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Suit & Tuxedo Rentals in Raleigh, NC

Look and feel your best for an event in Raleigh, North Carolina with the highest quality suits and tuxedos for men. Design your look in minutes with Generation Tux.

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Suit and Tuxedo Rentals, Raleigh Style

Raleigh seems to be the perfect mix of city life and Southern charm, so when you’re heading out to a special event, you want to find formal wear that looks modern and timeless at the same time. Sound like an impossible feat? It’s not with Generation Tux.

We have all of the latest suit and tuxedo styles to create a fashion-forward look that still gives off a classic vibe. From basic black and gorgeous gray to trendy tan and bold blue, we have an option for every dress code and occasion.

Of course, we know picking out a suit or tux is just the beginning, so Generation Tux carries a variety of accessories in different colors and patterns. Customizing your ensemble has never been easier–we will even send free color swatches right to your front door so you find just the right shade.

You’re probably thinking, “But that about the fit?” With Generation Tux, it’s all about convenience, which is why our entire process is online–including the fitting. Simply answer a few questions and let our innovative algorithm do the rest. So go ahead and hike the MST, hit some balls at Drive Shack, or enjoy some brews on the Raleigh Beer Trail. You create your look when it works for you.

And when you’re done, we ship it all right to you–no matter where you are in Raleigh, NC–for free!

The Perks of Renting a Suit & Tux in Raleigh with Generation Tux

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So Many Styles

With more than 25 suit and tuxedo styles, you’ll have no problem finding something for your special event.

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Array of Accessories

Your look really comes together when you start customizing. From ties and pocket squares to lapel pins and vests, we have everything you need to put together a look that shows off your personal style.

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Dress Shirts and Shoes

These are the basics that you don’t want to leave until the last minute. We have classic white shirts, along with more colorful options, as well as dress shoes to complete your formal wear.

Fitting Made Easy

After you’ve made your selections, it’s time for your fitting. Fortunately, you don't have to leave your home or rearrange plans to do it. Answer some simple questions and our innovative algorithm does the rest.

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Online Tracking

You’ll never break a sweat wondering where your order is because you can keep tabs on it from the moment it leaves us to the minute it lands on your doorstep.

Enjoy Free Stuff

Who doesn’t love getting things for free? And at Generation Tux, we love giving it to you!

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Free Shipping

With Generation Tux, shipping is always free. Whether we’re sending it to you or you’re sending it back to us, you never pay a dime at the post office.

Free Home Try-On

Raleigh grooms want to try on their wedding looks before the event, and we don’t blame them. Generation Tux gives you 48 hours to test drive your ensemble and make any necessary adjustments so you’ll look and feel your best on the big day.

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Free Color Swatches

We know matching colors onscreen can be challenging, so we’ll ship out free color swatches so you make the right choice.

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Free Suit Rental

Grooms with five or more people in their wedding party can qualify for a free suit rental. Just make sure you groomsmen get their looks from us. We make that process a snap, too. You can put together their formal wear and send them a link with your choices. All they need to do is complete the online fitting!

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Tuxedo Rental Near Raleigh & Beyond

Charlotte | Durham | Greensboro | Winston-Salem

We ship to addresses in North Carolina and throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. For more info, see Shipping FAQ.

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*Home Try-On garments subject to availability