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Apr, 22 2022

Everything You Need to Know about Boho Weddings

Bride and Groom Dancing in front of an Airstream

From the invites to the flowers, the theme you choose for your wedding will inform every facet of your big day. And one of the most popular themes in recent years is a bohemian (boho) wedding. With many couples getting married outdoors boho served as a perfect theme.  It celebrates and incorporates all the beauty that nature has to offer.

And even now, with couples ready to start having larger affairs, many are still choosing a boho theme. In fact, according to a 2022 poll from Zola, 17 percent of respondents planning their vows are going for a boho vibe. Interested in learning more about throwing a boho wedding? You’re in luck—we’ve compiled everything you need to know about this creative and popular trend.

Bride and groom posing post nuptials in a Boho themed wedding

What is a boho wedding?

The definition of a bohemian is “a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.” So it makes sense that couples who choose a boho theme aren’t afraid to step outside of the box. When it comes to planning your wedding day, you can still have all the traditional elements. The Key is putting your own unique and whimsical twist on the ceremony and reception. Boho weddings are all about freedom of expression, so feel free to get as creative as possible. Choose the things you both love to make this special day your own!

A boho wedding has an earthy and rural vibe with an emphasis on being eco-friendly. Couples utilizing this theme will take much of their inspiration from nature. When putting together this type of event, less is definitely more, especially when choosing flowers, décor, and design elements. You don’t have to put so much pressure to come up with a bold color scheme. Let your surroundings be your guide and inspire the entire day.

Bride, groom, and bridesmaids in front of the altar boho style

Why are boho weddings popular?

While there is definitely a “look” to a boho wedding, couples can tweak the theme to fit their own preferences. Some ideas include boho vintage, boho chic, boho beach, and even a boho gothic theme. Since bohemian is all about individuality, couples can pair it with anything.

The less is more vibe that goes along with the boho theme also makes great for couples who don’t want to go over budget. By utilizing the venue's natural surroundings for the inspiration of the event’s color palette and décor, there is no need to spend a lot. Especially when it comes to florals and other decorative elements.

Also, boho couples often lean towards DIY to make their wedding day their own. This can also result in some major cost savings during the planning process.

Bride and groom in their outdoor boho themed wedding reception

How can you throw a boho wedding?

Not sure where to start when it comes to planning a boho wedding? Here are some easy ideas to get you started. But remember, boho is all about individuality, so don’t be afraid to add your own twist on any and all these tips.

Find a unique venue. Couples should look for special settings where they will be surrounded by nature. Think of a gorgeous garden, an old farm, a wooded forest, or a secluded beach, for example. Choosing an unexpected location will help set up the bohemian vibe.  It will also set the tone for everything else—music, attire, food, and flowers—that comprise your big day.

Inform your guests. The wedding invitation is the first glimpse your guests will have of your big day. Showcase the boho theme with an invite in a fun shape and a nature-inspired design.

Keep it local. Being environmentally friendly is a major part of throwing a boho wedding. It's best to get all your wedding day items (food and flowers etc.) from local vendors and businesses.

Create the altar. Boho weddings call for more creativity when it comes to designing the altar space. Wooden altars with floral detailing or dreamcatchers surrounded by wildflowers are popular options. And don’t forget about the lead-up to the ceremony space. For that, you can create an aisle with a boho vibe through a variety of mix and match rugs.

Dress the part. The happy couple will want to showcase their bohemian theme through their attire. Brides should consider flowy dresses in wispy fabrics. And they can complete the look with a floral crown or jeweled headpiece. Grooms will want to stay away from ultra-formal looks. Instead opt for a suit in colors such as Indigo Blue, Mystic Blue, or Bright Blue. Or you can go in a different direction and go with a more neutral suit. Think British Tan, Cement Gray, or Allure Light Gray. Then add pops of color through your accessories. Include colorful ties and socks to bring together the entire boho look.

Pick seasonal blooms. For a boho wedding, select flowers that look like they have been freshly picked. Since you want to stay true to nature, stick with seasonal flowers that can be found at local markets. Bouquets and boutonnieres should lean towards more unstructured designs. This gives them a more natural look. Consider flowers like hydrangeas, freesias, larkspur, peonies, lilacs, and eucalyptus. Also, don't be affairs to inculed garden roses or wildflowers.

Set up some succulents. These plants are a pretty—and eco-friendly—option instead floral centerpieces. You can even have guests take them home as wedding favors at the end of the night.

Stray from the norm. Don’t feel the need to match all the various elements that make up your day. While they should complement one another, don’t be afraid to use a mixture of textures and colors. Chang it up with your place settings, centerpiece holders, lanterns, and lounge spaces. A great place to look is local flea markets and thrift stores.

Add some drapery. Boho weddings are the perfect time to hang drapery. Use a variety of textures and fabrics to give your décor a dreamy look.

Get creative with your menu. Every facet of the wedding day should be inspired by your theme. This includes the food served during the cocktail hour and reception. For a boho wedding, you might want to skip the plated dinner. Instead do a combination of family-style offerings and food stations. It offers a more laid-back approach, but your guests will still be enjoying delicious food.

Go simple with the cake. A naked cake was synonymous with bohemian weddings. But, you don’t have to forgo decorations on your cake if that is what you prefer. Just keep it simple, topping the cake with dried greenery. Think bleached Italian Ruscus, a fan palm, and dried eucalyptus.

Light some candles. Arranging lots of lit candles around your venue space makes for an earthy, bohemian feel. To keep everyone safe and reduce waste, opt for LED-operated candles that can be used again.

Stick with candid shots. Allow your photographer to get creative during the wedding day. While you’ll want some traditional poses, ask your photographer to also take lots of candid shots.

Choose casual seating. Instead of assigned seating, let guests choose where they want to sit. You can also opt for lounge-type seating. Try setting up vintage upholstered chairs and sofas to create an eclectic but homey vibe.

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