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Aug, 18 2023

Tuxedo Shirt Styles for 2024: A Complete Guide

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Whether you’re preparing for your wedding or any other special occasion, your tuxedo shirt can make or break your chances of making jaws drop. After all, you don’t want to wear just any shirt to the event. You need a garment that goes brilliantly well with the rest of your attire, and we’ll help you make the right choice.

Coming up is a breakdown of all the different tuxedo shirt styles you can wear to your celebration. From classic to modern garments, we’ll give you the basics of each fashion choice and how to make it impactful.

With countless combinations we help you build the perfect look

Introduction to Tuxedo Shirt Styles

White collar shirt

Men’s fashion has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Vogue agrees with us in this respect, maintaining that you can now customize your attire pretty much any way you want. By mixing and matching different colors and clothing items, you can create a perfect look that reflects your personality.

Although there’s virtually endless room for customization, the basis of elegant clothing has remained the same. That’s right; your tuxedo shirt is the key to your appearance. Let’s dive into a few different styles you can try in 2024, starting with classic choices.

Classic Tuxedo Shirt Styles

Man holding his jacket and a chair

Sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple and classic. You want to look formal and ensure your clothes are ideal for almost any occasion. That’s where the classic tuxedo shirt style comes in.

The most significant trademark of classic tuxedo shirts is the bib. This piece of fabric reinforces your shirt and ensures any garment you wear under your shirt matches the color of the shirt. In other words, it’s not transparent or otherwise incongruent with your outfit.

Now, you might be wondering: “What bib should I choose if I’m going for a classic, stunning look? Just like the one shown on Generation Tux.”

You have two main options here: pleated bibs and pique bibs.

A pleated bib is a more standard solution for classic tuxedo shirt styles. Featuring vertical pleats that dominate the entire length of your button placket, it adds a touch of sophistication and a striking pattern. If you wish to take your classic attire to a new level, consider wearing a bow tie, cufflinks, and French cuffs. If you are not sure about the different tuxedo parts name, we got you covered in our article.

On the other end of the bib spectrum lies the pique bib. Many tuxedo connoisseurs refer to it as the pique panel because that’s exactly what it looks like. It’s a textured panel on your chest that underpins the shirt and contributes to the gentlemen’s impression you wish to achieve. Like pleated bibs, pique bibs go hand in hand with bow ties, cufflinks, and French cuffs.

If you worry that classic looks are old-fashioned, Tom Cruise is here to dispel your concern. He wore this timeless combination at his “Top Gun: Maverick” premiere and looked absolutely stunning.

Modern Tuxedo Shirt Styles

Man looking off in a black tuxedo with trees

You might already be sold on the classic tuxedo shirt style, but modern solutions are also worth considering.

There aren’t too many differences between the two fashion choices. However, it’s worth noting that classic styles have bibs, whereas contemporary shirts are blank. In other words, they feature neither pleated nor pique bibs, allowing the shirt itself to take center stage.

The underlying theme of this style is simplicity. Not only is it free from bibs, but it also rarely comes with accessories. Neckties and bow ties are optional, but if you want to let your shirt shine in full glory, omitting them might be your best bet.

While accessories and modern tuxedo shirt styles rarely go hand in hand, this doesn’t mean add-ons are off-limits. If the default look is too plain, feel free to add studs or buttons. Just be careful not to go overboard – remember, the shirt is the hero of your outfit, not an extra.

Different Collar Styles for Tuxedo Shirts

Gray tuxedo with black bowtie on a mannequin

Collars didn’t emerge yesterday. On the contrary, they’ve been around for nearly a millennium, and they’ve always symbolized class and excellence.

As such, they should be an integral part of your tuxedo shirt. They amplify the effect created by your garment and lay the groundwork for bow ties and other accessories.

Here are the most common collar styles you can choose from:

Spread Collar

The spread collar style might be the most popular solution. As the name suggests, the collar tips are spread out from each other. The two main types of spread collars are narrow-spread and wide-spread. The former is ideal if you have an oval face and want to counteract the effect. The latter works great with narrow faces.

Wingtip Collar

Many gentlemen picture a soaring eagle with its wings fully spread when discussing wingtip collars. The lower ends of the collar are parallel or nearly parallel. Plus, there’s always some room between the collar and the rest of the shirt, allowing you to comfortably wear a bow tie. In fact, wing collar tuxedo shirts are specifically designed for bow tie wearers.

This collar style sounds great, but wouldn’t it be great if you could get an example, so you can visualize yourself wearing it? Generation Tux comes to the rescue.

Just take a look at this breathtaking White Wingtip Collar Shirt. Even though you get a front view of the garment, you can clearly see the blank space between the collar and the rest of the shirt. That’s because the collar is raised, inviting you to embellish your tuxedo with a bow tie.

Band Collar

In most eyes, band collars aren’t actually collars because there are no distinct collar tips. Instead, you only get a thick piece of fabric running around your neck that converges just under your Adam’s apple. As a result, band collars don’t work well with bow ties, making them unsuitable for formal events. Stick to the first two styles if formality is a priority.

