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Apr, 30 2024

Should You Rent or Buy a Tuxedo? Pros, Cons, and Helpful Tips

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Planning a wedding can be an exhilarating yet stressful journey. It often feels like each decision, from the chairs to the charms, is worth its weight in gold. Tracking down a tuxedo for your big day can add unnecessary stress on top of the already frenzied wedding planning process.

But your big day doesn’t have to cause substantial strain. Finding a perfect-fitting tuxedo should be easy whether you ultimately choose to rent or buy.

Here, we’re walking through some top considerations when shopping for your wedding ‘fit (or other special occasion), so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll look good no matter what.

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Tuxedo Rental: Why, How, and How Much?

Some folks have a lot of reservations about renting formal wear — especially when it comes to a day as important as your wedding. We’re here to help quell concerns.

Turns out, there are plenty of benefits to tux rental.

Renting is Cost-Effective

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Affordability is important for any wedding. Prices for all other necessities are high, which means you’re probably already spending a lot on the venue, an officiator, seating, catering, drinks, and more.

Pssst! The national average cost of a wedding in 2023 was $35,000, according to an annual study by The Knot. That’s a lot of money.

Tuxedo rental offers a way to keep some cash in your wallet, as it’s often more affordable than purchasing a wedding suit — especially if you don't anticipate wearing it frequently.

Custom-tailored options, while nice, are a luxury that often demands quadruple digits, whereas renting effectively cuts the price in half or even thirds.

You Have Instant Access to a Variety of Styles

One of the greatest benefits of opting for a tuxedo rental is the access to a diverse selection of styles and accessories.

Whether you're aiming for a classic black tie look or something more contemporary, rental services offer a wide range of options to suit any preference. This variety ensures that finding the right tuxedo for your special event is both easy and fun.

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From the tuxedo itself to accessories like the tuxedo shirt, cummerbund, dress shoes, and even a matching pant, rental services give you an at-glance view of everything available to build your perfect tuxedo; no store-hopping is necessary.

No Storage? No Problem!

Lastly, opting for a tuxedo rental eliminates the need for long-term storage and maintenance. Unlike a purchased tuxedo that requires regular care, a rented suit can simply be returned after use.

This not only saves space in your closet but also ensures that your wedding attire is in perfect condition for your big day without any additional effort on your part.

Purchasing a Tux To Own: Why, How, and How Much?

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For some, owning a tuxedo makes a lot of sense.

Frequent Formal Event Attendee? Keep a Tux in Your Back Pocket

If you’re a socialite and frequently find yourself at formal events, it may be more economical to buy your formal wear. This way, you save money in the long run and are always prepared for a black-tie event, wedding, or another special occasion at the drop of a hat.

Have Particular Alteration Needs? Take Your Owned Tux to a Tailor

The opportunity for tailored alterations is another advantage of purchasing your tuxedo. Unlike rented suits — even if they’re a perfect fit — a purchased tuxedo can be custom-fitted to your exact measurements.

Gain or lose weight? Need slimmer pants to suit the current popular style? A purchased suit can be fitted and refitted exactly how you want it.

Challenges of Owning a Tux

Like anything, there are a few challenges associated with owning a tuxedo, so it’s important to point those out:

  • Fashion trends change and a tuxedo purchased today might not be in vogue a few years from now.
  • Owning a tuxedo requires proper care, including regular dry cleaning and safe storage, to maintain its condition.
  • Particularly concerning weddings, coordinating a wedding party can be challenging when each groomsman is given the freedom to purchase their tuxedo. Variations in color, style, and fit can detract from the cohesive look many couples strive for on their wedding day.

Debunking Common Rental Myths

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Pros and cons aside, common myths loom over the concept of tux rental and we’re here to demystify them.

Myth: All Rental Tuxedos Use Cheaper Materials

The misconception that rental tuxedos are made from lower-quality materials is a myth that needs addressing. Many believe that because a tuxedo is for rent, it must be of inferior quality.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

While it is true that some rental companies will try to sneak synthetic materials by you, others pride themselves on offering some of the highest-quality tuxedos that look and feel luxurious. Super 130 merino wool, anyone?

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Myth: Renting a Tux is Complicated

Contrary to the belief that tux rental is a complicated process, advancements in online platforms allow you to easily choose a style, find your perfect fit, and order a tuxedo right to your door from the comfort of your home.

Many rental services also have exceptional customer service to ensure that the process is as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Myth: Rental Tuxedos Don’t Fit Properly

Lastly, the concern over achieving a perfect fit with a rental tuxedo often needs to be clarified. Modern rental companies utilize advanced fitting techniques and expertly coded algorithms to ensure each tuxedo fits its wearer impeccably, guaranteeing a well-fitting garment.

This commitment to quality and fit ensures that anyone can look their best in a rental tuxedo, regardless of their body type or style inclinations.

At Generation Tux, we guarantee you will have the right fit for your event.

How To Decide Between Renting & Buying a Tuxedo

We trust that, at the end of the day, you’ll make the right choice for yourself. But if you’re still unsure, here’s a three-part checklist of considerations and determinations to help nudge you in the right direction:

  • Assess your needs: Consider how often you'll wear a tuxedo. If the answer is “not much,” renting is the most cost-effective way to look and feel good without overspending.
  • Determine your budget: How much are you willing to spend on formalwear, and are you going to get your money’s worth if you decide to buy? For perspective, say you spent $1,500 on a custom tux. To extract all that value, you’d want to wear it at least seven times.
  • Consider the future: If you anticipate needing formal attire for upcoming events, owning a tuxedo can provide peace of mind knowing you have one in the closet at the ready. However, if your lifestyle is more casual or unpredictable, renting may be a more practical choice.

Own Your Wedding Day In a Rental Tuxedo

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Celebrating your wedding day elegantly doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag.

Opting for a rental allows you to don a stylish, high-quality tuxedo for your big day without the financial burden of purchasing one outright. This cost-effective choice means you can allocate more of your wedding budget to other aspects of your celebration, ensuring a wonderful experience for you, your partner, and your guests.

Stand confidently at the altar, knowing you look your best, without the worry of having spent beyond your means.

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