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Jan, 24 2019

How to Stand Out from Your Groomsmen at Your Wedding

How to Stand Out from Your Groomsmen at Your Wedding

Traditional weddings often have the groom and groomsmen matching from head to toe, but standing out from your groomsmen highlights the groom easily. Set yourself apart and try these practical tips for distinguishing your look:


If you want to create a distinguished or separate look from your groomsmen, then use accessories. Use these essential accessories to stand out seamlessly:

  • Ties. You can use different tie styles and colors to stand out from your groomsmen, such as wearing bowties and long ties. The colors of the ties don’t have to match either. Instead, use colors that compliment each other.
  • Socks. Try a unique sock pattern, such as an argyle or dotted pattern, for a distinctive look. Or something entirely different, since no one will really notice, anyway. Just not white. Please.
  • Pocket Squares. The groom can wear a pocket square that matches the bride’s gown or a feature of the brides dress, such as the style or material. Coordinate your pocket square to match the bride’s white satin gown by opting for a white satin pocket square. The groomsmen can take a similar approach by matching the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Try Different Suit Styles

Infuse various suit styles in your wedding party for an individualized look. For instance, the groom can wear a three-piece suit or tuxedo while the groomsmen can wear a two-piece suit or a tuxedo instead. Or vice versa. If you don’t want to be that bold, try simply a different color vest for the groom.

You can also wear a different colored suit or tuxedo than your groomsmen to set yourself apart. The color can be as simple as different tones of the same color. Mixing gray and black or various shades of blue or gray can be a great way to stand apart without risking style. See our gallery for more suit and tux inspiration.

Break Out the Boutonniere

Match your boutonniere to the bride’s flowers. The groomsmen’s boutonnieres can also match the flowers of the bridesmaid. You can either match the color of the flowers or the types of flowers. For instance, if the bride has a bouquet of white calla lilies with berry accents and the bridesmaids’ bouquets are off-white roses, make sure the groom also has a white calla lily boutonniere with berry accents while the groomsmen match the bridesmaids with the same white rose boutonnieres.

Think About Your Shirt

The details of the groom’s shirt can easily distinguish him from his groomsmen. You can select a different collar for your shirt than your groomsmen, such as wearing a spread collar for a casual, relaxed look versus having the groomsmen wear a wingtip collar. Consider wearing different color shirts from your groomsmen. For instance, you can wear the same style tan suit but set yourself apart with a white shirt and have your groomsmen wear blue shirts.

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