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Stance Gooey Crew Socks

Stance Gooey Crew Socks
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  • Background: Black
  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Poly Blend
  • Available in Size Large
  • Not Available in Boys' Sizes

Add a vibrant twist to your formal attire with the Stance Gooey Socks. Crafted from a comfortable poly blend, these socks feature a striking yellow graphic on a classic black background. Perfect for adding a pop of color to a fall wedding ensemble, these socks mirror the warm yellows of the season, setting a mood of joy and celebration. Alternatively, they can be worn to a gala or fundraiser, where their bold design will surely make a statement. These socks are not just seasonal but can be worn year-round, their vivid color bringing a touch of warmth to any event.

For purchase only. If you order a pair of socks, they are yours to keep.