13 2020

What Color Shoes To Wear With a Navy Suit?

What Color Shoes To Wear With a Navy Suit?

Blue has been the color of 2020, and it shows no sign of losing steam in the year to come. It’s no surprise since this is a cool hue that goes with a variety of colors. That means it can work at any event, no matter the time of day or year. It’s just a matter of choosing the right shade of blue for you.

Take a look at our different blue suits to determine what will work best for you and your event. Once you’ve decided, it’s time to build your look with our selection of dress shirts, ties, and other accessories.

Not sure what color to pair with your blue suit? Here are 10 color combos that will take your look to the next level.

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Best Color Shoes For Blue & Navy Suits

Before we start on color combos, a big question we get at Generation Tux is what color shoes work best with blue suits. For almost all blue suits, you simply cannot go wrong with brown dress shoes. But keep in mind that brown shoes also come in different shades, everything from mustard to camel to distressed to dark brown. So you’ll need to pick the right one for the blue (and style of suit) you’re working with. The lighter the brown typically the more casual the look.

If dress shoes aren’t your thing, some fun white sneakers can also be a good pick. And if you’re really into your classic black dress shoes, have no fear. You can pair them with our Mystic Blue suits and Slate Blue suits.

Navy Blue + Classic Brown

Classic brown is a natural choice for a classic navy suit. These two shades together are perfect for the man who wants a classic and neutral look.

Blue + White

This color combo is timeless, creating a crisp and clean ensemble that can work at any event. You can always add a bigger pop of color with your boutonniere or a fun pair of dress socks.

Mystic Blue & Black Shoes

Who says you can’t wear blue and black together? Our Mystic Blue suit pairs beautifully with black dress shoes to create an edgy but still sophisticated look.

Navy Blue + Yellow Shoes

We love a mustard yellow paired with a navy blue suit, but if you want something brighter, any shade of this sunny hue will do.

Bright Blue + Pink

Blue and pink contrast so well together that you can’t go wrong when choosing the shade of pink that will work best. We love our Bright Blue suit with a light pink tie, but if you want to go bolder, try a Navy Blue suit with hot pink.

Navy Blue + Red

This eye-catching combo works at both formal and casual events. The shade of red—from light to deep burgundy—will depend on the shade of blue of your suit.

Slate Blue + Purple

Don’t be afraid to pair two jewel-tone colors, like our Slate Blue suit with a rich purple. This duo would look amazing at a fall or winter event.

Blue + Green

Green will add that pop of color to a blue suit without being too over-the-top. While emerald green gives off a vintage glam look, a mint green presents a more youthful vibe and will look best at a spring or summer event.

Blue + Orange

This combo is definitely for the man who wants to stand out. Be sure not to go overboard with it—stick with just a dark orange tie and boutonniere.

Blue + Gray

Neutrals also work really well with blue wedding suits and putting it with gray creates a calm and cool color combo. Simply make sure you pick the right shades so that they work with the shade of blue and the style you’re going for.


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