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Dec, 4 2020

Engagement Attire: 7 Best Suit Styles for a Proposal

Engagement Attire: 7 Best Suit Styles for a Proposal

Engagement season is officially here, and that means many guys are busy preparing for one of the biggest moments of their lives. Once you’ve chosen the ring—along with when it will happen and where—it’s time to figure out what you’re going to wear.

These tips should help guide you to your final decision. And of course, you’ll want to browse through our selection of stylish suits/tuxedos and accessories for inspiration.

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#1: Look at the Location

Where you decide to pop the question will determine what you wear. If you’re proposing in a five-star restaurant, you cannot go wrong with a suit in black tuxedo, charcoal gray or navy blue suit. An outdoor proposal—like a picnic at the park—calls for a lighter look, such as cement gray or British tan.

#2: Check for Comfort

It’s so important to choose a suit that fits you perfectly when you get down on one knee. In fact, you might want to practice doing just that in the suit before the main event. Luckily, Generation Tux offers a Free Home Try-on so you can make sure you feel and look your best before this special event.

#3: Make it Picture Perfect

Many grooms are asking a friend or even hiring a photographer to snap pictures of the big moment. With that in mind, take a close at your suit to ensure that it is picture perfect. That means no wrinkles or stains—and that it fits you as it should.

Generation Tux’s innovative fit technology allows you to find your suit or tux fit from the comfort of your own home by answering a few short questions on our website.

#4: Find Room for the Ring

One key reason to choose a suit for your proposal: The jacket ensures that you will have a safe place to store the ring.

#5: Check the Weather

Of course, the weather in your area should also be taken into consideration. Think about adding layers in a colder climate, such as putting on a vest with your suit. All of Generation Tux’s suits are made of 100% Super 130’s Merino Wool so you’ll stay warm and feel comfortable. And even if you’re in a warmer climate, remember you can always remove your jacket if you’re feeling stuffy.

#6: Accessorize

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so choose the right accessories to complete your look. Why not select a tie in your bride-to-be’s favorite color and pair it with a matching pocket square? If you’re going out for a night on the town, pick shoes that match with your suit and don’t forget about a great pair of socks, too.

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#7: Indulge in Self-Care

It goes without saying that you should be well-groomed at the proposal. Get a haircut, do some winding down, and indulge in some self-care. Once she says yes, she might want to take some photos of the ring with your hand in the picture, so don’t forget to trim those fingernails.

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