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Oct, 20 2020

11 Rules to Follow When Wearing a Gray Suit

11 Rules to Follow When Wearing a Gray Suit

Whether you’re dressing for a casual or formal occasion, you simply can’t go wrong with a grey suit. It can easily be dressed up or down, paired with a variety of colors, and gives anyone wearing it a modern look. Before you choose your Iron Gray Peak Lapel Suit look, take a look at these 11 rules you’ll want to follow to make sure you put together the perfect grey suit combination for your wedding suit look.

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How to Wear a Grey Suit

#1: Consider Formality

If you’re going to a casual or daytime event, choose a lighter shade of gray. A more formal affair—typically in the evening—would call for a darker charcoal gray suit.

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#2: Make Sure It Fits

Gray suits especially need to fit perfectly; they look best with a slimmer fit and shouldn’t appear boxy. Luckily, the process at Generation Tux is super easy. All we need is your basic information—height, weight, and jean size, etc—and we handle the rest through our innovative fit technology.

#3: Choose Wool

You want to make sure you look and feel your best. Our 100% Super 130’s Wool is comfortable, doesn’t wrinkle, and can be worn throughout the year.

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#4: Shirts for Grey Color Suits

Gray wedding suits pair well with a shirt in a lighter color, such as a white dress shirt or light blue. If you want to add some brighter colors to your ensemble, opt for lilac or soft pink.

#5: Reconsider a Grey Suit & Black Shirt Look

While you can wear a black shirt with a gray wedding suit, it is more of a night look. More vivid colors look better with gray for day and afternoon events.

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#6: Ties to Wear With a Grey Suit (Skip The Striped Tie)

Save your gray suit and striped tie for the workplace. Opt for color for a daytime look or keep it classic for nighttime with a darker shade.

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#7: Play With Color

Don’t be afraid to be bold with color since gray is the perfect base. Juls Sharpley of Bubbles & Bowties suggests pairing a light grey suit with butter yellows for spring or fall; medium grey with yellow-oranges and/or corals for late summer, fall, or winter; dark grey with soft lavender or light blues for spring and deeper jewel tones for fall/winter.

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#8: Select a Lighter Pocket Square

You don’t always have to be matchy-matchy with your pocket square. Instead go one shade lighter than your tie. If you’re wearing a black tie, add a pop of color to the square.

#9: Go Silver

Silver looks best with a grey suit, so keep that in mind when picking out tie clips, lapel pins and cufflinks. More of a gold fan? Choose accessories in white gold.

close up of man wearing a suit

#10: Put On The Right Pair of Shoes

You have a few options when it’s time to choose your shoe color for a grey suit. Black and tan always look good, but if you want to add some flair, slip on a pair in burgundy. For daytime events, many guys are pairing their gray suits it with white and bright trainers to create an eye-catching look, says Dan Hunter of Authority Tattoo.

#11: Keep It Clean

Grey (especially light grey) can get dirty easily. Treat any stains immediately and make sure you take care of the suit/tux as directed on the label.

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