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Jan, 3 2023

Garden Attire Dress Code

Groom & wedding party wearing Generation Tux suits in a garden

There’s something magical about getting married outside and throwing the wedding in a garden brings a whole new level of beauty to the event. With nature serving as the ultimate décor, the blooming flowers and plants surrounding the couple and their guests often offer all of the color and style an event needs to really wow.

The dress code for a garden wedding or garden party might be confusing to family and friends, but there’s no need to panic about your attire. Generation Tux has all of the info you need to make sure you look your best in a style that is perfect for this type of event or wedding. Even better: We have everything to put together your attire—from suits and ties to shoes and socks—which will be delivered right to your front door!

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So read on for some inspo on what to wear to a garden wedding or garden party.

Wedding couple on wedding day with both of their wedding parties

What is a garden attire dress code?

A garden wedding or garden party attire follows many of the same rules as a semi-formal dress code. While a formal dress code doesn’t leave a lot of room for interpretation, semi-formal attire allows guys to incorporate their own personal style into their ensemble because it’s slightly more relaxed. For a black-tie or formal affair, you are limited to a black tuxedo with a traditional look. But with a semi-formal event, you can opt for a suit and step up your fashion game with customized accessories in bold colors and patterns—perfect for garden wedding or garden party attire!

Here are some guidelines to follow:

Stick with a light colored suit

Close up image of groom wearing Generation Tux Cement Gray Suit

Garden weddings and garden parties are usually daytime events—after all, what’s the point in having such beautiful surroundings if no one can take it all in? Since the event will most likely be held in the warmer months, you need formal attire that will make you look and stay cool. Fortunately, most Generation Tux suits are made with Super 130’s Merino wool, a breathable fabric that absorbs and evaporates moisture. So you can mix and mingle—and dance day into night—at the wedding and still feel comfortable.

Other than fabric, the colors you select will also help you from overheating during a formal outdoor garden party. With that in mind, a light-colored suit is the best formal wear for this type of affair.

Our British Tan Suit looks amazing with bright- or pastel-colored accessories, which will surely complement the garden setting. With gray now the most popular neutral, you might be more comfortable in our Cement Gray Suit, which pairs perfectly with a variety of colors so you can really step out of the box with your fun garden party attire. Not afraid to play with patterns? Check out our Light Gray Plaid Suit, which boasts a gray plaid ombre pattern that will certainly turn some heads at a wedding or any type of celebration.

If you want to go bolder, you can’t go wrong with blue attire. Our Indigo Blue Suit is made with a lightweight wool, silk, and linen blend. Just be sure to go neutral with your accessories so you don’t overpower the suit. Generation Tux also has the beautiful Postman Blue Suit, which is the perfect pairing of traditional and modern.

Put on a comfortable shirt

Image of man putting on bowtie

Selecting a shirt to complement your suit isn’t just about style—you also want something that will be comfortable to wear from day to night at a formal garden wedding or garden party. This is a celebration and you’ll likely be dancing through the event. The last thing you want is to deal with excessive sweating (and the dreaded pit stains) that can sometimes happen at warm-weather weddings.

Our White Twill Spread Collar Shirt is made with 100% breathable cotton so it’s soft to the touch and will also keep you cool. Our Ivory Microfiber Point Collar Shirt is a great alternative when you want something different than a white shirt—and microfiber wicks away heat and moisture to help regulate body temperature.

Figure out your tie

Image of groom adjusting his bow tie

Since a garden wedding or garden party has a more casual dress code than other formal events, you might decide not to wear a tie. Of course, they can help customize your ensemble, so the choice is up to you (unless, of course, specified on the invitation).

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For guys opting for a tie, a garden wedding or garden party is a great time to be bold with your colors.  While a bow tie might seem formal, it can easily transform into a whimsical accessory if you choose a bright hue or a fun pattern. The same can be accomplished with a long necktie.

If you decide not to wear a tie, you can still dress up your ensemble with a pocket square, which will add a dash of style and sophistication to your suit.

Choose bright colors

Bride & groom smiling on wedding day

A garden wedding or garden party means that guests will be surrounded by colorful flowers and plants, so use Mother Nature as inspiration for your accessories, including your tie and pocket square. Generation Tux offers both in a variety of hues, and since we know color matching on a computer screen can be difficult, we’ll send some free swatches right to your home. You’re guaranteed to coordinate wedding colors between the bridesmaids and groomsmen perfectly.

Be sure to check out some of our playful patterns to bring your attire to the next level. We offer paisley, stripes, zig zag, dots, and plaid—one of these will help you stand out while still looking elegant.

Members of the wedding party will most likely be wearing a boutonniere that will add some color to the attire. But for those who want to skip the fresh blooms (after all, there’ll be plenty of them in the garden) we have lapel pins—either rose or carnation—in various shades.

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Select your shoes

Image of man tying his Generation Tux brown shoes

Although a garden wedding is less formal than other dress codes, you still need to choose appropriate footwear to go with your garden wedding attire. Leave sandals at home and opt for a pair of dress shoes in brown or black—especially if you’re a member of the wedding party. For a wedding guest, a pair of loafers or derbies will look great. If it’s okay with the hosts, you can also wear some new sneakers, but they must be clean and coordinate well with your suit.

Add some accessories

 Image of groom adjusting cufflinks

Your suit will need a belt, and if you don’t already have the right one in your closet, you can rent a black or brown belt from Generation Tux. Remember, an outdoor wedding doesn’t mean your attire shouldn’t look put together.

While you don’t need to wear cufflinks to a garden wedding, they are a wonderful way to personalize your look. We offer options in black and gold, black and silver, and white and silver to match with any attire you choose.

Since it’s an outdoor event, you don’t have to wear socks, but if you want them Generation Tux also has plenty of options, including some fun patterns that will really help customize your ensemble.

Ready to start putting together your look for a garden wedding or special event? Browse through our selection of suits, ties, accessories, shoes, and socks to create a stand-out ensemble. And if you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to our award-winning customer service team.

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