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Suit and Tuxedo Rental in Phoenix

Hey, desert-dwellers. If you’re looking for a stylish and unique tuxedo rental in Phoenix, we have great news for you. You can now rent from your couch. Generation Tux isn’t like any tuxedo rental experience Phoenix has seen before— it’s better.

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01  Design your suit or tuxedo in minutes.

02  Easy online fittings using our fitting algorithm.

03  Get your order 14 days before your event.

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The best tuxedo rental Phoenix has to offer comes complete with something stores don’t offer: Convenience. With online tuxedo rentals near Phoenix, your formal wear is on your terms.

For the most part, Phoenix locals prefer to enjoy the city’s dry heat and plentiful sunshine by exploring nearby staples like Camelback Mountain or catching up with old friends at First Fridays. With so much to do, who has time to run errands that could easily be accomplished online.

Actually, here in Phoenix, we’ve been utilizing the online world for a long time. After all, our locally-based University of Phoenix was holding online classes before almost everyone else. Today, we’re bringing another form of online convenience to Arizona’s Urban Heart by streamlining the way our locals find their formalwear.

The way Generation Tux works is simple. When you need to swap your everyday duds for something more formal, check out our site. You’ll be able to view our collection of high quality 100% merino wool tuxedos and suits, match your favorites with a few of our accessories, and it will all be at your front door 14 days before your event. Worried about fit? Don’t be. With our fit technology, you can leave that worry in the past. If said occasion is your own wedding then you’ll also be entitled to a free Home Try-On*.That’s right, we give you 48-hours to test drive your suit or tuxedo. If you don’t like it, just send it back. Our feelings won’t be hurt. If you love it, then congratulations: you’re going to look great on your big day!

Tuxedo rental, Phoenix style is reflective of its own city: it’s cutting-edge, yet classic— and hot as hell. Whether you need a suit rental near Phoenix or smack dab in the city center, we’ve got you covered.


In Downtown Phoenix, anything goes. But we don’t have to tell you that. If you’ve been living downtown for awhile, you know most of the city’s best hacks, whether that means ordering breakfast in from International House of Food, or knowing who to go to for those courtside Suns tickets. When it comes to finding the right suit rental in Phoenix, you should have a trick up your sleeve as well. We founded Generation Tux to give Phoenix locals what they love: a high quality experience that’s convenient and enjoyable. With Generation Tux, there’s no need to trek around the city for fittings, pickups and dropoffs: everything is on your terms, and everything comes to you.


Are you and your partner planning on taking special wedding photos by some of your favorite street art? We’d highly recommend that your suit rental in Phoenix is an online one. Otherwise, you run the risk of missing your photoshoot due to your suit not being ready yet. Not ideal. Try renting online with Generation Tux instead; your wedding look will arrive 14 days in advance, so you’ll have plenty of time to practice striking a pose.


We know how busy you are leading up to your wedding— whether you’re writing and learning a song to sing for your vows, building your canopy from scratch with your groomsmen, or taking weekly “first dance” lessons with your fiance, there’s barely time to sleep, let alone sit in traffic for hours for tuxedo fittings and last-minute pickups. Instead, Generation Tux allows you to complete your entire rental process online— that is, until 14 days before your big day, when your look arrives at your door.


We know that your wedding day is going to be picture perfect— but we also want you to feel like royalty in the months leading up to it. Instead of rushing around trying to find the best tuxedo rental Phoenix has to offer, take a deep breath. Go home. Pour yourself some whiskey, and have a look at our selection of over 25 merino wool suits and tuxedos. Soon enough, you’ll be matching your garments and accessories to the bridesmaid dresses and wedding color theme. Somewhere, your wedding planner just breathed a sigh of relief.


Considering the fact that you and your groomsmen might be spending the week before your wedding camping in a nearby park, you want to have everything set and ready for the big day. That’s not really possible with even the best in-house suit rental Phoenix has to offer; they all require grooms to pick their tuxedos up the day before their wedding. When you have a pre-wedding trip— or anything— planned in those days, that rule can be pretty cumbersome. Meanwhile, online services like Generation Tux don’t only deliver your ensemble to your home, they do it 14 days in advance.


Finding the Right Suit and Tuxedo rental near Phoenix No Longer Means Sitting In Traffic and Battling Crowds.

In a city that enjoys 300-days of sunshine a year, is brimming with natural beauty, and hosts a revolving selection of exciting food, art, music, and educational experiences, it’s no wonder that Phoenix is one of the most modern state capitals in America. We’ve embraced technology for decades— and now, we’re bringing it to the fashion world. With online formalwear rentals, Phoenix residents can enjoy life milestones without added stress, and look incredible in a range of high-end, beautifully constructed garments.

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Whether your color scheme matches a classic Arizona sunset, or the metallic hues of your special “getaway car,” the palette you choose for your wedding is a personal one. With Generation Tux, you can choose from a large selection of color swatches to match your groom’s look to bridesmaid dresses, or floral arrangements.

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Our innovative fit technology is so straightforward, you can do it from your own bedroom. Simply answer a few measurement related queries, and Generation Tux will handle the rest of the technicalities— we will even send your groomsmen invitations and reminders to order their outfits. We make it easy to replicate your wedding look to the entire wedding crew. We even make sizes for the little man in your life (down to 3T,) so if your ring bearer wants to match his hero, we can make that happen. Best of all, with five paid rentals, your look is free.

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Old-school rentals have played an important role for a long time, but we’re about to enter a new decade. There’s no reason for things like formal wear rental to be complicated, stressful, or difficult. Actually, it should be fun and exciting. With our large selection of styles and sizes, helpful groomsmen management services, and advance delivery, we remove any headache from this process.


You want your fiancé(é) or your best man to be the first person who sees you in your wedding day look— not some random salesperson. When you rent with Generation Tux, everyone gets their outfit 14 days before their event, allowing them to test everything out on their own time. Grooms also get to utilize our free Home Try-On program, which lets you try your outfit for a full 48-hours.

Start Home Try-On
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Your big day is coming. Soon, it’ll be time to show all of your friends and families the love you have for your partner, as well as the city where you chose to get married. Bringing your visiting guests to iconic spots like the Desert Botanic Gardens is likely to take a higher priority on your “to-do” list than worry about your tux.

With Generation Tux, you can put one of your biggest wedding responsibilities in the back of your mind without compromising its quality. It's tuxedo rental, Phoenix style: convenient and modern.

If your wedding is coming up, Generation Tux can take the stress and hassle out of suit and tuxedo rental. If you’re the groom, our free Home Try-On program gives you 48-hours to test drive your look.

Phoenix Formalwear Rental FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

You can’t find our storefront because it doesn’t exist! At Generation Tux, our business is run primarily online. We think it’s more convenient for the modern groom, as it allows our formalwear to be ordered on their own time and delivered straight to their door 14 days before your event.

Yes, we do. We actually ship nationwide. No matter where you reside in the greater Phoenix area, we’re able to bring your special occasion menswear to your mailbox.

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