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Plum Zig Zag Pre-Tied Bow Tie

Plum Zig Zag Pre-Tied Bow Tie
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  • Style: Pre-tied Bow Tie
  • Pattern: Zig Zag Pattern
  • Fabric Content: Polyester

Embrace the allure of mystery and passion with our Plum Zig Zag Pre-Tied Bow Tie, crafted from luxurious polyester. Its unique zig zag pattern injects a contemporary vibe, making it an impeccable choice for winter weddings, sophisticated galas, or any formal event seeking a touch of enigma. This plum accessory, evoking feelings of deep romance and intrigue, is versatile enough to elevate your style year-round. Whether paired with a sleek suit for a fundraiser or a tuxedo for a prom night, it promises to add an exquisite layer of elegance and personality to your ensemble.

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