Different Front Styles for Tuxedo Shirts

White collar shirt

We’ve already hinted at a few different styles of tuxedo shirts in our introduction. It’s an essential consideration because it sets classic styles apart from modern choices. Now’s the time to check out each solution in greater detail.

Pleated Front Tuxedo Shirt

Cast your eye over a pleated-front tuxedo shirt, and you’ll see, well, pleats. The number of pleats varies, but most manufacturers sew at least 10 pleats. Some go to great lengths to make sure the pleats blend in with your attire and put 10 on each side, reducing the separation for a smooth visual harmony.

Speaking of blending in, the pleats are made of the same material as the rest of your tuxedo shirt. That way, the quality is consistently high, and the focus remains on your shirt.

Pique Bib Front Tuxedo Shirt

Pleated fronts look fantastic but aren’t for everyone. If you want to change things up, consider adding a pique bib tuxedo shirt to your closet.

Featuring a sewn-in fabric on the chest, these shirts are robust yet elegant. More importantly, they keep any clothes you may wear under your shirt from popping out.

As for the dimensions, you can find all sorts of variations. They can be anywhere from five to 15 inches wide and stretch down to below your fifth or sixth button.

Furthermore, some manufacturers add plackets to their pique bib tuxedo shirts, while others don’t. The choice comes down to you. If you prefer a cleaner look, you’re better off with a shirt without plackets. By contrast, garments with plackets can add a new dimension to your attire if you’re a fan of such details.

French or Plain Front Tuxedo Shirt

If you’ve ever heard your fellow gentlemen bring up a French front when discussing tuxedo shirts, this is what they were talking about. The French front (aka plain front) is a front style with removable buttons. Once you get rid of your buttons, you get a minimalist look that works fantastic with studs. It’s also stylish and doesn’t have plackets.

Keep in mind that this style isn’t very versatile. Even though you can easily match it with your tuxedo, it’s hard to pull off a great look if you wear it under a suit.

Tuxedo Shirt Stud Styles

 Black studs

Every part of your tuxedo shirt matters, no matter the size. To illustrate this point, consider the importance of studs. After removing your buttons, you use studs to fill the gaps. Not only that, but you also add a unique flair to your clothes, especially if you select the right material and style.

In terms of materials, five options are available:

  • Plastic – Avoid plastic studs since they’re frail and don’t look very nice.
  • Metal – Consider brass, copper, or steel studs if you’re on a budget and want something sturdier than plastics.
  • Silver – Wear silver studs if you need an elegant, durable, and high-end solution. Bear in mind that silver products won’t necessarily burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Gold – Opt for gold if you don’t mind breaking the bank for your studs. They’re tough as nails and eye-catching.
  • Platinum – Elevate your tuxedo shirt with platinum studs to create a stunning visual effect. These are also the most expensive studs.

As for tuxedo shirt stud styles, you can choose from two main solutions:

  • One-piece – These studs are convenient because they’re easy to stitch into your shirt and are less likely to come off. The only downside is that they can cause wrinkling.
  • Multi-piece – A multi-piece stud can be tricky to wear, as it requires you to handle at least two components simultaneously. However, the effort usually pays off since it’s less likely to wrinkle your shirt.

Pairing Tuxedo Shirts with Suits

Man smiling with his hands in his pockets

Pairing tuxedo shirts with suits is generally ill-advised. Tuxedo-related garments and suits are completely different clothing styles, which is why these two rarely mesh.

But if you have no other option, here are a few tips on how to dress for formal occasions and events when wearing a tuxedo shirt with a suit:

  • Only wear this combination to a black-tie event, which is less formal than a white-tie event.
  • Make sure you wear matching colors.
  • Don’t open more than three buttons on your shirt.

Latest Trends in Tuxedo Shirts and Ties

Man fixing his black bowtie

It’s only natural you should want to keep up with the latest trends in tuxedo shirts and ties. After all, the last thing you need is to look out of place at your celebration.

The most popular style remains white and black:

  • White pleated front tuxedo shirt
  • Black buttons or studs
  • Black bow tie
  • White French cuff with a black cufflink
  • Black jacket

Where to Purchase Tuxedo Shirts

Tuxedo shop through a window

You can buy tuxedo shirts at brick-and-mortar and online stores. You might be used to the traditional shopping experience, but online purchases offer an even better experience.

Think about it – there’s no need to drive to the shop. You only need a reliable internet connection to find the right product.

Some providers even let you try on tuxedo shirts before buying them. Once the item is shipped, you typically have a few days to decide whether or not you wish to purchase your garment, translating into a much smoother shopping process.

Make Heads Turn with Your Tuxedo Shirt

Man standing in a navy suit

A suitable tuxedo shirt depends entirely on you. If you’re into classic garments, choose an outfit with bibs. By contrast, plain shirts are your best choice if you want to achieve a modern look.

If you are not interested in buying a tuxedo shirt? No worries! Renting is a fantastic option, especially if you're attending a one-time event. Tuxedo rentals offers a wide range of styles and sizes to fit your needs. From classic to modern designs, you can find the perfect tuxedo shirt without the commitment of a purchase. Plus, renting from a reputable provider ensures you'll look your best without breaking the bank.

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